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  1. well I have been checking the website to see if there have beeen any changes... and today, I found I had an option to "delete and update credit card info".... so , I proceeded with caution and found that it worked... so let's hope LL have listened and put it right. It then permitted me to purchase some L$ in the viewer, in world.. and I know my old card had expired so it would seem to have updated the info pretty quick. HOOOOOOOO.
  2. really, why must we go through all this hassle just to give LL money? I really don't feel like entrusting them with my card info any more, since nothing seems to work properly. How do I know they won't mess it up? They ought to make financial transactions as smooth and efficient as they possibIy can, if they expect us to pay for stuff. I feel very insecure about the whole thing.. would you continue to want to use a credit card in a real life store, if there were major problems preventing you from making the payment? I think not. My gut feeling now is, unless they fix this pretty **bleep*
  3. Does LL have any interest in people at all?
  4. well the rental on my current land runs out in 4 days and there doesnt seem to be any way I can solve this, well done lindens for effectively preventing people from buying your service !! Many thanks to all who took the time to read this and post replies. I guess I will be spending more time on world of warcraft.
  5. i have tried this on the website already. I figured maybe i need to tell it I want to upgrade before i can eneter the new card.. so I clicked upgrade to premium and got a little orange box that had 2 options, one was to use existing card, one was "new payment method." so I hit "new payment method"... and absolutely NOTHING happened.
  6. I am in the UK, and yes I do already have a credit card set for payment, but I need to change it to a new one. My card expired. I am not impressed with any of this. Third party processor? How do I know who they are or if they can be trusted? and why does nothing on the website function properly? and why is there nothing on there to inform me whats going on or what I need to do? Dont they want British residents? isnt our money good enough? if anyone knows of a British equivalent of sl that actually works properly, please post it...
  7. I have been trying for several days to add a new credit card to my account, so that I can upgrade to premium membership and buy some land. You'd think the creators of SL would be happy to have my monies. But i find i cannot even bring up the relevant form to do this. There is no "update billing info button." Any link I click on to change my card details does not work. All I get is errors on page. Attempting to submit a ticket has also failed because when i try to get the form for that, it says service is unavailable. So what the hell is going on? Does anyone else have this problem? I
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