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  1. I wanted to make some transparent signs with numbers. It occurred to me that I could put all the numbers on one 1024 x 1024 texture and display a small part of it on each sign instead of uploading a separate texture each sign. However, I wondered if displaying parts of a larger texture consumes more resources from the server or viewer than using smaller textures. Or maybe less because only one texture is involved? Here's the texture I used:
  2. Thanks for the helpful answers. Perhaps I should have given more detail. I am interested in teleporting members of a group between points in two adjacent regions. If the teleporter does not exclude non-group members, I can still use it.
  3. I have been looking for a teleporter that can teleport avatars between points in two adjacent regions, but have not found one. Do they exist? Could they exist?
  4. I want to construct a building on two contiguous parcels owned by my land group. The parcels are in different regions. The layout of the building is such that objects within it would be wholly in one or the other region, and region crossings by users would be infrequent. Should I expect any problems because the building crosses the region boundary?
  5. I want to make a semi-transparent prim---think stained-glass window. It occurred to me that there are two ways to do it. One it to upload a semi-transparent texture, which I might have to do repeatedly to get just the appearance I want. the other is to upload an opaque texture and use the transparency adjustment in the prim editor to make it semi-transparent, which would be easier and quicker to get exactly right. Would there be any difference in the result from the two methods?
  6. I have long thought that private estates were always separated from mainland and from each other by uncrossable (except by teleportation) empty space. I recently stumbled upon a rather large private estate that is contiguous with multiple Linden water sims that are contiguous with mainland, so that one can fly or sail between it and mainland. Can someone explain what the rules/policies are regarding private estates being located where there is direct access to Linden water and/or land via which there is direct access to mainland?
  7. The only maps of which I am aware show no geographic names other than region names. I am interested in finding one that has names of geographic features, like continents, bodies of water, roads, etc. Is there one? Where?
  8. Just curious. I thought BOM and layers were mutually exclusive for Slink bodies, with Redux bodies that have no layers being necessary for BOM. Is that incorrect? BTW, asymmetric arm tattoos are easy with Maitreya. You just wear two tattoo layers with opposite arms hidden.
  9. Thanks to all who answered for the helpful and interesting information.
  10. I was interested in learning more about how to achieve the results I want with textures while minimizing loads on the system. I made 8 x 8 black and white checkerboard texture. I made two versions, one 1024x1024 and the other 8x8. I uploaded them and applied them to two boxes expecting that the boxes would look the same. They didn't. The checkerboard pattern was sharp and well-defined on the box with the higher-rez texture and was blurry on the box with the low-rez texture. Why?
  11. It is often very difficult, frustrating, and time-consuming when I try to identify the source of unwanted light. Are there tricks or tools that can make it easier?
  12. I have read in sources that I thought were reliable that non-contiguous parcels cannot be joined. That is not true. I own mainland that is bisected by a Linden road. I was able to join parcels that are on opposite sides of the road with no problem at all. I'm just sharing what I consider to be useful knowledge.
  13. Think of an SL name change as the equivalent of a RL name change, not the equivalent of a RL witness protection program. When you legally change your RL name, there is a public record of the change, and anyone who is interested can look it up. In various places, like licenses, government records, etc., the name on the account changes, but it's the same account with the same history, including the history of previously having a different name.
  14. I, of course, have no relevant knowledge, but I would have thought, considering how large SL is, that the market would be much larger.
  15. WOW!!! THANKS!!! It should do exactly what I need. The lack of bells and whistles isn't much of a problem for me. I am more than happy to look up one UUID when it saves me having to add a name to 15 or so separate ban lists. As for limited times, whitelists, etc., I don't need them. I seldom ban anyone, and when I do, it's because they did something bad enough that I never want them around again. Nevertheless, it's tedious to have to add the same name to multiple lists. I'm sorry I just saw the responses today; I did not receive notices that there were any and only found out by looking at the forum.
  16. The entire Kayaboshi sim, except for the Linden road that runs through the middle of it, is for sale. It is a single parcel. Haw can noncontiguous land be in a parcel?
  17. For several years, I have been looking unsuccessfully for a scripted object, or a set of them that work together, that would enable me to add names to the ban lists of multiple parcels in the same mainland sim without having to make the change manually for each parcel. It would be a bonus if it could remove names from the ban lists and add names to and remove them from the access lists. I think that there are many others who would pay for such a product. I would gladly pay L$2,000 for it. I think that there is a business opportunity for a scriptor to make and sell it. I communicated my desire for such a product to a scriptor who whose wares indicated to me that they had the skills to make it. I considered myself to be calling their attention to a business opportunity. My motive was to get them to make and sell the item so that it would be available for me to buy. I thought that, if they were generous and they did produce it, they might even give me a copy for suggesting the idea, but I didn't really expect that or ask for it. They interpreted what I said as a request for custom work. They said that they could produce what I wanted and the price would be L$50,000. I replied that for that price, I would want full, unlimited, exclusive rights to the product. They declined to accept those terms. Is it usual for a scriptor to charge someone such a large price for producing something and still retain full rights to it? It seems to me that if it is a product for which there is a market, it isn't reasonable to charge the first buyer such a high price and still expect to sell many copies to others, undoubtedly for a lower price. Can people who know what is customary comment?
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