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  1. Hello, if anyone knows, how the 'dance' or 'carry' poseballs are made. I know how to make a poseball and attach a script and AO to it, and how to add that to an object such as a chair, but so far haven't found anything for 2 poseballs. The best example for what I'm looking for is a "carry" poseball(s), where you rez an object and it has 2 poseballs, one for the one been carried and the other that does the carry and is the one that can also walk around, I have only found small comments saying it's actually a 'vehicle' what I have to make because one of the AV can walk. And on the s
  2. Thank you, and sorry for the slow response, just a bit busy putting the pieces together.
  3. yes, when your 'target' is not around, what to do.. something to keep in mind. I try to determine if its around, if not, to stay put.
  4. Thank you for the tips, I'll get these as possible starting points and see where it leads. I'll probably limit it's movement to certain distance from a root point (me) inside a plain terrain to make it easier. Thanks!
  5. Hello I like to build a script based robot for RP, to be more precise, I like to build one human or robotic looking bodyguard, that means it has to be able to iteract with others normal AV. For example, if it's a bodyguard, it has to be able to push, hold and maybe even carry another AV as if it were a normal AV. So far I've about 'script AV' accounts that are normal accounts but defined as 'bots' to be controlled remotely, some just chat bots while others more iteractive in some functions. Other's I've seem are just static objects that can iteract with another AV via RLV. But I want it
  6. Thank you! I think the Experience Tool KVP is the best option. I'll use that. best
  7. I'll check on those. Just a few minutes, I was told online that the variables will hold the data even if I detach and log off, as long as the script is not reset.
  8. HI, I've been looking for a way to save settings such as color, names, etc..on an object. I know I can READ settings from a notecard that I can include in the object content, but how do I overwrite them ? best
  9. Thank you for the response, specially about the file format in QV, I was using the bvh always. Didn't knew I was suppose to use the avm format until I upload it to SL. On the animation. I'll check on setting the lop on that part of the animation. Thank you!
  10. Hello I'm using qavimator to create my AOs, I made one animation of 40 frames where a standing AV falls down on it's back. when I upload it, it plays but returns at the first frame, so the AV falls and gets right back to it's feet. By scripting I can add a static pose of the last frame but you can see the split second when the AV stands. What did I miss ? also.. qavimator seems to fill all frames with keyframes after you save and load again your project. is this normal or a bug ? thank you for any help :)
  11. Thanks! more stuff to check on it. I hope to be able to learn to build one that would be very useful
  12. Thank you, I'll check it out, before that, I only saw traditional vehicules like cars and bikes, That ship was like the Jupiter 2 from Lost in Space, or a flyihng house.
  13. Hello I have a friend that really makes use of SL, this friend has at least 2 big spaceships where you can walk inside like a house or skybox and have different devices on it where one can sit and use the different functions of the ship, the ship itself can fly and move around a sim like a vehicule, it has no poseballs and can travel between SIMs. How are those made ?
  14. I think I understand, I'll do that. Thank you.
  15. Hi, I made my fist AO with Qvanimator, I read before that I should make a keyframe on all part at frame 2 then do the rest of the AO. I did, made a keyframe on frame 2 on all parts fro the initial pose, made the rest of the AO. When uploaded, the preview shows good, when uploaded for real, the AV moves affected by probably the standing AO, changing 2 limbs positions and the genral 'banking' of the AV. What did I miss ? thank you in advance for the help.
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