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  1. Where can I find scripts to use for m@king flexi h@ir?
  2. Do the items I'm selling need to be my inventory?
  3. Where @nd how to find items to sell on mp @nd is it best to h@ve @ store or sell individu@l items on mp ?
  4. Thank you so much !! my problem was solved in 30 min thanks to you :-))
  5. how can I report someone hacking my account and stealing my lindens?
  6. oh I've tried for many days to change it. nothing works.
  7. My profile biography in firestorm will not update after making changes. Please help.
  8. I'm trying to learn how to make flexi hair but have no clue where to start. Do most people use software? Please point me in the right direction to make flexi hair. Thank you 🙂
  9. why are my photos not uploading to my profile with firestorm? It says " You have 14 snapshots being processed. "
  10. Also my cursor seems to move to a certain place after clicking something. not sure if that means anything
  11. None of that worked. I removed everything that was recommended and my camera controls are still not working. is there anything else to try?
  12. why won't my camera controls work? I only see from the back of my avi with no front view. the camera controls are not working. Please help. I've already cleared the cache and reinstalled firestorm but none of that helped.
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