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  1. Despite people having good reasons to steer away from Legacy, I think it is the best looking body and easy to make curvy or thin. It has enough clothes, lingerie and shoes support to make people happy. I love my Maitreya, but I have never studied it between the legs. Not have I studied Legacy between the legs. I don't know about bits. Can't you @AnnabelleApocalypselook up the bit store for the product you use now, and see if they offer bits for Legacy as well? Legacy has high complexity and lots of triangles. It can cause issues for weak computers. Or at lest people say so. I am not knowledgeable enough to confirm it.
  2. So maybe you should not hide your bucket that's at the caravan. It is hard enough to find candy, and a hidden one can be the last drop for people to quit. I set out a pin for those who are using the Bellipin HUD. I think it's so few buckets, and people need all the encouragement they can get. I have already decided to not participate as a hunter, I only host a bucket. I took 1-one candy and say that's enough. I have no hope to be in the top. I can not dedicate so much time to it. It is only bears, and after they hype is over, it is forgotten.
  3. Adding: IKON is an old brand in Second Life, and I think they have maybe the biggest selection of colors. Their system eyes is great to use with BoM. It is often a set of group gift eyes in the store. The group is free to join. https://www.flickr.com/photos/ikonsl/with/50936285702/ You can of course go for the safe option and a brown color like Coffee, Chocolate or Espresso. But I think lighter eyes is good with dark hair and tan skin. They stand out more. Colors I like, Hazel, Iron, Soldier, Oxidation and Industrial. The names change from eye set to set, but you can see that they are not brown, but more lighter and interesting.
  4. I just build on what @Bree Giffensays, using my words. And a picture . My 2 cent: Do not buy mesh eyes. It is much easier to use the Lelutka eyes. You must add the Lelutka eyes in the folder. This may sound like I am talking nonsense, but it is surprisingly many that don't add the Lelutka eyes. 1: The red arrow point to where you activate Bakes on Mesh. For this, you use any system eyes you want, they have an eye symbol and not a cube. They replace the Greg eyes. 2:The next option is to use the built in eye textures that comes with the head. Use any of the options where the yellow arrow is pointing. This turns off BoM, but the system eyes will probably poke through. You need an eye alpha. It is one in the Lelutka folder. I do not remember the name of the alpha, but it is probably only one in there. 3: You do not like the Lelutka eyes, and can't find any system eyes you like, but you find appliers you prefer. Add the Hud, and the default Lelutka eyes change to the new applier eyes. You must keep the eye alpha on. BoM = System eyes and NO alpha. But you must still use the default Lelutka eyes! The Blue arrow points to where you can adjust the eye texture if you think the eyes sit too high or low, or you look slightly cross-eyed. This adjustment only work on the Lelutka eyes. Not on other mesh eyes, you need to manually edit them, and that can be a long process. I am wearing system eyes IKON Promise Eyes - Clarity (M) and have adjusted them more down and a bit further apart. I can also change the size of the iris - bigger or smaller.
  5. I set out the bucket about 6 hours ago, and it already got 16 clicks. That was fun. It is one other candy bucket in Alban Heights. Two in a region, that's good, no?
  6. The skirt and the gloves is something like wenge... mostly brown stuff here, too saturated. And I needed a corset to lighten up stuff. The corset and skirt is both from 2013 and not fitted for Maitreya. But it fits well.
  7. .... and the Victorian is gone. That is what I mean about responding fast. But it is some "Catch and release" going on among people who has had Linden Homes for a long time and are just trying to find a "perfect" location. So the house can be abandoned in a few minutes if it is one of those just shopping for a good location.
  8. No Victorian house available just now. It is Camper, Chalet, Log Home and Fantasy Home. This can change very fast, and a Victorian pop up. But you should know that it can take some time to get a Victorian house. From my experience, the 4 house types I listed over is the most likely to be available. The Victorian houses is not impossible to get. The most sought after is Stilt on Pier, Stilt on Water, and Houseboat. Then comes Stilt on Land, Traditionals and Victorians. I will recommend to use a Auto Refresh and Monitor for your browser. This way you do not have to refresh manually, but can do other things while it works silent in another tab. I have tried to refresh the page manually, but it simply does not work for me, since I forget to refresh the page. 😦 The time you have your computer on, the Auto Refresh on and you being able to respond quickly, will play a big role in how fast you can score a Victorian. But it is also very much luck. You can open the page for the first time and get the house you want. Hey! I refreshed now and a Victorian is there! I am not kidding!
  9. So it is possible to set out candy now, even if it is so late? I can set out one at my house now?
  10. πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§πŸ€Ήβ€β™€οΈπŸ§™β€β™€οΈπŸ€©πŸ’― and later: πŸ‘¦πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³πŸ₯£πŸ₯§πŸ‘πŸ§‘=πŸ†
  11. The end is near! What do we have left now... Pearled ivory, Orange and Mulberry? I'm saving a wedding dress for Pearled ivory. I think I have to dig in Steampunk for Wenge too. Oh, if it was more modify rights, so I could tint brown with a hint of violet.
