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  1. I have several of these, because they were a gacha. I am happy to see them as mod/copy. The projector light is still one of my favorites after so many years, and I have been so careful with it, since I had only one. 😃
  2. The White low shadow EEP from this pack: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DDD-Utility-EEP-Pack/22669801 But I did also postprocess by duplicating the same image twice, with overlay 50% (sharper) and screen 40% that makes it lighter, then flatten the image. (Krita) And also the white matte edge. (Ribbet)
  3. A lot of interior images. I used mostly Nutmeg, and I had to delete texture cache and relog a few times to get all the textures. Damn you, Nutmeg! 😪 I really should not use the furniture from them, but I am so weak. 😉
  4. The "vacation" place. I rent these 450 prims in Iris. Maybe the best Mainland region, minimal ugliness. The 2 images that show the house from a distance has 160 m and 200 m draw distance. I seldom use a higher DD, it is too many textures to load.
  5. If you have Maya's furniture, they have the animations in a single tiny prim. Just detach it, and move it in place with the other chair, and link it. The prim with animations must be the root prim. I found this to be the fastest way to add animations. I have done this before, so I can get animations in the Roost kitchen. I also put a Maya chair prim in another chair, because Maya gives so many props. Disclaimer: I have not bought the latest Maya furniture, but I have found single prims with animations in what I have bought.
  6. All these heads are updated to EvoX, but they can still be used as Evo by clicking a tab on the "Skin" page, just under the image. (NB you can not mix Evo and EvoX products on layers. Appliers for HD materials on eyemakeup and lips can be mixed. So if you have the head set to Evo, you can not buy any BoM products for EvoX, and vice versa.)
  7. Europe (EU) and Australia has to pay taxes. But! LL say it clearly: Monthly and quarterly, pay up VAT. But not for annually. Maybe LL cover it for us, so they don't loose long term customers. https://secondlife.com/corporate/vat I have grown to need more than 1024 m because I need the Li! And on tier, I have to pay VAT. I found the cost of several Premium accounts too much, VAT or not. I have one Premium now, and I rent Mainland, because it is so cheap. I picked up a place in Iris, maybe the prettiest region on Mainland, 450 L for 450 Li. I am using it as a "vacation place" and when I am tired of it, I pack up and leave. No need to pay for land, no need to pay for several Premium alts. If LL decide to give Premium more land and Li, I may invest in more Premiums. But 1024 is simply not enough for me to spend the Premium on.
  8. I tend to steer away from stores that has a nice set of furniture in a Friday, Saturday or Weekend sale... but the items were individually priced and the total cost is 200-300 L. No such "offers" here. 👍 I will not name names, but I saw a set in a store. Every tiny object was priced. The books, the small flowerpot on top of the books, the larger pot next to it, the lamp, the picture over, the desk and the chair....... Some other stores have 2-3 items priced single, but in that store, I think it would cost 350-400 L. I left without buying. (I think it even had a lamp individually priced. It made an impression on me!)
  9. It was some great offers this Friday. But haha, it is always foodstuff. I bet it is also cakes, ice cream, pies and soups in the other weekend offers. And in every event. If my avatar could gain weight, I would be in trouble! 😱
  10. I saw an image here on the forum, was it an art community? Where they had sold a parcel. The new owner set up banlines. Ugly and totally against the community idea. Plus they can totally ruin everything the community has worked to create in how it looks. If they have to sell some land - why not the ones on the border, not in the middle? They can minimize the destruction then.
  11. I'm having surgery tomorrow. Maybe I had time to do a color this evening if I started early, but I rented a new place and set up a house and other items instead. I wish my laptop took better pictures, but it is as it is. So I am having to wait until I can sit by my stationary. I guess I can log in and look for clothes for the color challenges.
