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  1. Several times now I have visited Commune Utopia at different times both when there are lots of people and when there are less. My experience is that for me all is painfully slow: movement, typing, all is in slomo, it is impossible to be there. I get a message that it is run under a different simulator version, does this make a difference? I tried to clear my cache, but no difference. What else can I do to? I have not really experienced such slowness anywhere else. It seems like a nice place, but as it is now I can not visit it. Thankful for suggestions.
  2. after I upgraded to Yosemite the SL viewer constantly crashed after 5-30 minutes. I switched over to Firestorm which I had installed and the problems were gone. I agree that Yosemite is nice and I also recommend FS. Good luck with SL and your Mac :-)
  3. Nak Benelli

    Skyboxes or junk?

    On three sides of my small plot of land is abandoned Linden land. Still the sky above is full of skyboxes all the way up to +4000 meters. What are these? Junk left by former land owners? "Habited" boxes on "squatted" land or what?
  4. Thank you irihapeti, that did it, problem solved. I registered my "main" avatar almost 8 years ago, played around without going into any scripting etc, then was away until a few weeks ago. A lot have happened in SL meanwhile! Ofc an alt created now don't have a first and last name, but I had no clue about it. It is all explained here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Usernames-and-display-names/ta-p/700173 Thank you dd and irihapeti from both Chiri and Nak :-)
  5. Thank you again dd. Yes, I tried both with - and --, I understand both works, same result. There are no strange characters in the pw, only normal Roman letters and a few numbers, no blanks or such.
  6. Hello, on a Mac Yosemite and latest FS I have a login script as follows: do shell script "\"/Applications/Firestorm-Release.app/Contents/MacOS/Firestorm\" -multiple -login yourName yourPass" quitIt works fine for my "main" avatar, but does not work for an alt. Name & pw are correct, multiple viewers allowed and login stuff on normal login screen just the same. Userlogininfo are the same, all debug settings resetted. I get a message that username and/or pw could not be verified. I just can't figure out why two identical scripts and avatar settings work for the
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