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  1. I am curious if any of the helper experts can provide some incite as to how very large inventories ( > 70,000 items) can effect viewer performance? (good performance = no lag + ability to have normal fast physical movement of avatar) The effect my friend with very large inventories experience is frozen avatar at login........with "'inventory loading" message. As soon as the entire inventory is loaded.... the avatar is able to move normally.......but for very large inventories this can take several minutes or sometimes just crash depending on viewer used. I dont actually u
  2. Try logging in to a different region, If that fails ....restart your router and try again. good luck
  3. Jira BUG-5504 that i submitted was closed out today ...reason given:duplicate of MAINT-3517 bug However when i did search of this issue before submitting JIRA 5504.....no simililar issues were found! and we are not allowed / not permitted to see what MAINT-3517 about or its status on the issue tracking system. i thought Lindens announced going back to the old system where we could view bug issues submitted by other residents? What happened to that idea?
  4. We have recently noticed a new bug ....when a flying vehicle does a SIM crossing...the LSL collision event is being falsely triggered. Was first noticed on flying vehicle landing approaches that are near sim crossings. Then later we put a simple collision event script into a Hang glider vehicle root prim and found 2 collision events were being triggered at most every sim crossing. All my testing was done on main sim servers Agni type servers. I submitted jira bug 5504 this morning.
  5. Hi, Everytime you Rez a prim or an object , It is assigned a new key. If you take the object back to inventory and rez it again....a new key is assigned. If the object remains rezzed...and the sim is reset...it should keep the same Key . (in theory .. Disclaimer :As you know ....anything that can go wrong .....will. Its only a question of time or SL
  6. Hi , I always just left click and DRAG a photo or texture from my in world inventory onto my in world profile photo area. Or" am i mising some rocket science here? Anyway....glad you found a solution.
  7. Hi again... Just to be clear what is your FPS typically before you enable chat window.? and....what GPU/ video card are you using? What is your connection speed? What graphic mode are you using in the sl viewer i.e high, low. med , ultra etc What is your "draw distanced" set to in graphic preferences? Without that info it is difficult to make suggestions to help. Are you using wireless connection? using Desktop? Laptop? Have you tried logging into another region that has very few Avatars and very few textures? Stand facing the open sea/ocean and see if your FPS returns to no
  8. LoriLexa......I think you need to choose "Compacted" Chat option to solve your FPS issue. i think there is a place to choose that near the top of the chat bar. dd
  9. Thats great news!...thanks for taking the time to let me know all is well. dd
  10. Hi, Sorry to hear that did not fix the problem I would suggest you contact/phone Paypal to see if there is some other issue you are not aware of. If they tell you all is ok with your account.....then you need to submit a support ticket on the second life webpage under the Help........support .....account....billing You can open a support ticket or if you are premium account live Chat is available week days...not sure about weekends for live chat. hope you get it resolved soon....
  11. Hi,,, Log into the second life website. Go to accounts....and re-do again your payment method......credit card ...paYpal or what ever you used before. You may have to delete the old payment method first.........then just set up your paypal method again. it may take an hour or so to get approved. After your payment method is approved.......and If you have land and pay a tier directly to Lindens...you may need to visit the manage land page and click on the new payment method again. Its not unusual for this to happen.......i've had to do this a few times in last 7 years
  12. Greetings Rainin, I have a full sim race track and i did some careful testing this morning to see if i could detect any change in average velocity of race cars or in Lap times. All speeds and times was same as it has been for last 2 years. in fact i came very close to setting a new track record ! (record was 155.25 seconds for 10 laps and i did 155.46 seconds today.) My speed averages 200 km/hr or 55 meters/sec with my F1 type cars. i also tested with a super fast car and was able to do 300 km/hour . so....the speed limits in sl have not changed since last server update. I wou
  13. Greetings Maestro Just wanted to wish you and the technical staff a great new year! We are off to a good start as is evidenced by the lack of new server version complaints.
