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  1. It was working fine for months, but now for over a week it has not been updating. Anyone else having problems?
  2. Thank you for your help, much appreciated. About the attribution, I read earlier what the TOS says about that: http://secondlife.com/corporate/brand/trademark/reference.php#audiovisual so I was left wondering about the correct attribution. "in Second Life" or "in the Second Life World." According to the TOS I also shouldn't use trademark notice symbols, but the statement of trademark notice in the credits - since I am living outside the U.S. Still, it does state IF you wish to make textual reference to a Linden Lab brand name...
  3. Copyright Licenses: A License To Use. You may use the resulting machinima within or outside of Second Life in any current or future media. “Use” means “use, reproduce, distribute, modify, prepare derivative works of, display, and perform.” For other definitions, see Definitions. Both the License To Capture and the License To Use (collectively, the “Licenses”) are non-exclusive and royalty-free. In addition, the License To Use is worldwide, sublicenseable, and transferable. Does the license to use mean also commercially? For example monetizing a YouTube video of Second Life machinima. Or what a
  4. Well, for one busy mode notifies people only after they click the send message. And everytime someone IM:s me it causes me lag when recording with Fraps. Also it stresses me out if I see an IM window blinking below. It might totally ruin the moment. Am I the only one who really needs the invisible status?
  5. How do you guys handle the stress of not being able to go invisible as in "offline", in order to have total peace to create?I have tried to put busy mode and all sorts of tricks so far. I am aware that I can set people to see me offline, but they can still see me online in the groups not to mention they would realize I am indeed online if they decide to leave me an offline message. (That does not leave a good impression and would make one feel ignored on purpose). And I can't use an alt, because I have loads of untransferrable objects that I need for creating. It would be the best if
  6. Ok, the problem seems to be gone. I detached the SpaceNavigator mouse from the USB port and moved it to another. Flycam is working now fine and no random flying so far. Phew. I do need a new keyboard anyway though Thanks all for your help!
  7. At the moment using SpaceNavigator in Flycam mode is impossible. It starts to fly up automatically and ends up pointing to the sky and won't stop moving.
  8. It can't be that either, since I unplugged the keyboard and tried to tp. And flying again after tp.
  9. Thanks, tried it but nope. In Singularity my avie is not flying but it keeps jumping (pg up). Maybe it's a mouse related issue?
  10. Just noticed it starts to fly when logging off too. Doesn't matter if it's an alt either it's the same.
  11. Also the flying goes on right after teleporting. (I have unchecked the ´Always fly after teleporting´).
  12. No, not wearing any huds. Could it just be some SL issue that will go away on its own?
  13. My avatar starts to fly and the camera points to sky on its own as soon as I log in. This happens regardless of which viewer I'm using. Then if I press Esc and stop flying, after a while the same thing. This went on before some months ago. Anyone else had this and what would stop it?
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