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  1. No, they wouldn't, because what I'm trying to learn more about is features. Obviously, appearance is important, but I can only learn about features by reading or by the laborious and time-consuming process of trying demos.
  2. Although not presented as I'd visualized, that doe have the kind of information I wanted.
  3. Is there anyplace I can see a comparison of mesh body features? I'm thinking of a table with a column for each body and a line for each feature.
  4. That is the main reason I use a breast deformer. The V Bento does an excellent job of correcting the isssue.
  5. I use the breast deformer that is included with The V Bento, and I am extremely pleased with it. I am also very pleased with the appearance of the genitals. I highly recommend the product, which just keep getting better.
  6. Surely, the Lindens could easily enough devise algorithms to detect such behavior and ban all the accounts involved, and ban anyone using the same RL ID information from ever cashing out again.
  7. Don’t stop. I’m happy to be reminded.
  8. It seems to me that the problem could be easily solved by restricting cashing out to a special type of account. Such accounts would have to meet additional requirements. At a minimum, they would have to provide verifiable RL identification and be a premium account. I think those requirements alone would be enough to eliminate gaming of systems intended to give new residents small amounts of money.
  9. I hope this is the right place to post this. Today, I needed to look at some of the information in Help/About in Firestorm, and I noticed the credits tabs at the top for the first time. I opened the "Linden Lab Credits" tab and was idly scrolling down when my own name jumped out at me. I was really surprised to see it there, as I am certainly not a programmer and have never contributed, and could never contribute, any code. It was on the list in the LL viewer, too. The only things that I've done that I can think of that might possibly have gotten my name on the list are to report a few bugs and make a few feature requests over the years. I guess it must count as contributing to development to report a bug that gets fixed or request a feature that gets implemented. Can anyone shed any light on this? I must say that it did feel good to see that I was on that list.
  10. Layla's if my favorite store. The clothes usually fit very well, and the strip sequences are well-designed. They are a bit on the expensive side. However, there are nice group gifts and group specials.
  11. Isn't it amazing how creative creators can be about finding ways to pi$$ shoppers off so they don't buy their wares?
  12. Thank you so much for the correction, Coby.
  13. I wear Dura flexi hair at least 75% of the time; I'm wearing it in my forum photo. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Olivias/125/149/23
  14. That's a pretty big drawback, in addition to having to fool with Omega, since one of the big pluses of BOM is that you can have alpha masks that cover exactly what they need to. Wouldn't a skin applier for the tattoo layer work?
  15. I am probably the least knowledgeable person to post a response, but I do have a couple of comments that I think are pertinent. I have no experience with female bodies other than Maitreya, and I am very satisfied with mine. I am not well-informed about the feature sets of other bodies. I do have a male alt that has a Slink body, and from experience with it know of one deficiency in Slink that I consider major---you can't wear applier layers and BOM/system layers at the same time. There are two different versions, one that supports applier layers and another "Redux" version that supports BOM. I have many items as appliers that I don't have BOM/system versions of, and I have BOM items that I don't have appliers for. I want to use both. Another advantage of the Maitreya layers is that wearing asymmetrical arm tattoos is a piece of cake---you just wear two layers with opposite arms hidden. I find it very helpful to be able to use alpha cuts and alpha masks at the same time, as I have many autohiders and many alpha masks; they each have advantages and disadvantages compared with the other. I don't know if other bodies have automatic foot-positioner scripts available like Maitreya does. It is a feature that I really like and constantly use. From what I've read, I would expect that the Petite Maitreya add-on would allow one to have small boobs with a pleasing shape. Breast deformers are an option, too, if needed. I don't have the Petite add-on, so I didn't try it, but I was able to achieve a reasonably satisfactory result, I thought, just using shape sliders and the breast deformer I almost always wear. The result is shown below. In the pictures I am wearing five Maitreya (applier) clothing layers and nine BOM layers. Finally, the amount of work goes up exponentially when you try to closely reproduce a particular face. You not only need to try a lot more demos a lot more thoroughly, but you'll likely spend many hours tweaking shape sliders. If you can be satisfied with a face that is only similar but not the same, your work will be very, very much less. Can you get close enough by picking a head that looks similar to what you want with the shape that comes with it and tweaking the sliders a little?
  16. You might try something like this: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Botched-Height-Deformer-Kit/21742345
  17. I hope this is the right place to post this. I had a no-copy object created by someone else in my inventory. I was on group-owned land owned by a group of which I am a co-owner. The parcel settings allow anyone to rez objects there. The parcel is nowhere near capacity. I attempted to rez the object by dragging it from my inventory to the ground. It did not rez, and an error message was displayed saying to owner of the land didn't allow rezzing objects. The object was no longer anywhere in my inventory, nor was I able to find it inworld with area search. It apparently had disappeared. SL was not displaying any unusual behavior at the time. What happened? How can I avoid it in the future?
  18. I have had some fun with semi-transparent colored tattoo layers worn over a normal skin. They are easy to make. Would they serve your purpose?
  19. What is a "custom last name," and how does one get one?
  20. I hope that, if you find out the answer to your question,you will share it with us.
  21. I would logon with Firestorm from a different computer. If you don't have the problem then, it is something local, and deleting all Firestorm files and rebuilding then should fix it. If you still have it, it's something on the server, and either LL or the FS team, or both, will have to address it, if it is to be resolved. I have had a few empty outfit folders, but I found them immediately after I had moved them around between folders, and I thought it had something to do with that.
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