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  1. So you guys have been super awsome and have managed to answer my question and helped me to fix the problem. Which was part me and part SL/viewer....thank you bunches. I knew that I could solve it if I came here. Thanks Bai
  2. Alright so...was using the PhoenixViewer...switched to Firestorm because Phoenix was popping up with "could not detect RLV". Master frustrated kinda. Firestorm gave me the same pop up. Made sure that the RLV was active through my collar that I had bought at Think Kink and the little tab uptop. Master a little more frustrated cause he wants to chuck me in a cage I can't get out of. Finally went and downloaded the RLV viewer...and now the pop up is "not using a working relay". Am wondering if it's something I'm doing? I'm the first owner (yes, of myself because my bestie told me it's the smart thing to do in case your Master leaves you and you're in nadu surrounded by wolves) or is it the cage or did I not download something else. Master will soon just chuck me on a post for an hour so if anyone actually understands this bit of garbled mess and could tell me where I screwed up...it would be awsome. Thanks Bai
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