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  1. I am not sure if I am posting in the right forum. However, I would like to know how come the group lament is capped at 70? I would think for premium members there would be a way to possibly extend it to 100. If I am posting in the wrong forum please let me know.
  2. I am mainly looking to put them in chat with friends.
  3. It is not on. I don't have a 10 key keyboard.
  4. I have been trying to figuring out why when I hit Alt+3 the heart symbol doesn't show up. None of the Alt+ symbols show up in my chat. Anyone have any suggestions?
  5. @Fritigern Gothly Can I have more than one account? I also notice that there is some personal info asked for contact and ID verification. Is that normal?
  6. Yes it just it just sends me here.
  7. Can I have two SL accounts? Also, when trying to but Linden dollars I keep getting this message. I am not trying to exchange money but I am trying to buy lindens. We are unable to complete your request. You can't exchange currency. Please click here for more information.
  8. It is always set from behind.
  9. @Bree Giffen I'll start there because I have a few HUDS on, so thank you.
  10. I noticed when I have my Tuty's AO Sexy Walk on and I am walking my avatar looked like she was waking sideways. I also notice when it is not on and she walks she tends to looking she's sliding forward and not walking. How can I check these odd glitches?
  11. @Rowan Amore I am sorry to keep coming back to this question; however, I am still lost on how to wear the copied shape. This is what you said: When you're ready to try a new body, open that body folder and wear the copied shape you put in there then continue building the body, editing to your liking. This is especially important when trying new heads as each head looks entirely different depending on your shape.
  12. @Rowan AmoreI'm not sure if this is a new topic. If I build a new avatar how do I save the one I have? Just the way I would above? Save the or copy the body and then start new? I see people building new Avis but what do you do with other ones you built and I like?
  13. @Rowan Amore I made a copy of my current shape and put it in the folder like you suggested. My next question is do I open that shape and then start trying on the demo as instructed from the Maitreya website? I feel like I'll have to different Avatars open in my house. The copy and then a current one? Does that makes sense the way I am wording this? I feel so silly sometimes trying to figure all of this out especially as someone who isn't usually very nervous around technology. Sometimes I feel very "old" in SL trying to learn all this new stuff. I appreciate the community and all the help and
  14. I have on a hideous skin and cannot double click to take it off. I need this skin off my avatar, it is horrible. I am working with Firestorm when I put it on. Any help would so be appreciated. Thank you, thank you.
  15. @Rowan Amore How do I make a copy of my shape? Are you saying to wear the copy shape when trying on the demo? See this is why the demos and mesh bodies should come with directions.
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