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  1. For some time, I have had a concept in mind of software that could make it much easier to manage inventory. Many of us have large inventories that are very laborious and inefficient to manage with only the tools we have inworld. I think it would be possible for someone with the right skillset to write a program that could make it much easier. I would pay a significant amount for such software, and I think many others would. What I have in mind is an app that would run on a computer, and would connect to the SL servers the same way a viewer does, and would look to the server like a viewer. It would download all information about items in inventory that is accessible to viewers, i.e., all data that can be displayed by opening properties for each item. It would have a spreadsheet-like user interface, and would have powerful tools for both accessing information and manipulating it. For example, filters and boolean search using any properties, the ability to find folders based on combinations of contents, such as "Item 1 AND Item 2", etc. It would allow batch operations, such as renaming all folders or items that have names containing specified strings, and conditional operations, such as deleting all links to an item from Outfit folders that contain links to (an)other specified item(s). I'm sure that many more useful functions that would be possible. After a user had made changes in the inventory data offline, the app would be able to connect to the SL servers and apply the changes to the inventory.
  2. Sounds like a business opportunity to me for somebody, maybe you.
  3. I read the whole thread and didn't see what I consider the crucial issue addressed. It is, did the creator, having been given a year's notice that user name changes were coming, warn the owners of his products that, if they changed their names, the products would break, and that he would not replace them? If he didn't, that the products broke when customers used a new feature of SL that he hadn't warned them would break his products is on him, and it is on him to make them whole. If he did, it is on the customers that they chose to use a new feature that they had been warned would break the products, and he has no obligation to fix anything.
  4. Sounds good to me. Where can I buy one that does that?
  5. The contest boards that I know about display user names. That isn't very satisfactory because the board my list someone I know as Johnny Appleseed as gig50893, and I have to look up who that is, if I want to know. Scripts can access and display display names. Surely someone makes a contest board that does that, but I've been unable to find one. Any suggestions?
  6. So, why can't we have it all? I'm willing to invest whatever is necessary to have a better SL experience. All that I am lacking is the willingness and ability of LL to provide it. I have a fiber connection to the internet and a very capable computer. Neither of those upgrades made a bit of difference in SL's performance because the limitation wasn't on my end. The limitation is on LL's end. Why won't LL, for a fee, provide better performance? I am so effing tired of logging on and waiting, and waiting some more, for textures to rez.I am tired of so much more poor performance. I know this stuff is complicated and that a simpleminded person like me probably can't understand, but why can't LL give me better performance when I would gladly pay more for it?
  7. My diet is completely sustainable as, like many other avatars, I don't eat.
  8. The problem with relying on display names is that user names are so visible. It seems that scripted objects that send messages about avatars always use user names. I like to show only display names because it seems to me that people should be known by the name they prefer. I often find myself looking up to see which person that I know by a display name is the one that a scripted object just referred to as elfie5678, or some such. Can scripts access display names? If so, why don't they use them? If not, why not?
  9. I did not question their right to do it. I asked how they can do it.
  10. What is wrong with you, to be so gratuitously offensive?
  11. I have been wondering about this since last names again became available. LL makes a small number of names available for a limited time, periodically replacing them, never to make them available again. It's reasonable to assume that more choices would make paying to get a new last name more attractive to more people, making SL a little more attractive to users and giving LL a little more income. Why not make the whole pool of last names, including all that have ever been used and all that are on the list to be used in the future, available continuously, with only the limitation that first-name-last-name combinations that had already been assigned would not be available? This would be particularly attractive to people who want to share the same last name because of their relationships. It seems to me that such an expansion of choices for last names would have no downside. What am I overlooking?
  12. So what is this all about? I thought, when I read that page and associated pages, which include discussion of integrating Google Translation into apps, that it would still be possible for a viewer, which is an app, to use it, but I guess not. It even says there, "Find out how Hyperconnect is leveraging Translation API to break down language barriers in video chats." Seems like, if it could work for video chat, it could work for text chat in a viewer. However, I certainly have nowhere near Rolig's level of understanding.
  13. For a few years, I used the Google translator in Firestorm. It never cost over a few dollars per month, usually less than $2.00. I considered it to be well worth the cost. Some time ago, Google changed their interface and nomenclature, and I can't figure out where to find the code that I need to paste into Firestorm to make it work. I really wish I could find step-by-step instructions, but I have not been able to.
  14. It's not my "business," and I have no right to demand an explanation from anyone, so I haven't and wouldn't. That said, I am curious, as I have every right to be, and I wondered what other forumites thought, so I asked, as I have every right to. During my first year in SL, it was an impartant goal to "support myself" by earning enough to pay all my expenses. I did "loan" my avatar $20 to get her started so that she could have a decent appearance soon. At the end of the year, I cashed out $23, having achieved my goal of having a self-supporting avatar. Back then, earning money was easier for avatars without specialized skills, and first-rate avatar components and accessories were a lot less expensive. Now, it's harder for all but people with real skills to earn money inworld, and it takes a lot more to fit out an avatar well.
  15. I frequently see nice avatars with expensive components, e.g., Maitreya or Slink bodies, Catwa or Lelutka heads, Truth hair, Aadams clothing, etc., that have no payment information on file. How do they do it? Are they alts? Sugarbabies? Something else?
  16. I guess "adult" doesn't mean what I thought it did. I wonder what it means.
  17. Would that be permissible in the General Discussion Adult Forum?
  18. My experience is that some clothing designers' clothes simply fit better than others'. I get tired of trying demos all the time, so I tend to keep buying clothes from the stores whose clothes I have found to fit well. No designer's clothes always fit perfectly, but some achieve a very good fit almost all the time. And, of course, for sheer clothing to look acceptable, the fir has to be nearly perfect. I suggest that in the example in the original post that a butt deformer might help. I have found a breat deformer to be quiter helpful for similar issues, so much so that even with opaque clothing, I often use it instead of using alpha masks or alpha cuts. I have a prim that says "Adjust Breast Deformer" on it that I attach to a HUD attachment point that I add to outfits to remind me.
  19. I can't answer your question, but I can tell you how to accomplish your objective with a Maitreya body. Use a tattoo layer, and apply your texture to it. Use the controls on the Layers tab of the HUD to hide one arm of the layer.
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