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  1. I wish you all the best for your health, @Derekmate. Take good care of yourself!
  2. Ah sorry, it seemed like an option that could possibly help. So I guess the solution, barring any better idea, is to launch SL before establishing the RDP session. Could perhaps be done with a scheduled task, psexec, powershell remoting, etc.
  3. Try if you can launch it in your RDP session if you use the --noprobe switch. See http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Client_parameters
  4. Get the bar of soap out, that'll learn 'em!
  5. The timeline is my favorite so far. I was reminded that I am older than windlight and voice chat. 😀
  6. Worst kind are those where you pay them and then they literally escort you, just follow you around everywhere you go for the agreed on time.
  7. @Grumpity Linden Why not? What is the taxation difference there?
  8. Looks like it was fixed, for me it works again!
  9. Looks like it was fixed, for me it works again!
  10. Yep, seems to be a global issue, I get the same and so are others I asked. I noticed it first yesterday or the day before.
  11. That was a good suggestion, Nalates, thank you. I heard of that before but did not think of it in this context. I am however a very simple man with a modest eight attachments. I don't think any two of which attach to the same point, as best as I can tell. Also, the nails are not a separate attachment or item, but a part of the Bento hands of the Jake body. Thank you for your answer!
  12. Thank you Rolig, yes, the HUD/body allows me to turn the hands off and I could use my Slink Bento hands instead of the builtin Bento hands, that might be an emergency solution, but since I can toggle the nails back on easily enough through the HUD I did not consider that sort of option yet. I also much appreciate your gentle approach, not like Lindal with her enhanced interrogation methods 😁!
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