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  1. Hi, all, This is driving me bonkers. I had an object who changes position, and because it was under development, I have some debug info sent via llOwnerSay(). I came back today and found that the object is gone, but it's still sending llOwnerSay() messages, so I know it's somewhere in this sim. Area Search doesn't work presumably because it's out of range. I tried checking 0,0,0 and 256,256,4098 and all of the other extreme limits and it's not there. I then right clicked on the object in chat and according to its profile, it's at 0,0,0 but I've already looked there. I checked if it was invisib
  2. Thanks, Rolig. I was sort of figuring that would work, although I didn't like it for the same reasons you don't, plus because I'm already using timers for other things I'll have to figure a way to mesh the two logical pieces together into one timer event. It's a rare circumstance, but I've noticed there are some AO's or HUDs that take controls in some way or another and if they call llReleaseControls() while the avatar is seated on my own prim, it would sometimes release controls for my prim. I've only seen it happen a few times, but it was enough for me to want to do something about it.
  3. Hi, all, I'm experiencing the caveat in the llReleaseControls() docs: In some cases, calling llReleaseControls() in one script can affect the controls of other script which has also captured the same control bit on the same agent.If I have an object attached that has taken controls, and an object I'm sitting on that has taken controls, and the attached prim calls llReleaseControls(), the prim I'm sitting on no longer takes controls and instead the default behavior of camera control is done for that prim. This, despite the prim I'm sitting on having NO real "link" to the attached pr
  4. Thanks, guys. That helped me quite a bit. :matte-motes-grin: A lot of this stuff is still kind of guess-and-check for me, though.
  5. Hi, all. I have always had a hard time with these rotations. When it comes to simple things where both planes share an axis or something it's more or less easy, but with advanced stuff, it gets a little trial-and-error and I really just haven't figured out a rhyme or reason for it. I suppose part of it is due to my sleeping through geometry and trig classes too much. So, let's suppose you have a simple rectangular box. This box has a script which will rez another simple object upon touching it. This object should simply be rotated in such a way that it's facing the front of the box, but always
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