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  1. This is why I stopped Air Ballooning over Belli !!! It's not enjoyable any longer when you have all these paranoid people setting their orbs to 15 secs. I have mine set to 30 secs and I feel I should bump it up to at least 45 secs to let people fly over freely .... but for now it will stay at 30 secs!!
  2. Or at least maybe turn them off until the hunt is over ... I know i would !!!
  3. Well you need Taco's before you can have beer!! Plus as my doormat tell's ya ... Haha!!!
  4. Hops on his Red Kick Scooter and searches for @Sylvia Tamalyn taco cart ... 😎
  5. ohhhhhhhhhh i need to hit MP to find one of them "red kick scooters" I'll be tearing up them streets tonight!!! haha
  6. @Raspberry Crystal here you go hun .. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/search?utf8=✓&search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=GMA&search[keywords]=wearable+sleeping+bag LOL
  7. Yeah I checked both of them groups last night and saw nothing. So I IM the creator as @LittleMe Jewell suggested. Hopefully he gets back to me today. After thought, It would be great to have a spot set aside for the community where ppl can go to get these little gems others have made,, like a storage room at the post office or someplace. Just a thought ...
  8. Not sure if this is the right place to ask this .. but here we go, Does anyone know of an Screen Door add-on for the Linden Homes? Or has any creator on these forums thought of such an add-on to build/offer?
  9. Sorry it didn't work for you @Leora Jacobus not sure if there is a secret to it or not, but I had my auto-refresh set to 1 sec when she released it .. so maybe it was just the right timing. But I wish you all the luck and hope one day you will have a lovely home also.
  10. YAY !!!… I finally got a house this weekend … it’s was so great someone that’s on this forum got one with her alt and didn’t want it and knew I was in the crowd that tried and never was successful. So she asked me if I wanted it, I was like sure, so we coordinated our efforts and I was able to snug it as she released it. She’s a great person to have in this community. We need more to step up like she did!!! So everyone that is still trying to get a new home .. don’t get discouraged, it will happen, maybe not the same way I got mine, but you will get one, just keep your head up!!
  11. @PrudenceAnton don't worry I won't 😎 .. but yeah it just gets frustrating at times is all but I'm sure my day will come, let's just hope it's before winter sets in or else all my alts with be stuck out in the cold .. hahah
  12. Oh I wish I could ... that would alert our Network dept so fast and they would come down on my like a ton of bricks ... I do have it installed at home tho!!!
  13. Thank you @PrudenceAnton for the update .... Oh yeah I'm keeping my head up ... just hard to keep re-refreshing that page at work ... but still try too 👍
  14. Just wondering are they going to release a region today or are they going to wait and have a large release like @PrudenceAnton mentioned in her post last Friday?
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