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  1. This problem is a bit more complex ....let me try again to explain.. You are perfectly correct about "simple basic " flying vehicles running basic vehicle script and perhaps a few other simple scripts are fine for sim crossing until much higher velocity before sim cross problem occurs. However if you have a fully functional complex aircraft with 10 or 20 scripts , moving control surfaces,sounds ,script timers ,propellers,animations,poses, etc...These type aircraft totally loose camera view at sim crossings even at the lowest velocity and never recover. pose animation is lost and you are u
  2. Maestro, could either you or Andrew tells us what you think has caused the sim crossing bug 1814 ? and what the proposed fix is doing differently? I am still puzzeled that you are always refering to this issue as only occuring at high speeds. We see this sim crossing loss of cam view at even very low aircraft speeds on some aircraft vehicles. As I have mentioned before , a very simple airplane with only a simple single vehicle script is able to good sim crossings. But most fully functional Airplanes have 10 or 20 scripts running, and it is these aircraft that always have loss tota
  3. Maestro and Andrew..... I want to point out that the sim crossing crashes also happen at very low speeds. In the test Airplane that Darleen sent to Andrew I loose control and crash at even 30% power setting which is lowest speed you can go withouit landing. So apparently your internet connecton into SL is NOT reprersentative of what most residents experience.Perhaps you connect from the "inside" of SL?? not from outside SL. Just a wild guess. Today I bit the bullet and downloaded the current latest official SL viewer and tested sim crossings in the same test Airplane we sent to
  4. My ping time is 95 ms its nothing to do with ping time. ..as i stated in my previous post this issue needs to be tested using a typical Aircraft that the full complement of scripts and features.......Not just 1 basic vehicle script. I will be happy to provide a test Airplane to Andrew or Maestro. Certainly Aeon Voom must have provided Andrew with a Airplane to test after submitting Jira BUG-1814 as he is one of the major builder/sellers of aircraft in SL. How long ago did Andrew state that he can not reproduce the problem??? is that old news or his current position?
  5. Maestro, I sincerely hope that "still investigating it" means that they are trying to figure out why the new interest list code has Broken aircraft vehicle sim crossings in every sim in SL...at every sim crossing. I have noticed that some aircraft which contain only the basic vehicle script are able to cross sucessufly if the aircraft speed is kept low. But most sl aircraft contain many 10's of scripts beside the basic flight script to control sit positions, animations,sounds.propellors,alerions,elevator,rudder,landing gear and combat aircraft contain even more scripts such a 6
  6. Thats an execellent suggestion Qie ! "Because sim crossings are such a chronic problem, maybe we need to devise an exhaustive, objective, repeatable benchmark to run every week, so there are real numbers that indicate the effect of changes, good or bad." The current aircraft sim crossing Bugs will hopefully be fixed in the next few server code updates. (fingers crossed) But what do you think is a good maximum limit for sim crossings in meters/second? (for a best case sim crossing point such as perpendicular to border and in center of sims ...not the corners and flying in a straight path
  7. Maestro.... Thanks for letting us know that the sim Crossing issue for flying vehicles has now been officially recognized and that LL has some ideas about what went wrong. All residents in the flying and aircraft community are looking forward to this being resolved as quickly as possible . Will the fix be identified as BUG-1814 fix or ??? Thanks again for responding to this issue :matte-motes-smile: Is there any place/link where we can see the BUG-1814 jira submitted by Aeon Voom?
  8. Sim crossings in most flying vehicles is now totally broken on agni servers after todays server update !!! Total loss of control on every sim crossing for minutes usually resulting in avatar needing to relog. It seems the dynamic camera control get broken in viewer at sim crossings and the Avatar gets unseated or looses its animation. the Air craft goes out of view........... but is actually continuing to fly until it goes off world or is stopped by a sim edge or object on ground. The pilot cant see the aircraft.. Maestro....we have been telling you about this for se
  9. Thank you Ayesha....very well stated..... about the use of 3rd party viewers. I hope that all of the sl residents who fly airplanes in SL will come forward and let LL know how terrible sim crossings have become in the last 2 weeks in Aircraft at even moderate speeds. Do you crash on every sim crossing? no....but if you try to fly across several sims in a row at even moderate speeds complete loss of control will occur and you are unable to recover without loging out and reloging. At higher speed it happens on all sim crossings.