  12. Well done! I like BoM so much because all underwear fits. I also have "modesty patches" that's skin colored. Good to use under a lace top or tops that's cut really low - and tops that give you a good look at the "side boob". ☺️
  13. I am not Skell, but I wonder why the head skin look darker than the body skin, I almost say "dirtier". I don't think you have tinted or changed the settings for the head, since the skin tone is matching in the neck seam around the Adam's apple, and much darker other places. With both bodies, it looks much better at the front than at the back. Do you use a neutral EEP like "Nam's skin and prim"? I agree that the Belleza Jake neck seam looks better, but even there, the back is darker.
  14. Myrrine has had some gachas, it was then I saw them first. I noticed that they are one of the very few stores that put gachas out to a low price. (Low compared to those who price it to 1000, 2000 or more.) I saw only one set on the MP, maybe they have more inworld. This set is for sale secondhand to over 2000 L for a full set, and now it is possible to buy it as copy and mod for 699. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/September-items-set-fat-pack/22694981
  15. But is there body skins for Aesthetic? The only ones I have seen is a face layer. I have not seen any that cover the neck too. One of the reasons I don't recommend Aesthetic is the lack of skins. Then no update to BoM, no universal neck and no new clothing in events. Disclaimer: It may be a creator or two that is making some. It is very little original mesh, Aesthetic clothes is often old models with another texture.
  16. Group gifts: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Orchard Heights/155/33/1585 Group cost 20 L to join. I totally adore the tin can plants, 1 Li each. The highest Li is the bike, 8 Li with pretty poses. Totally worth 20 Li for me. The bike took a long time to rez for me, but it is nice for photos, maybe not as a permanent decor. The "Fall" frame is a FabFree group gift and that group is free to join. Need 1 L to pay for each gift, vendor pays you back.
  17. I can't find an emoji for coloring my daughters hair at home... impossible.
  18. It is difficult to mix clothes in SL. A few times have I seen mesh jeans that comes with different leg lengths and also tapered option. Tapered fits better in boots. I wrestle my head to try and remember... was it Lapointe & Bastchild? Also for pants, some can turn off parts like belts and belt loops. Blueberry has some where you can turn off wallet and phone. It still does not help in all situations, so I use BoM tights and jeans.. as already suggested.
  19. The glitter may be an attachment. Try ctrl Alt T so you highlight transparent. You should see it as a pink object with glitter on over the eyelids. To go out of highlight transparent, press ctrl alt T again. (Hold inn all tabs) That, or that the glitter is on a layer itself (pink tattoo symbol). These two things is what I can think suggest, since you actually changed heads.
  20. If you have not bought Catwa George yet, would you look at LeLutkas male heads? Lelutka Evo X line are really popular now, at least the female heads. But I see many skins for their male heads too. I know what you mean about shopping in SL. I am happy that I decided on Maitreya and that body is still going well. But before that I bought Slink Physique, TMP and Belleza... lol. I am trying to clear out old stuff from my inventory. Going over to Evo X mean that all my makeup, hairbases and skins for Evo is useless now. So many new things comes out in SL. The sales every weekend replaces a lot of my old stuff.
  21. Also read this thread about a new and super muscular body coming out soon: If you are anxious to buy a new body because you want it to have lots of clothes, it is always a risk. But the brand behind this body released a female body not long ago, and support for that one was super fast. Almost all big brands has that size included now. Plus skins, piercings and tattoos. Hopefully this release of the male body is prepared as well as the female one. It would be good if the creator has made plans with clothing brands so clothes will be released the same time.
  22. People who are looking for something muscular to replace Aesthetic should wait for this one. I wonder if it has the new neck fit? Paying 4000 without even trying a demo? Mmm... not me, but my alts are not looking for a new body. 2 bodies in one is a very nice selling point. I wonder if apparel designers will make clothes for both versions, or pick one? Since Kupra gained support so super fast, I have hope for this body to do the same. The brand knows what it is doing in marketing and to bring apparel creators in from the start.
  23. No problems with logging in. All my outfit folders and my favorites was empty. Clearing only inventory cache took care of my problems.
  24. Signature Gianni: 51 926 returns on the Marketplace for apparel. Aesthetic Enzo: 4905 returns on the Marketplace for apparel. Very few write Enzo in their ads, so changing name to only Aesthetic, returns: 76 072. But then changing names to only Signature, returns: 76 373. Changing to Gianni only, returns: 68 665. So comparing what's available on clothing yields no noticeable difference. Trying with Avatar components, search Signature: Over 11 000 tattoos and 3000 skins. Avatar components, search Aesthetic: 3300 in tattoos and 400 in skins. The lack of body skins for Aesthetic is their largest drawback in my opinion. Aesthetic is old. Really old. I do not know if they have implemented the universal neck, but I doubt it. HDPRO George is Catwas newest male head. New and old should not mix well. Try it with Aesthetic and try it with Signature Gianni, and see how it works. I would strongly suggest you dump Aesthetic. There is also the question of new things made. I have not seen Aesthetic in many shopping events for men. A few brands may still make something for it. But try to look around in "The Mens Department" and see what you find for Aesthetic. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/TMD/144/136/22 This is just one male shopping event, it is men's stuff in places like Fameshed and Uber, but not so much. This Flickr is for Access and the Happy Weekend. It is mixed, but try to look at the male clothes, enlarge the pictures and look at sizes. It is Gianni, Jake and Legacy again and again. https://www.flickr.com/photos/weloveslfashion/with/51592272063/
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