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  1. My main logs on to SL fine but now for some reason my alt doesn't anymore. I just keep getting "Cannot connect to a simulator. Please try again later." all the time. Does anyone know why this could be? Thanks.
  2. I'm renting a 256x256 sim with 5000 prims and my friend Buns Velkan can't TP to my land. It says the destination doesn't exist whenever she uses my landmark or I offer her a TP. Other people can TP there fine, including me of course. Does anyone know what might be causing this? Thanks.
  3. Just like when you press Esc and the camera returns to the default rear view, is there a way I could map Alt-F to the default front view? I'm not sure what to add to the keys.xml file. Thanks for any help with this.
  4. About a fortnight ago I put 4 items in my cart on the marketplace but when I checked out only 2 of them were purchased and the other 2 disappeared. From then on my cart always starts at -2 instead of 0 and the same thing happens every time now. If I buy 5 items I get 3, if I buy 3 I get 1, etc. So at the moment I have to buy each item individually to avoid using my cart. Is there anyway of resetting it back to zero? It's at -2 every time I sign in. :(
  5. Thanks. I was using the SL viewer but I've since switched to Firestorm aswell.
  6. Oh thanks. I didn't know they existed. I looked at your link to that free one and also did a search for "camera control HUD". On one I looked at it said how to change the default camera settings in the viewer's debug settings, so I tried that and it was quite easy really. I got this HUD aswell though which is good: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CameraWorks-HUD/3900196 These are the rear, front and side views I use now: I prefer the rear view at head height like this because the avatar doesn't obscure the view and it looks more realistic to me. Thanks again.
  7. Hi folks. Firstly I'd like to know if there's a keyboard shortcut to easily switch to the front view and then switch back to the rear view by pressing Escape of course. Mainly though is there a way to keep the camera view position and rotation (either fixed to the world or fixed to your avatar) when you're walking etc. without the view automatically reverting back to either the rear, front or side view as soon as you move? I hope I've explained it properly. Thanks.
  8. I rezzed and then tried to delete a poseball which was from my objects folder, then after relogging my objects folder was empty but so was my calling cards folder. I'd not added or deleted any friends during my last session so it had nothing to do with anything I'd done. I'll be very surprised if this maintenance ends up clearing us all out. I'm 90% sure it'll all reappear.
  9. Not sure what's going on but I rezzed a poseball then tried to delete it and it wouldn't because a message appeared saying there was an inventory fault. So I logged off, cleared my cache and logged on again but then I noticed all the items in my objects folder had disappeared including my poseballs. So I logged off and on again then all my calling cards had disappeared aswell. It seems like my inventory is slowly emptying itself before my eyes. I'm just hoping this is something to do with the unscheduled maintenance going on right now, although it doesn't say it affects inventories in the grid status. Anyone else had this problem?
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