  10. I am seeing the same problems exactly for the last 2 weeks....however it got much worse on the last agni server rollout of Tuesday (26 feb). Before the last 2 server version changes, we could Fly airplanes across sim boarders at speeds up to 70 knots with only a few seconds of loss of control. Now I loose control entirely and never recover even at very low airplane speeds of less than 25 knots. Typically the aircraft actually continues to fly uncontrolled until the vehicle goes off world. The Viewer view is lost,cam view lost. and pilot is frozen in pilot animation. The only way to recove
  11. I have been flying Aircraft in SL for 6 years.It is impossible to cross more than 4 or 5 sims in the BLAKE Sea area before crashing. I was also flying slow to do a fair test. The error message that eventualy comes is "returned to lost and found due to going off world". The start point is Hollywood in the Blake Sea regions. all of my friends who fly Airplanes in blake sea are experiencing this same problem this weekend. We are not flying near any "off world" areas. It does not matter what direction you fly from Hollwood........after 4 or 5 sim crossings
  12. PS...For those who dont know what MEGA SIM is.....: A mega Sim consist of 4,9 16 or 25 sims in a grid "joined " into ONE big region with NO Sim Crossings. :matte-motes-sunglasses-3:
  13. I have been creating/flying aircraft in SL for the past 6 years. I use a high spec gaming pc with I7 processor , Nvidia dedicated graphics, and 20 mb connection speed, Sim border cossings in vehicles has been bad fo all 6 years in spite of all the attempts to Fix this issue, it remains as bad if not worse than ever for vehicles. There has been great improvment in avatar only sim boarder crossing....but vehicle crossings remain barely useable. If an aircraft crosses the sim boundry .... directly perpendicular to the sim boundry and away from corners and keeps the speed of the aicraft
  14. Thank you for your honest reply Mastro.......yes, the cause of this issue was never really understood....and no one i know of has every found a way to reproduce this effect on demand. :Lets just hope it goes away again on its own. Submitting a Bug report is useless unless a method is know to reproduce this effect. And yes you are right...it may have nothing to do with the main grid server update. If anyone else is seeing this effect,(Avatar bent over with head between legs), please reply. thanks.
  15. Mastro....I notice tonite that the old problem of "Avatar bending over with head between legs " has returned since updating Main grid servers.. I have not seen this problem for nearly 2 years...now its back. Several other residents experienced this same effect today.
  16. Hi, I have 2 suggestions... 1. Why not just do a random number "coin flip" any time an avatar is detected within 5 meters.......to decide if you need particles or not. (safe or unsafe) 2. You will be able to write much simpler more efficient scripts..if you learn how to script without using state changes. You will be suprised at how much easier your scripts can be..
  17. Hi, Try opening your viewer as Administrator . (for windows users). I saw this suggestion posted someplace recently. It seemed to work for me...the one time i tried it. Also...My experience has been it only does this on the first download.... After relogging ...the next and all following downloads did not do this again. I have seen the same issue in OPEN SIM/ OS grid sometimes. BTW..i use older sl viewer with cool view added. I dont have or use MS skydrive.
  18. Hers is the Lindens response.... Case: 01553045Avatar: dd Temin Type: Report an offline RegionStatus: Waiting for Customer Acceptance Hello dd,With the specific kind of issue that happened with the region, this can be a consequence because of how the region's visibility caching works - this is a known issue that we are working on TJ Linden
  19. I did go to Live chat.........it is also currently OFF line....) Yes i submited a ticket also.... I was not posting here to get help from Lindens..........I was posting here to see if any other residents had had a similar experience since last server updates...... I am in sl 6 years..I dont need anyone telling me how the forums work.
  20. CORRECTION: Region is/was actually back on line !!! The problem was/ is that until I relogged ...i was not able to "see" that the region was back on line. I only could see "water" just as if the region was off line I forgot to mention that I was observing the region while standing in my other Sim which is adjecent to the sim...that "appeared " to not be on line. This is a different issue. i have not seen this happen before. Has anyone else noticed this? Any comment Mastro?
  21. After doing region restart this morning Sunday Nov 18 at 5:30 am Pacific time..........the region has not come back on line. Normaly this process takes 5 minutes...........its been 2 hours.... Possibly something has gone wrong......with latest server version update? Need help Mastro... thanks This region is private island on main Grid (Agni)..........name of region is Meridas.
  22. The Nvidia 650m will work fine in sl....should be able to use high or perhaps even ultra mode. Dont be suprised if viewer says the video card is not compatible or not recognized. on the first launch..) Just ignore that and go to viewer tab ..... Edit........preferences........Graphics and set Quality/performance to high or Ultra. Yes a bigger display is better for Sl but if you need a small lap top for other reasons its your choice. Have fun dd
  23. Thank you so much Innula. That was a very clear and concise explaination. thanks again dd
  24. On a Phycial vehicle sculpt Airplane.........I needed to set ... some of the sculpt prims (type of prim ) to "none" so that the sculpt "box" does not drag the ground on those prims. The actual number of prims is 31. However....this increases "Prim COST" to 51 , And now i get the error message vehicle physics can not be enable because of more than 32 prims !!!! Why is prim cost being counted as part of vehicle physics count........Im only using 31 actual prims.. This is a mistake for prim COST to prevent vehicle Physica when actual num
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