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  1. Greetings, this sounds to me like a video card/graphics problem.......usually caused by over-heating of video card or graphics chip..........or the Video card /chip is just plane going bad. Running SL stresses / (creates more heat ) of a graphics card than any video game. There are a couple of graphics hardware option settings in the edit...preference......graphics settings of the viewer that can cause low frame rates if not set correctly. In "hardware options"...."enable VBO box needs to be checked. Good luck finding the problem...i know it can be very frustrating at times.
  2. You could try switching to a "third party viewer"........"imprudence" is a good one to use. I am assuming you are trying to use viewer 2,3 or new viewer. You can also try the old sl viewer 1.23.5...it is still available on the sl web site....
  3. Thank you kaluura for you very helpful answer
  4. Is it true the prim limits of physical vehicles has now been increased to greater than 32? i saw a physical vehicle motorcycle of 64 normal prims that was working as a vehicle......(not attached to avatar) if so....what is the new prim limit for physical vehicles....and what Viewer is needed to create 64 prim phical vehicles?? thank you for any help you can offer..:)
  5. UPDATE on details of problem: Two vehicle parameters have been effected ... since the Havok physics update . vehicle_linear_motor_friction_TIMESCALE in Y axis Vehicle_Linear_Motor_direction in the Y axis Also it is sensitive to the global direction that the vehicle is traveling in when sharp turn is made . If vehicle is going north or south and turns to the east or west...all works normal...... BUt if the vehicle is traveling east or west and turns north or south the vehicle fails to turn properly and slides severly.
  6. Vehicles (Dune buggy car) now severly sliding sideways on sharp turns ... since last server deploy of Agni main grid. It seems like the physics value for friction has changed ... thus becomming very slipery. I am not sure this is the actual cause....but this is how its effected. the cars are on a prim surface not land. We have 2 private island sims...and both exhibit this problem. Its not effecting airplanes...........so this is why i was guessing about physics friction.
  7. Where is info about Tuesday july 19 server "upgrade" for main server??? I mean whats new....what bugs are being fixed etc?
  8. Perhaps the higher script times being reported are the result of the following "bug fix" Improved 'Top Scripts' report Each object now reports an average script time per frame since the object was created or the last 30 minutes, whichever is shorter. This fixes a lot of odd behavior and misinformation in the previous results as well as makes it easier to determine recent lag sources instead of only immediate lag sources. It is still not expected for this result to exactly match the 'Script ms' reported in the simulator stats summary as these measure different things on different time scale
  9. Just to clarify........"The down side is that crash and lag off ports has become a major problem with over half the ports sent by someone else resulting in one or both people crashing." When you say "ports" you are refering to teleports??
  10. To Oskar Linden: Will you be posting the weekly server deployment details here? or only on the wiki?
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