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  1. Correct. I'm talking about that said blue hand logo.
  2. When I go to search.secondlife.com , the old logo is still there. Can anyone at the Lab fix that issue?
  3. I see, everyone does indeed miss having SL television in their day by day routines in SL. Well i think someone mentioned that no one wants to step forward in that idea. No one stepping forward in that idea? Actually i am stepping forward in that idea. I'm testing my TV broadcast equipment now, and yes, i'm stepping forward in that idea yet. I did not had created a SL group of the media company i had created here in SL for everyone to join yet, because i'm on the equipment test phase, doing live streams in SL. Still i will announce that in the near future, as first i'm setting up a radio station as part of the conglomerate itself. It's nice to see people still interested in SL television shows and live broadcasts. And yes indeed i'm stepping in this idea.
  4. Hi there. I have a little bit of experience in the SL broadcasting business as a hostess. I have plans in opening a radio station too. And i'm looking forward in hosting that show too. I will send a notecard to you concerning those interests. If you want, you can send me a notecard in-game as well.
  5. Thanks for the information @Grumpity Linden. I really appreciated it.
  6. Well. I hope they can fix that ASAP. It's either, or is it a thing related to electrical energy and the Kinacade fire, or is it a DDOS attack, like back 2018.
  7. Maybe i think it's another DDOS attack like back in 2018. They need to take those attacks out, just like they did back then. Griefers breaks down a lot of things in SL, that's what i think it happened and what is happening right now.
  8. Hi Siera. I'm starting a radio station that will be competing with my friends' one. I hope you can help me to organize the business of my station. I will explain that later in an IM i will send to you. Also there will be a event to raise funds for the station too. so you can help me to organize that event with another friend of mine too.
  9. Good news everyone: Linden Lab just announced they are not reducing the number of group slots for regular/basic/non-premium members. Check this information out.
  10. It is not easy to fix it but still, and yes those are just suggestions, to see if they can improve the group system rather than lowering groups for free users. Reprogramming it should not be easy but it's important to all free/non-premium residents, for not having their group membership lowered. Raise it 7 times for the free/non-premium, and do not do the inverse (lower down by 7).
  11. A suggestion to @Grumpity Linden, @Ebbe Linden, @Kat Linden, and folks at Linden Lab. This is a small revamp i am doing in what you guys proposed. I will do a reverse calculation of the basic group limits, which should change. I will be also adding two times the amount of addition you guys want for the actual group memberships for premium users. Instead of basic user group memberships being lowered by 7, The groups created by basic users should be raised by 7. And Premium users should have the groups raised by 20 instread of 10. The problem in SL is not the amount of groups in the residents' account, but the amount of issues the viewers have. SL needs to fix the lags in the viewers. Plus also please, consider my suggestions as a plus in help to you guys. Thank you so much for Reading. Best regards - Evelyn Colling.
  12. Well. And also i think that you guys want everyone to join Sansar for free i think. Hehehehe
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