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  1. I was able to get her original skin back, so thank you @Horus Salubrius and @Jaide Beck I appreciate the help.
  2. So, I got a Here Kitty Kitty - Full Perm, I made clearly what I see as a newbie mistake. There's an option for Skin_Sexy and I clicked wear and now I look like I stayed in a tanning booth too long and I am more brownish/orange (I feel.) Is there a way to get back to my regular skin color? My avatar is a classic Elizabeth, so any help would be appreciated. Sassy
  3. I think that I fixed it I'm just not sure how. But it seems like I can stand now when I'm wanting to stop dancing. I appreciate everybody's help.
  4. I don't know what happened but when I'm dancing the stand button is no longer available for me to stop my avatar from moving. I realize that there are ways to stop it on the dance button. However, I would really like my stand but back. I'm using Second Life and not firestorm, which seems to be a huge issue when it comes to getting help. I really need some feedback please. Thank you, Sassy
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