  12. It is so pretty with patterns, I wish I had found more for my pictures. I am so focused on colors that I look at monochrome colors and forget to look close at patterns. I often find clothes for colors we have done already and think... I should have used this, if I had known it fits that old color so well. And if I had found it! 😆
  13. I went to the Raindale outlet to buy the swing @Malayaa Morningstarposted about, and found this fireplace in 2 versions for 125 L. I thought about the fantasy houses when I saw it. It is 5 Li for the fireplace and it comes with a decorative string of Xmas stockings for 1 Li as add-on. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hazel Woods/212/173/2077
  14. I managed to get the Artisan Fantasy 25 L Tuesday offer now, it was not too late, and I am very happy I got them. But you must hurry. They are nice to add in all kind of art rooms, I already have a painting easel or two... or three. My inventory is not organized. These beauties are parts from a former Gacha set. The fatpack from this gacha wasn't cheap. It is smart to do an area search when Artisan Fantasy has sales, you may decide to buy the whole set, even if I found this fatpack was more than I would pay. I inspected the parts, and it is 1 Li each (I did not find the wall hanger with brushes). https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Artisan Fantasy/190/107/2002
  15. I have 2 sets from them as well. They were bought an a Christmas event (Expo?) and they are great to use when I want to hang up a lot of X-mas decor and have few Li left. But I have also modified them, tinted the upholstery and added another texture on the pillows, so I have got much use out of them. I even used the most blocky set as garden furniture.
  16. Teal was not on original color chart you posted in January, since it so close to Jade that you took it out? It was something about rebellion too? Back to my inventory! I am going to find something. 😆🤣 "Lemon Yellow" from January 27th and "Yellow" from May 5 is confusing me a bit, since Lemon Yellow wasn't on the January color chart. But who cares! I just throw a lot of colors in here and have fun. 😁 When the Color Change is over, I will open a new Flickr account. Who should think that 1000 pictures wasn't enough?
  17. Are we all playing on the same bingo card? So we compete against each other?
  18. The ideal body for my avatar would be something like the one presented in the previous image. She is clearly wearing a skin, but here my question is related to the anatomy (shape) of the body. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The text above is from the OP. Is this really the EE or FF breasts someone comes with suggestions for? It is no problem achieving this size with Maitreya. But the top is also shaping the breasts. The ideal here would be to get the top (It is a group gift, and the group is cheap to join) and then wear it with the body you demo, and use the breast sliders. Then you can take of the top and see if the breasts are as you want them nude. And repeat with other body demos. You want a body that look good both naked and with clothes on. Many does not care that Legacy has a high amount of polygons and linked parts. It is their SL and they want to enjoy it with the body they prefer. But if you have problems with lag already, you should wear the demo around and see if you experience more lag. You do not want to lag yourself. Just a sigh.... RL bodies is not one gold standard that is very curvy, and all thin bodies with smaller breasts is not inferior. I did not need bras until I was gaining weight. When I was in my twenties, I had A or B cup. When I became overweight, my breasts did not increase to the size of my head. I gained weight all over my body. And now that I can model my avatar as I want, I go prefer it thin with smaller breasts. It is depressing to see the attacks on this kind of shape.
  19. Faded denim. Blueberry has sold so many jeans packs in weekend sales, so I found some there.
  20. Azalea. So many pinks, so few that fits.
  21. Maybe too light for Apricot, but it is apricot for some?
  22. I found the reason. It is 2 versions of everything in the pack. There is indeed 5 and 6 Li version benches, but it is also "Better LOD" versions, and the one you show is 15 Li. They rezzed the "Better LOD" version out in the store.
  23. You bought a head that came out in 2017, and I assume you liked it so much that you did not want to have another look. You have to buy a body skin from GA.EG to wear with the head, so head and body will match. Make sure you try demos first, so you get the best match. Since the head is so old, it may not be updated with the new neck fix. You will find it in GA.EG Mainstore. From their webpage: "We provide several Body Skins compatible with our Bento Mesh Heads and Heads Skins to have the best match between your head and your body. These Body Skins are available for different mesh bodies and in different packages : Signature, Maitreya, Omega, BOM... "
  24. The "Classic" version of the head let you use all skins that are only EVO, not EVOX. It can also be easier to use hairbases, since not all update them to EVOX. It is good to have a choice.
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