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  1. DJs are required by nearly every club in SL to do voice overs. A DJ that doesn't voice over is no better then a radio. Even all RL DJs voice over because it adds to the interaction between DJ and the guests at said club.
  2. You are more then welcome to come and fill out an application. All of our positions are done mainly through text with DJ being only one that needs to do voice during their sets.
  3. Yes it is allowed. We will need you to come to the club and fill out a DJ application for us.
  4. Wicked Sensations Looking for a fun relaxed place to work? We are currently hiring all positions below. DJ’s keep 100% tips Host’s keep 100% tips Dancers keep 90% tips (yes you can strip) Bartender’s keep 100% tips. This is a brand new club which will be opening on April 13, 2021. All genres of music allowed except gangster rap and any racially or highly offensive songs. The club has a naughty playground in the bottom floor where guests are allowed to use any of the furniture to their liking. All Applications are on board at the club just click
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