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  1. shop-oh-holic...oh yeah,guilty as charged...there are so many terrific styles and talented designers in sl i just can't resist i am excited about the mesh fashion concept,i have seen some incredible outfits...i just worry about ppl not being able to see what i can, so i think i will still wait a bit before jumping in i can lose hours shopping searching for the perfect outfit but it is something i enjoy doing and it sure does keep me out of trouble :matte-motes-sunglasses-3:
  2. Venus I use the newest version of the sl viewer.To me everything looks fine, but maybe to somebody else with a different viewer I do look floppy.I would never know.No one has ever commented to me before this incident or laughed at me so I am assuming either ppl are polite or I don't have a problem.I have the physics set to the lowest level because I want a natural look to my movement.I also researched problems and fixes before I started using the physics layer. Really what it comes down to is I can not let ppl bother me,not everyone is going to be kind,makes me more thankful for the wonderful ones I meet. Thank you very much and I hope I have answered your question.
  3. Thank you for the responses.I don't plan to change anything about me,I kind of like me.I think I was surprised and completely knocked off guard more than anything.Cross my fingers,but most of my experiences have been positive.It takes all kinds to make a world and life goes on.I also believe that what comes around goes around.But hey,a wonderful day to everyone.
  4. I have enjoyued many of the sims in sl.There are some places that really stand out for me.Some places by the beauty of the design and creativity,some because of the welcoming atmosphere and friendly employees.These are the venues that become my picks.I am not a rich person and I hope in some small way my show of support for what I consider a job very well done will help these sims be successful for a long time to come.And yes,my choices are mine just as yours are your own,not everyone will agree. I have respect for any sim I visit.I cause no problem for anyone, anywhere I go.I am an adult and I do visit adult themed venues.I visit lots of places actually and I spend money out of my rl pocket in a lot of stores.I also am one of the nicest people you will meet. I stumbled into a sim yesterday,ended up there by accident.I opened my search window to redirect myself.I noticed on the chat window someone was asking me if Iwas an escort.The area had not rezzed,I couldn't see who was talking to me,I answered no,was told that because of my picks I had to be one,and what was I doing there.Then this owner or manager,I am assuming also commented that I was an escort cus my **bleep** bounce and then made fun of my profile,how could I be shy and an escort.And I do understand about looking out for the best interests of your spot,after all it is yours.But,I honestly did not mean any harm,I was just lost. I did tell her that she was very opinionated and should not draw conclusions about people and I got the heck out of there.I really do not think I deserved to be treated this way. There should be a list for last picks,this spot would get my vote. Now I am super paranoid that my body is bouncing in a sleazy way and I really am not the upbeat person that I usually am in world. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this.
  5. I am always happy to meet new ppl.a pretty big world when you are out there alone.Feel free to say hello anytime.My best wishes to you.
  6. i can see your point completely Cinnamon. Hmmm...let me try to clarify this time thing. In SL time 1:30 P.M.ish is absolutely ideal for me,i can pretty much guarantee i am around then.and honestly i am sure if i just keep looking i will find someone who can help me out. it is mountain time where i live in canada,so that would be 2:30 p.m RL time.
  7. Hi. I am looking for a photographer to do a profile pic for me, but I need someone who works during the day.Thank you.
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