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  1. NanR

    Mobile app

    1. When will the mobile app be available by LL ? 2. Why is the secondlife.com website not showing who is online inworld? It shows that everyone is offline.
  2. is there a link to the newest linden homes?
  3. NanR

    Click the BOM button

    Lindal Kidd !!! YES !! YES !! Thank youuuuu !!!!! You fixed it !! My problem was wearing two bodies, the 4.1 and 5.1 together. YOU fixed my problem. Thank you sooooo much !!!!
  4. NanR

    Click the BOM button

    Got the 5.1 update yesterday. no difference. but the weird thing is 5.1 works perfectly on my alt with no problems at all. when I compared the two, nothing seemed different. Am I supposed to wear the 4.1 AND 5.1 ?
  5. NanR

    Click the BOM button

    BUT....... I'm still wearing the 4.1. Does that make a difference?
  6. NanR

    Click the BOM button

    ok... I removed the 5.1 hud and body and relogged. nothing changed. I still have to click the bom button in order NOT to be sparkly and colored. Maybe I'm stuck with this
  7. NanR

    Click the BOM button

    ExEden do you mean detach the alpha ? not sure what you mean by body.
  8. NanR

    Click the BOM button

    but this still doesn't answer my question..... I don't think
  9. NanR

    Click the BOM button

    I thought the NC said to wear them. I'm also still wearing the 4.1 maitreya alpha.
  10. NanR

    Click the BOM button

    hello everyone who answered my question............ I've tried everything you said and nothing is working. I still have to click the BoM button on the 5.1 maitreya hud every time I log in or I'm all sparkly. I updated maitreya from 5.0.1 to 5.1 Layers -- https://gyazo.com/18602bf5bd0b521a7c297b169e140151 I'm sure the solution is something simple but I seem to be missing it. Please help
  11. NanR

    Click the BOM button

    hello I have a recently updated maitreya 5.0.2 avi that has BOM but why do I have to click the BOM button on the hud to bake every time I login?
  12. Where can I find scripts to use for m@king flexi h@ir?
  13. Do the items I'm selling need to be my inventory?
  14. Where @nd how to find items to sell on mp @nd is it best to h@ve @ store or sell individu@l items on mp ?
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