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  1. I was so happy when I saw it work. But unfortunately it doesn't work again. Doesn't Linden understand that this function is very important for us creators? It doesn't make sense to put new things on MP if people can't even find them after a short time. It's sad that Linden doesn't care about such important things! It's about the economy of SL, Linden should also be interested in that.
  2. ok thanks for the quick answer .... then I put nothing on MP until that is fixed
  3. Hello For about a week I have unfortunately been observing that new products on MP, no matter how often they are sold, are stuck in the relevance sorting. I also put a "test" product to test and often had it bought. But it looks like products, no matter how often they are bought, are not ranked first in the listing. I also noticed that if you subsequently change the description of your product, it will not be adopted by MP. Now I am wondering whether this is the only problem I have, or whether other creators have also noticed this annoying problem. As long as this problem has not been res
  4. Hallo Seit ca. einer Woche beobachte ich leider, das neu eingestellte Produkte auf MP egal wie oft sie verkauft werden, in der Relevanzsortierung festhängen. Zum testen habe ich auch ein "Test" Produkt eingestellt und es oft kaufen lassen. Aber es sieht so aus als würden Produkte egal wie oft sie gekauft werden in der Auflistung nicht nach vorne gereiht werden. Ausserdem ist mir aufgefallen das wenn man nachträglich die Beschreibung seines Produktes ändert, es von MP nicht übernommen wird. Nun frage ich mich ob nur ich dieses Problem habe, oder ob auch anderen Erstellern diese ärgerlichen
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