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  1. LL removed the option for basic accounts which i feel is a poor decision particularly when you get stuck on mainland tips i've found to have helped is to open 2 viewers if possible log in an alt find the ghost use the other viewer to log the ghost as soon as it shows offline make sure you log the ghost in to a quiet region like cyclops continue trying to log in repeatedly preferrably a quiet region eventually you'll get in if you know the region you ghosted tp after logging in find where you think your ghost was you don't have to go through tping where you think you ghosted but some people think it helps paying a ghost L$1 it's been suggested several times i've never found it works
  2. Fusion (by Todd Boarst who does the animated shoulder pets) does a freebie hud controlled top hat the hud just controls some animated bits that come out the top of the hat i think he still has a store in the schell region or you could look it up on the marketplace https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Skeleton-Hat/176831
  3. most of my 'friends' don't log in anymore they seem to have left with out saying anything or they were someone's alt or due to RL commitments/time zones don't log in when i'm logged in out of the people i would consider an actual friend who doesn't log in anymore i am aware RL circumstances mean they can't get online or justify keeping land
  4. there's also the problem i've noticed when clicking reply to reply to a message it directs you to the main blog some times
  5. the shape based on RL i made or rather modified myself from the one i landed which took probably a year to perfect it. the skin is from Skinthesis the pale shade just right and it suited me when i decided to upgrade to a proper decent skin from a freebie skin i tried more pale skins than i care to remember most were too tanned for my liking
  6. just about every sub forum recent topics and answers got a dose of spam today part of me half expected a spamming when this new forum first opened at least we had a few days with out it
  7. i have more hair than i care to think about only 4 maybe 5 styles i like my favourite changes every time i get new hair as far as colour goes "Slept Longer" in Rose from Ali&Alli current hair/favourite "Kitty" in Bubblegum from Truth the only style i liked that came in a colour close to A&A's Rose
  8. unlike Phoenix's (previously Emerald) old Secondary attachment points which were only seen correctly by anyone else using the same viewer but looked like you had hair or boots sprouting out your a*se on other viewers. multiple attachments are seen by all viewers any up to date tpv will have backported multi attach as soon as possible after LL put it in it's viewer you won't see a list of extra attach points you just click add and it will attach to the point the creator set it to up to a maximum of 30/33 attachments across the whole avi
  9. at the top of the marketplace next to your name is 'My Marketplace' click that then 'My Favourites' your favourite items will come up anything you favourited in Xstreet will show first in no particular order anything you favourited in the marketplace will come up in the order you favourited them unlike Xstreet if you buy an item from your favourites it will stay there till you delete it an alternative way to get to favourites is to add an item to your favourites when added you will be re-directed to your favourite items automatically
  10. remember when MySpace was the latest greatest internet social network craze not sure it's quite as popular as it used to be but you could use that for your av or there are a few social networks for especially for avi's www.linkedprim.com springs to mind as i've used it they could be good alternatives to Facebook if FB aren't allowing non RL accounts
  11. i'd love to see the forum widget back too after getting so used to it my dash doesn't feel the same with out the latest forum feed showing up
  12. try typing worn in inventory, looking in the current outfit folder in V2 or worn items tab if your viewer has one if these default clothes are not showing as worn your skin has a underwear modesty layer drawn on the skin you can easily remove this by acquiring a new skin these won't have the underwear modesty built in unless the skin designer has made them part of the skin
  13. i have to say i have shopped at the store you mentioned as it is currently and when te store had a different name so i do know who you are talking about i wouldn't have suspected the gear was botted, templates from lots of the well known creators have been used in the stuff but that doesn't surprize me loads of stores do it. selling it all for L$10 is no surprize to me either i've seen the same stuff from other people selling for free/L$1 whether they got them legitimately or not i don't think there is much point me or anyone else AR-ing this person, the creator who claims their templates were acquired through some means other than them self needs to DMCA the owner of the store and LL can take it from there the DMCA only becomes an issue when the store owner selling the botted stuff decides to file a counter DMCA it's then at that point i understand RL identities are disclosed
