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  1. Just so I am sure, the items are transfer still? It is exactly 1 vendor there that is of interest. And since my alts can get dusted off and go to work, I will test this system as long as it is transfer. It helps that this particular vendor has 50 L per pull for items that can be used all year, not stuff like a cup of cocoa. This HUD that is personal actually makes it easier for me to get what I want, as long as I whip my alts into service.
  2. Linden starter avatars is not all the same. You have the mesh starter avatars. You will see that their faces look like "flesh-colored plastic". Those caused massive complaints since they could not be customized. You can not buy other skins, shoes and clothes for them. Then it is the classic starter avatars that work same as the avatars you are familiar with. They have clothes you can take on and off, prettier skin that can be changed and they fit all that is labeled "classic". I am not sure what you are wearing since you don't tell the name. For 2 years ago, almost all mesh brands of heads and bodies was well established and known. So you were maybe not interested back then. Complexity is not only the mesh body and head. The accessories from old has insanely high complexity. It is not uncommon to find hairs that increase the complexity with 100 000. Or sunglasses and watches. An example where my total complexity is 87 394. And that is not particular high. My mesh body is only 5450 and my head+eyes+teeth is 6122 together. But only one bracelet (bought 2013) has higher complexity than all the rest together. Remove the bracelet with complexity 51 364 and my total is 36 030. I can also replace it with a new, modern bracelet with lower complexity and be around 40 000.
  3. I wrote a long and detailed reply, where I argued on half a page, but I deleted it. I consider myself done. It is not that you do it wrong or that I do it right, we just do it two different ways.
  4. The creator can have packed the wrong hairbase in the vendor, or messed up with names. That is the only option if you are 110% sure you wear both Evo X skin and hairbase. Take a look at the hairbase again. Does the folder have 2 versions? One Evo and one EvoX? You could tell where it is from, I am sure someone can test a demo. PS: You tested a demo before you bought it? It is a reason why we always say demo, demo, demo.
  5. True, but my philosophy is: If someone already made it and gives it out for free, save time and use it instead.
  6. I'm crossposting from the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge again. I like how this one turned out.
  7. I have these that can replace all your shoe bases with white texture: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Lunis-Hidden-Hover-Shoes/19623451 I think I will get another set, with extreme shoe heights. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/HC-Shoe-Bases/21281072 If I remember to put one of these in my outfits, the feet heigh (Maitreya) (Feet auto-select) changes automatic. But I almost newer use an outfit twice, so I usually don't bother. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Maitreya-Mesh-Body-Feet-Auto-Select-V5-Attachments/19507806
  8. Thank you so much for posting this. I had seen it in Seraphim, but I though every single item was priced to 25 L. Some sellers do just that... And I managed to get the set just now! And it is so low Li. Especially the Step ladder that comes filled with pots and plants, all for just 3 Li. And the hanging herbs only 2 Li, the rest is 1 Li I think. And the pots and oils is grouped in several ones, so it is also Li saving.
  9. Same for you... I get that you want dark and mysterious images, but a bit more light, to see you better?
  10. Men in glasses are so sexy, but I can barely see you... so a bit lighter image next time?
  11. I was fast with this one, because I was wearing the outfit and hair. I only had to change color in the jumpsuit and shoes.
  12. I have not seen many of the new machines. I hope they turn out to be unpopular, because I think they are worse than the old Gacha. Worse for the customer.
  13. You are pretty! 😍 The hair gives that weird alpha clash where it makes the bathing suit transparent around the strands. It is a shame that creators do not take care when they upload textures with alpha channels in clothes, or set the texture to alpha masking. Because that combo of hair, pose and bathing suit is 100% perfect. More than 100%. I am wildly envious!
  14. Are you using BoM eyes or applier eyes? If you use an applier (and the eyes in the HUD are appliers) you must use an eye alpha. It could be that the default eyes poke through.
  15. But my default head was the fake one, now I am as I wanted to be . 💖
  16. I second this. You need to go to the inworld stores, since Belleza, Signature and Lelutka does not have their items on the Marketplace. A quick search with "Belleza Jake" and then "Signature Gianni" returned numbers so close that you can demo and buy the body you like best, without thinking about finding skins, clothes and tattoos for it. As for heads, Lelutka Evo X heads are "in" now. It is lots of new contents made for it. If you follow the weekend sales, like Happy Weekend and The Manly Weekend, you will see that all clothes comes in both Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake sizes. This is a great way to save money. I must say that the Happy Weekend sale does not have a lot of male items, but what they have looks good. And almost all the time it is beards, brows and other items like facial scars for Lelutka Evo X. Sometimes even a head skin for 50 or 60 L. With separate heads and bodies, you will have to buy a body skin too. It gives you the best possible match when you buy it in the same store. I can link you to the last Manly Weekend offer here: https://manlysl.com/manly-weekend/ But Facebook is acting up and I can't link to the Happy Weekend gallery there. If you look up Seraphimsl.com at Fridays and Saturdays, they link to all the weekend sales.
  17. If the centaur part is not rigged, it would clip through the human torso when it moves. It is like the belly piercings and sculpted clothes we had before rigging. Unrigged stuff can be tweaked to a perfect fit on a pose stand. Move, and it goes all whack. Even if the horse and armor is mod, rigged parts can not be moved. Personally, I would live with the human placed a bit too high, instead of an unrigged horse body that goes all out of position.
  18. Are we supposed to be so critical? I have not bothered to read the "women post" thread because I thought it is a thread to fish for compliments. Are the guys in that thread so picky to women? I mean, I would be scary to post here now if I were a dude. Saying teeth is missing is ok if the man does not know he's wearing them, but the thisg missing from the first pic is just... 😒
  19. it looks like double eyes also. Are you wearing an eye alpha, so you hide the system eyes?
  20. My government decided that all snuff boxes must now have the same design, white text on dark olive green. They thought they had found the "ugliest color", Pantone 448C. The result? Designers loved it. 😲 "- I just discussed this with colleagues and some master's students in their 20s. They would rather prefer these new boxes to put on the restaurant table. The boxes are stylish and refined, with a color that is popular in the fashion scene. " 😞 https://www.nrk.no/osloogviken/_stygge_-snusbokser-far-design-skryt-1.14026524
  21. I ended up with a dress in dark gold and a crown in copper. All items I found in my inventory that was named Bronze was too dark. SL creators and Pantone does not always agree.
  22. His old TMP body does not work anymore and it is no new rigged mesh for it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scenario 1: He may not have "lost" what he bought, but to access it he must buy the new Legacy. It is a high cost. Pay 5500 to get your TMP content back. Meshbody/Legacy keep the TMP content locked away unless the customer buy a new, very expensive body. Scenario 2: If he get the 1 L meshbody free version, and the content is there, he has the old stuff, but it is not made new rigged mesh for this body. That is not a very good solution.
  23. Have you tried to change the head to "Classic"? Then you can wear skins with the SL template (EVO).
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