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  1. Sorry for double post, I forgot to make it a question!!  so here it is again...... I installed Sam2 on my new pc,  running Win7,  it's asus 64bit ... lotsa ram, hard drive space ( sorry I'm not sitting @ it to give full specs)... but.... When I first installed Sam2, it seems to be working fine.  So, I go rent a stream, get ready to dj on SL ...  now it will NOT work.  The que will not let me move songs to it via playlist OR add OR drag and drop - which always worked on my laptop running vista. I un-installed it and re-installed it at least 7 times lastnight.  I can't seem to get a clean un-install, however,  because it looks like some song info is already there in my re-install. I tried doing a search, and deleting Anything that was related to Sam2... but it would not let me remove from system files. I can't afford to go out and buy the latest version of this 300 dollar software.  Has anyone here ever had this issue?  Is there another software that works like Sam Broadcaster but doesnt cost so much?  Does anyone know if Sam2 is too old to run on Win7? Thanks in advance....
  2. Lotus, thank you! I have not had a chance to get inworld and try it yet....
  3. I learned from my first question that the popups in SL are called "toast" ... I was told to change the settings in the viewer for toast and it would go away ... it did not work. Does anyone know how to turn off the group chat pop ups , and the extra IM pop up?  ...   Is this a feature in any of the browsers? I have looked through all the settings, and tried everything I can think of ...  so far,  no luck. Thanks in advance!!
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