  14. Greetings, The 2 HP notebook PCs you listed will not work for SL as is. If you add the Nivida GT740 graphics OPTION to the HP ENVY 15t-j100 Quad Edition Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) then It can work for SL but will NOT be able to use Ultra Mode graphics and maintain good FPS. however the price has now jumped to $785 not including shipping. (if that applies). also later upgrades are not possible with Notebook pcs. Win 8 can sometimes have graphic driver issues in SL. Suggestions: Get a real laptop with dedicated Nvidia graphics of TI550,650,750 series or higher and ask for Win 7 oper
  15. Greetings...In case you have not already done so.... check your PC for overheating problems.....dusty/dirty cooling fan blades or heatsinks on the main cpu and or on the Video card/chip if applicable. You never did mention if you have dedicated Graphics card or not. Good luck ...hope you can solve it soon
  16. If you are in the USA..You can get reasonable priced gaming desktop called "CyberpowerPC ". Tigerdirect.com has them. "IBuyPower is another gaming pc brand. also from Tigerdirect.com. Get Nvidia GPu ...gtx 550 TI or better. 2nd digit indicates the speed. 1st digit is the model year.......I think newest is 650 or 750. So 560 is faster 570 even faster etc. However faster GPUs generally need higher wattage PC power supply. Get 8 gb min Ram for PC. Most gaming desktops come with 8gb anyway. Better off with windows 7 operating system if you can get it. http://www.tigerdirec
  17. Hi Judith Merry Xmas:) There are many different factors that can determine your sim crossing experience while flying sl aircraft I fly every day in a varity of sims private islands,mainland , and Blake sea region....and yes sim crossings can be a little crazy sometimes. But this is "normal" behavior i.e nothing has gone wrong in the last few server updates. Keyboard Control is always lost during a sim crossing its just a question of for how long...it varies. Some things you can do to make it as painless as possible: 1. Slow down before crossing 2 Avoid being in a turn wh
  18. Thanks to Darien and Amethyst Both of your thoughts/experiences are good to know for future reference.
  19. Two possibilities come to mind...... 1. You have linked those prims to an object that is already set to Phantom so all become phantom. 2. If a prim is overhanging the edge of a region, the part of the prim that is hanging over will behave as though it is set to phantom. i.e you will fall through. BTW....after you figure out the actual cause...be sure to post follow up here in forums to say how you resolved this problem.
  20. 495060...Do you happen to be wearing a scripted slave collar ? I have seen this happen with one of the scripts in a slave collar that does the animations and it gets stuck. Removing the collar first ,,,then doing stop all animations should stop it. And after reset all scripts in the collar or the ones associated with animations. I have seen "open collar" get stuck like this. Another thing to try is wearing the swimming AO again after reseting all scripts in it...to see if it will get unstuck. Good luck
  21. Thank you Nalates I think this is the best explaination of what I am observing. "the viewer not being able to accurately measure ping ... The statistics window method of measuring "what we normally call Ping time" is simply not the same kind of measurment as is normally done using a Ping Time application/command. In a static mode the two methods may be nearly the same.
  22. Lately I have noticed that my indicated Ping time in statistics window varies wildly depending on the direction my avatar is facing. I do understand that FPS does change significently depending on the direction the avatar is facing. This is normal as it is actually depending on how many different textures the avatar is seeing in that direction. For example facing the "ocean" will give the highest FPS readings as there are very few textures to view in that direction and conversly; facing a complex highly textured part of the region will indicate much lower FPS....this is e
  23. Maestro...Yes ,,,,you are correct .. this bug is only effecting vehicles/airplanes that are MESH or have mesh parts I went back to those 2 sims tonite and found that NON-Mesh Airplanes were able to pass through these same regions with no problems. i also tested several other airplanes with Mesh parts and all of them exhibited the "your vehicle returned because parcel is full". Maestro , Does this mesh vehicle region crossing issue have a seperate issue tracking bug number? reference: The other unfixed bug related to 'parcel full' and vehicles, only has an internal issue, and
  24. i experiencd this yesterday.in sim called Foxboro when passing over a 512 parcel called Dax's place and also the same problem occurs at an adjecent sim called Duggan when i pass over that Big black castle next to Linden Highway at a parcel called Small World. Both of these parcels are adjecent to the Linden Highway . The vehicle (Airplane) i am flying is stops and freezes when attempting to pass over those nearly full parcels. And of course.because your vehicle wont move...as soon as you stand up the airplane gets returned to your lost and found folder due to parcel full. A Vehi
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