  14. you can't properly hate V2 with out spending time using it and finding all the keyboard shortcuts you used to use almost with out thinking do nothing things like upload and build aren't where you'd expect them to be the side bar is too obtrusive etc. when LL finally blocks V1 code from connecting to the grid there'll be two options use V2/V2 based tpv (phoenix's firestorm viewer looks promising) or quit SL. if SL were to have a sharp drop in log ins when V1 get's blocked i think that would be a very strong hint to LL at how disliked V2 is
  15. i tried Qavimator the layout is user friendly but the frames and what have you for the length of the animation confused me now i use an inworld tool called animare it's a hud and poseball system you don't quite get the accuracy that you do with Qavimator but it suits me i can use the poseball around my furniture and make poses to fit, the only problem i had was not knowing the empty bvh file (provided on the tool's help site) where the the animation export 'code' goes had to be done in notepad wasn't mentioned on site but i eventually figured it out
  16. if what has been suggested so far isn't working you might want to try running your viewer in XP sp2 compatibility mode you can do this by right clicking your viewer icon clicking properties then the compatibility tab if that doesn't help you can always turn the compatibility off
  17. Monecka a great place to look for free clothes is the marketplace you can search for clothes and other avatar apparel you can sort the relevance by price lowest first often designers give away some amazing clothes for nothing or there are people re-selling the same business in a box re-seller clothes that have been on the grid over 3/4years another way to get free clothes especially if you don't know any stores that are offering them is to join a Midnight Mania or Lucky Chair group if you haven't come across midnight mania before it is a board that you 'slap' that has a certain target if the board reaches the desired target by midnight secondlife time you win the prize on offer with lucky chairs you can sit and win a prize if the first letter of your name or an ? (meaning anyone can win) is displayed
  18. have you thought about using a free inworld sculpting tool to make what you are after a $ or € should be easy to make as a prim linkset which can be converted to as a sculpt map if you ever visit the 3dbuildeasy SculptCrafter sandbox you can try the sculpt crafter demo create what you want out of the tools provided then upload the sculpt map if you can get on the beta grid or your viewer has free temp uploads you can try the sculpt before paying the L$10 upload fee
  19. i catched up on all the TV i missed the first couple of days were easy to live with out the days after i found myself re-freshing my dash a lot in the hope the forums were back :womansurprised:
  20. send a notecard with transaction details to the person you bought from make sure you include the item name, if the merchant is a decent person they will send you a replacement
  21. the ticketing system is so limited these days (but maybe thats for non premium members) you can't request a region restart anymore and the ghost which i think the av may be can't do a ticket to get un-ghosted
  22. if you mean outworld map as in copy/paste http://slurl.com/secondlife/vardimorg/128/120/0 in to a new browser window you get the map and click to TP comes up it's working perfectly fine it shows up PG Mature & Adult lands
  23. when shopping inworld you should look out for vendors with buy as gift as an option Hippo & Ab vendors come with this option or stores may have their own buy as gift system the marketplace is an excellent option for gifting but it doesn't seem to support any new account which will have the resident last name
  24. Aglaupe Greggan wrote: 1. Is my sim owner acting right when he change the Covenant after I paid a month of tier? 2. Is correct dont allow to run scripts in a rented land? 3. The land owner (me... ) dont have any right about to run scripts in his own land? Tks guys 1. the sim owner on a private estate can change the covenant at any time and they don't have to warn you 2. if the estate owner really wants to disable scripts to everyone they can but they should really allow their renters and anyone else in the group for their estate to run scripts 3. getting land from an estate you don't really own the land the estate owner can put restrictions like no pushing or no terraforming that you can't change in the about land section little tip i know works on the mainland and should on a private estate or sim fly up to about 140m your scripts will magically start working
  25. i remember exactly such a thing it was advertised a lot on xstreet but i can't for the life of me remember what it was called i did go to the sim as far as i remember it was either L$3000 or something insanely expensive like L$50,000 to get it done
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