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  1. it's certainly a novel way to propose to your SL sweethart, if they last a couple of months they'll have done quite well for them selves
  2. maybe it would be helpful if you could see property lines in the sky not just the land if it were possible i'm sure there'd be less encroached prims and your neighbour wouldn't have built in your air space. any time i build in the sky or see someone elses prims i can't tell if it's in or encroaching my plot i'm sure others have the same problem
  3. Ishtara Rothschild wrote: Once SLM reminds me of it, Like SLX / XStreet did, I will start rating my purchases unless it's too much of an effort. there's one thing from the old SLX/XStreet days LL should bring back there used to be a little dash/control panel where you could withdraw & remotely deposit money this was before you could use your inworld balance directly and there was favourites and wishlist etc and two useful very functions which i'd like to see bought back one a link to all your unrated items with number of items displayed next to it (i think i had a couple of thousand items in there :smileysurprised:) and a link to all your rated items with number of items displayed next to it
  4. Edfred Jungsten wrote: It's typical. The review process in the marketplace takes effort to find unless you keep the purchase conformation open and you think to go back in your browser to the item after you get it your going to close that window and not think about it much when browsing the marketplace Edfred Jungsten wrote: People are too lazy in most cases i think this is very true even if i do remember to go back to the item after purchase i'm not really going to leave a review till i've used the product and i think people will buy something with every intention to use it but never do they might get as far as copying the box etc contents to inventory rezz it once briefly and never rezz it again especially with low cost items
  5. the problem with these vehicles is you can't aimlessly stand afk on any linden road minding your own business with out one comming along and driving in to you next thing you know you've been pushed 2 or 3 regions up the road and then when they veer off the road they're there in piles taking up someones prim count if you ride one every few minutes it asks you if you want to buy one or donate or whatever and they never travel where you want them too
  6. i remember getting in to SL for the first time was a challenge i tried logging in several times i got inworld but saw nothing but blue i was about to give up when on my final attempt i got in someone IM'd me sensing i was new and handed me an LM to freebie dungeon to get free stuff i TP'd there long before where ever i'd first landed had even rezzed to something i could make out i spent all my time grabbing loads of free stuff getting some boxes several times cos i didn't know you got the whole box contents not just the stuff you clicked on i remember at some point during my flying and walking round freebie dungeon i wound up at an art gallery and discovered camping all the campers which floor mopping were taken i walked round a bit more to an area that was oriental themed then i think i logged out. i found some really fantastic places in my early days just by flying round the grid they must be gone by now if i could go back and do one thing i'd LM all those places
  7. i would say give sculpty paint a shot it's what i use if i had to sum it up i'd call it sculpting for dummies you can start sculpting straight away but it's vital you test the sculpts you've saved first either with a viewer with free temp uploads or on the beta grid because many a time i've created a sculpt that looked great in sculpty paint and it looked horrible in SL. i recently discovered another free sculpting tool called plopSL it's very simple to use looks like the kind of paint program a toddler would use all you need is to be good at drawing it will make a sculpt and a colour texture at the same time, the sculpt can't have holes in it they won't show in SL
  8. unless your a premium member there is no possibility age verify via ticket any more only the link on your account if your outside the US and don't already have payment info on file (making you adult verified) using paypal and thats your only option if you want to pay for a prem account you can't do that any more
  9. you might want to give Ab vendors by Ab Vanmoer a try they are 1 prim each and i use them purely for their send gift ability i also use Bright corporations 1 prim vendors but they might not be what you need the ab vendors are L$49 a pack you can split commission get IM's of every sale and it records the last 20 transactions for the vendor and they're 1 prim each https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Vendor-gift-purchases-gifting-payment-sharing-split-pay-very-low-lag-multi-vendor/272656
  10. you'd be better off joining the phoenix viewer support group inworld where they have developers and a dedicated support team as well as enthusiastic users to help apart from one or two of the support team occasionally popping up in these forums they don't tend to hang round here another option is to check the wiki on www.phoenixviewer.com for most common issues
