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  1. He can not get asian looks. The only free or cheap heads I have seen, is strictly caucasian. As with everything, what you pay for, is what you get. Free and cheap heads and bodies are limited in what you find for them. Creators know that those who get a 1 L body, will not pay for apparel, so it is not worth the time creating for it. It is after all, a price to upload mesh and textures to SL, just to have no sales because free body owners will not spend money. It is better to use their time on customers that will pay for their work. Unless you are really lucky and happen to join SL when a big brand has a gift out. This has happened several times, but it is impossible to predict if it happens again. Such heads as we got from Catwa and Lelutka were 100% functional and can use all the features including skins, tattoos, piercings made by other creators for that brand. The 1500 L sale on Jake Belleza body is a good offer, if he want some variation and good quality in his wardrobe. If he wants just a few outfits, it is good enough to use the 1 L Legacy Meshbody @Mercedes Avonposted about. It is some 1 L heads. https://ryanschultz.com/2021/05/25/second-life-steals-deals-and-freebies-three-l1-bento-bakes-on-mesh-male-heads-from-calum/ The blog over has several posts for freebie shopping. Most of the freebies in SL is for the female market, but it is enough freebies for a male wardrobe. https://ryanschultz.com/2019/11/24/clip-and-save-ryans-all-in-one-guide-to-freebies-in-second-life/ That blogpost also tell you where to find the free Altamura bodies.
  2. The Tarte sale is still on until 21th September. I bought some decor stuff. The highest Li is the hanging plants, 3 Li each and the homemade photo hanger (pictures from a branch). But I think they are worth it. Especially the photo hanger, it is a lot of decor value. The rest is 1-2 Li each. I like the scrunchy carpets since they are often a very high Li. The Boho one (in the back) is only 1 Li. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/tarte/149/132/232 I almost forgot, the Airondack chairs is for the Saturday Sale. Only the PG ones are 75 L, but you get 3 versions. From 2-4 Li. The pillow and throw change tecture. It is a firepit too (sold separate), but I did not like it. Sorry that 2 chairs overlap, I was in a hurry, and I noticed it just now.
  3. The head is updated to EvoX, so unless it is bought before the update, it now works as EvoX. Disclaimer: I have not investigated if the old head is still in a separate pack with the update. The EvoX classic mode is only working for BOM skins, so you can switch between Evo and EvoX skins. But Evo X does not have layers other than the HD layers. Learning how to use a product that's on its way out, is more confusing that it is worth. It is safer to learn how EvoX works from the beginning.
  4. Yes, I agree with steeljane 42, you have bought a product that does not work with the kind of head you have. I am sorry, but take this as a warning, that you should always demo what you buy first. There are several "generations" Lelutka heads. The head you have bought, does not use skin appliers at all. That were the older generation. It is still products for sale, since people grow attached to their look and will keep their old head. Lelutka has updated 20 of their heads to EvoX, but it is limits to how long back a company can update the products. It is nothing like a "BOM Applier". It is either BOM or an applier. But to add to the confusion you must feel, there are HD appliers for eyemaleup and lipsticks. What you do with the head you bought, is shopping for a skin marked Lelutka Evo X. Almost all skin sellers separate the head and the body, so what you buy is a face. Depending on what body you have, you buy the body skin from the same seller. Were you in SL when we had tattoos? You will often see a tattoo symbol next to the facial skin. This is because you can only wear one skin. So the face is usually on a tattoo layer. This is the bottom, where you can add other tattoo layers over. You can buy make up as BOM = That is tattoo layers you add on top of the face skin on tattoo. Or you can buy appliers only for makeup, they will work when they are marked Lelutka EvoX. But always demo first.
  5. JPG is the best for the forum. I always take pictures in PNG, edit them and when done, resize and save as JPG. I usually save them in 1024 width and JPG.
  6. Traditional, Camper, Chalet and Fantasy on the Linden Homes page just now.
  7. And I have never played another game that has the camera close and over the shoulder view. I have read that those who are used to this angle, changes the default SL camera so it is familiar to them. But I came to SL as a game virgin, heck, even an internet virgin.
  8. Is crossed eyed desirable? I see it in so many SL fashion ads.
  9. 18 Li makes it unusable, ha. It is worth saying that ChiMia has a few other fireplaces with much less Li. And the price isn't bad for the full priced, like this one: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ChiMia-Ephermeral-Fireplace/9324205 I have seen it inworld in a furnished house demo, and it is gorgeous.
  10. After 14 years with default camera angle, I have to continue using it. It feels so weird every time I have tried to change it. It is just impossible to look closer to my avatar. My eyes and my brain protest and say it is wrong.
