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  1. okay then!!!i understand you are totally big so i'm not going to argue😊 but do you know how to fix the neck color from the body?
  2. look maybe i made a mistake not asking there but you don't have to act like that lol, i am pretty sure if you want to help me you would answer my question instead of ask that
  3. Yea but i prefer asking here because no one they dont know about the neck problem who i have talk too & what is here for help or something else? because you people acting rude, if you don't wanna help please don't ask!
  4. Hey! Anyone know when the genesis lab group gift coming out? also i have get the kenna head but my neck color not matching my body can someone please help me with that?
  5. Hi! im wonder the first 10 person to follow me will get 3 gifts 1) cute kawaii body (kid) 2) shey dress 3) off shoulder top (coco) ~WonderHeartKid~
  6. hi!!!! im kinda new and i am looking for a free mesh body with head and hud do you know where to find one?
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