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  1. I am assuming the Catwa heads all use the same HUD, if not, its probably close enough.
  2. I always enjoy Ry Anne and Max Kleene, oh and Gabriel Da Silva too - and Nina Bing/Setner, I can never remember which it is, or is it both
  3. Oh God yes, that is so stupid, what are you trying to sell? Why do I have to guess? Is it the hair, the skin, the eyes, the pose....what??? And while we are at it, here's another thing, if you try to sell something small like, say a ring, *****s don't let your ad only have a picture of for example the hand from a mile away.
  4. I remember there used to be a web site entirely dedicated to these pictures, which were in that case mostly taken at Tempura. Not sure if that is still around. Seemed like an odd hobby to me. Edit: I think when you land at Tempura even now, you get a warning about this.
  5. Make one outfit with just your body stuff that you use as your 'base', then when saving any future clothing outfit, delete those base items from that, so that you have a clothing outfit that is just that, only clothing. Replace body parts in base outfit. Done. That will at least solve this for the future.
  6. No one said that, the customer is free to remove payment info, LL are free to close their account.
  7. Hi cousin Lillith! Deadwool is absolutely top quality in how it is made, I have the Hart suit too and their coat that goes with it, a few other bits probably. What I do find though is that for my taste, their suits look just too real which contrasts to me with the level of realism I have reached (and strive for) with my avatar itself. L&B works better for me. I'd definitely recommend to check out both makes. Now I am off to look critically at my sleeves
  8. Personally, I prefer Lapointe & Bastchild, even though they are not as flexible as the Fatewear suit you show., i.e. no shirt only option, jackets and shirt is one piece. For the three piece suits, same thing, the vest is always on. Options for wear are open or closed jackets and a variety of colors for pants, jacket, vest, shirt, tie, pocket handkerchief. Some suits have add-ons as mentioned before, but that is typically a feature of their older suits. The other option I would look at is Deadwool. I have seen no other suits than those two makes that I like. If there are others,
  9. Thank you for sharing this, Scylla. I saw the clip and had to watch the movie and I loved it. Joan Greenwood, that voice...love it. And then Edith Evans and my dear Margaret Rutherford, best Miss Marple ever, here as Miss Prism. Very fun!!!
  10. I think the years have been good to me.
  11. https://blog.machinimatrix.org/avastar/
  12. You do not mention which one you found, I know of Mischief Managed, just like the others here. See http://mischiefmanagedsl.net/ for info.
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