  11. since you have made a purchase best thing to do is contact the seller which you did it should be no inconvenience for the merchant to check their transaction history on the marketplace and click re-deliver even better if the merchant personally sends one to you when your inworld so you can guarantee you receive it any merchant that tries to pass the buck isn't worth shopping from again if you get no joy from the merchant you can submit a ticket which LL have hidden very well just go to help > ticket history scroll down to contact support
  12. i can re-call a time when group chat was far worse if you think chat lag is bad imagine what it would be like if you had to send every message a min of 10 times before it would get through if you hadn't given up by then there was a period of a couple of months in '09 when that was the case thankfully it cleared up
  13. as regards to sculpts i always include a sample prim(s) if in doubt one can then go in to edit mode and see what stitch type has been used, on occasion when insideout or mirror must be used i add a NC explaining just in case people get perplexed as to why their scuplt doesn't look quite right
  14. i''m sure i have seen one or two of the items as homepage featured back in the xstreet days and i bought some of them i don't recall the posters having the advertising on them though the listing certainly did
  15. back when a rival marketplace site slapt.me was still in existance they had their own free vendors which you could use to sell your own stuff or affiliate any brand as long as the creator had set up some items to allow affiliate sales on the website i thought it the perfect alternative to forking out a load of money on hippo vendors. i haven't heard LL were thinking about marketplace affiliate vendors, but i don't think it would take a huge amount of work for LL to add this if a rival marketplace could
  16. as a big fan of head wear i don't buy any specific hair but would try and avoid styles that have lots of wispy bits or fancy styles piled high on top that will stick out i always make sure my hat or head piece is modify and/or re-size scripted at least if need be i'll adjust the position on my head so it looks perfect
  17. if the hole in your skin is in your chest where your boobs would be and your using a viewer with brest physics (turned on) such as phoenix it could be the physics are set too high back in the days when it was emerald there was a bug with the physics that would cause holes in the skin if thats not the issue check you haven't attached an invisi prim or alpha layer that could cause it
  18. generally malls don't have any problems with franchise stores before you get a franchise see what the mall you want to rent in has if it's gadget oriented go for a gadget franchise ditto for furniture mens or womens fashion etc if you have a few thousand L$ going spare you can buy franchises with a bigger percentage you keep from every sale the free ones you won't get a huge amount there's no need to restrict yourself to just one store you can put as many vendors as you like from different stores as long as prims allow
  19. if your 18 or over already you should be able to view mature and adult items it's only inworld you need to be age verified to visit age restricted & adult rated land and adult verified via a premium account or getting payment info on file to get on adult rated land when you open up the marketplace there should be a drop down box where you can choose just general, general & moderate, general & moderate & adult, just adult . if you put a date that when you signed up makes you under 18 it doesn't sound unreasonabe that you can't view mature/adult stuff
  20. i'm not one to delete friends from my list just because they never log in i have deleted people i didn't really want to be friends with and when tpv viewers got the ability for you to see who was hiding their online presence i deleted everyone who decided they didn't want me to know they were online but to be honest i never saw them as online since shortly after we became friends they must have deiced to hide that they were online instead of de-friend
  21. if you know any female av's just over 30days wanting an entire image overhaul Gothica has a fab full av with hair skin clothes AO facelight etc it's L$1 on the Marketplace and supposedly Free inworld
  22. my favourite solution to an avatar that just won't load is to rebake find the ruth hair fix shape right click edit that the appearance mode comes up with create on everything make a skin adjust it a bit save it re-log if you can, wait till inventory is loaded then try wearing clothes and body parts. works for me every time
  23. you may have to use the good old search i do know of a replica of the great wall of china in SL a sim based on Barcelona spain and a few London sims name after locations in the london borough of kensington and chelsea if you ever find yourself at a safe hub info hub or welcome center there will be an LM board with RL locations replicated in SL
  24. SL time is american time they get their summer time or to them Daylight Savings Time a couple of weeks before the UK/Europe does so there will be an hours less difference between us and america until the end of march
  25. up until about july/august time last year you could have freely used one of the 3 and a half sims that made up Trilegy Corporation's Free Land for the People then it's owner closed the sim for refurb and disappeared off the face of SL the sims are still closed a friend of mine used to have a free land parcel made up of free rooms to live in and free store space all in a huge castle aside from those i haven't come across any other free places
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