  11. Ah, TY. It has been so many DMCA filed against mesh bodies and heads, I am getting paranoid.
  12. No, it is not the Erika body. Why you got that message? No idea. Maybe the region is down with maintenance. Maybe the owner has closed to redecorate the store. But I notice that the Kalhene Erika and its demo is gone from the Marketplace. Maybe somebody has heard if the creator is hit with a DMCA.
  13. Man, you are really a miser. From your post, I thought about thousands of L. Is the terrarium still there, so she put out an item you could look at for months and it could have cost her more than 300 L. Many beds that come with fully furnished apartments has those old, low quality animations already mentioned. Because people who rent fully furnished, most times have no idea of what's good or bad quality. They just want something that's cheap and already set up for them.
  14. I have several of these, because they were a gacha. I am happy to see them as mod/copy. The projector light is still one of my favorites after so many years, and I have been so careful with it, since I had only one. 😃
  15. The White low shadow EEP from this pack: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DDD-Utility-EEP-Pack/22669801 But I did also postprocess by duplicating the same image twice, with overlay 50% (sharper) and screen 40% that makes it lighter, then flatten the image. (Krita) And also the white matte edge. (Ribbet)
  16. A lot of interior images. I used mostly Nutmeg, and I had to delete texture cache and relog a few times to get all the textures. Damn you, Nutmeg! 😪 I really should not use the furniture from them, but I am so weak. 😉
  17. The "vacation" place. I rent these 450 prims in Iris. Maybe the best Mainland region, minimal ugliness. The 2 images that show the house from a distance has 160 m and 200 m draw distance. I seldom use a higher DD, it is too many textures to load.
  18. If you have Maya's furniture, they have the animations in a single tiny prim. Just detach it, and move it in place with the other chair, and link it. The prim with animations must be the root prim. I found this to be the fastest way to add animations. I have done this before, so I can get animations in the Roost kitchen. I also put a Maya chair prim in another chair, because Maya gives so many props. Disclaimer: I have not bought the latest Maya furniture, but I have found single prims with animations in what I have bought.
  19. All these heads are updated to EvoX, but they can still be used as Evo by clicking a tab on the "Skin" page, just under the image. (NB you can not mix Evo and EvoX products on layers. Appliers for HD materials on eyemakeup and lips can be mixed. So if you have the head set to Evo, you can not buy any BoM products for EvoX, and vice versa.)
  20. Europe (EU) and Australia has to pay taxes. But! LL say it clearly: Monthly and quarterly, pay up VAT. But not for annually. Maybe LL cover it for us, so they don't loose long term customers. https://secondlife.com/corporate/vat I have grown to need more than 1024 m because I need the Li! And on tier, I have to pay VAT. I found the cost of several Premium accounts too much, VAT or not. I have one Premium now, and I rent Mainland, because it is so cheap. I picked up a place in Iris, maybe the prettiest region on Mainland, 450 L for 450 Li. I am using it as a "vacation place" and when I am tired of it, I pack up and leave. No need to pay for land, no need to pay for several Premium alts. If LL decide to give Premium more land and Li, I may invest in more Premiums. But 1024 is simply not enough for me to spend the Premium on.
  21. I tend to steer away from stores that has a nice set of furniture in a Friday, Saturday or Weekend sale... but the items were individually priced and the total cost is 200-300 L. No such "offers" here. 👍 I will not name names, but I saw a set in a store. Every tiny object was priced. The books, the small flowerpot on top of the books, the larger pot next to it, the lamp, the picture over, the desk and the chair....... Some other stores have 2-3 items priced single, but in that store, I think it would cost 350-400 L. I left without buying. (I think it even had a lamp individually priced. It made an impression on me!)
  22. It was some great offers this Friday. But haha, it is always foodstuff. I bet it is also cakes, ice cream, pies and soups in the other weekend offers. And in every event. If my avatar could gain weight, I would be in trouble! 😱
  23. I saw an image here on the forum, was it an art community? Where they had sold a parcel. The new owner set up banlines. Ugly and totally against the community idea. Plus they can totally ruin everything the community has worked to create in how it looks. If they have to sell some land - why not the ones on the border, not in the middle? They can minimize the destruction then.
  24. I'm having surgery tomorrow. Maybe I had time to do a color this evening if I started early, but I rented a new place and set up a house and other items instead. I wish my laptop took better pictures, but it is as it is. So I am having to wait until I can sit by my stationary. I guess I can log in and look for clothes for the color challenges.
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