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    How can I get one of those new linden homes for free? Where do I have to locate to (community)? Also, I know I will have to abandon the location I have now, how long will it take for me to get a new spot.
  2. the error message I am getting missing media _plugin_cef and it happens when I try and log on. Hp Phoenix firestorm. the same one I have been using since I joined sl
  3. I did the clean install and it still is not downloading. I am paying for a prem account and haven't been able to log on or stay on no longer that 30 mins a day. I need the media player link
  4. how do I find land to purchase? I have the 512 but I need bigger with more prims, can the granted larger amount be used towards a bigger space? Also, I never received the 1000L or the 300 weekly spending L$
  5. I would take pictures and post them straight to facebook but it all of a sudden stop me from doing it 3 weeks ago. How can I fix this?
  6. I only brought 3.00USD worth and it did not post to my account but took it off my card. It has never did this before whats going on?
  7. I got hacked and want my items returned. Can the hacker be traced? Also can you find out who did if ? Also how can you traced the system to get my items back. Please help
  8. I want a mama alpha. how do I get one.
  9. I rented a appartment and I have to constantly contact the builder and owner about not being able to use the bed. I had access to the hot tub a first but now I cannot use it. I used the rug to lay on with my date signed off came back and now I do not have access to it. I am paying for items that I used before I paid rent that I can't use now. The only time everything works correctly is when the owner or builder is in the appartment. Is something wrong with my avatar or do they have an unknown setting perventing me to use all the funcitons of the appartment? Is it possible to get a refund and m
  10. I rented a apartment and I am limited functions that was suppose to come with the place. I cannot use the bed or the functions in the hot tube room unless the builder or owner is present. I feel like I need my money back this is the 2nd day for this. I have discussed and spent the whole day trying to make it work when they are not around. What can I do. and the bed is not acknowledging my ava in the apartment.
  11. I am interested and have experience. please contact me. IM
  12. I am interested. please contact me. CarolynBrown1 - IM new rank is Recognized Resident.
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