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  1. I have to say I like this post a lot, clear expectations of the give and take laid out right from the start. Good luck Engman, may you find the love you yearn for.
  2. What am I missing out on with regard to BOM by using Jake and that activator thingy? It seemed to do what it said it would do and I am using BOM things fine, but I am a simple man with simple needs.
  3. If RPing in the Harry Potter universe is something that interests you, Hogwarts RP at https://mischiefmanagedsl.net/ caters to that age group too.
  4. Maybe that download includes the Voice and Cloud plugins? The three apks together come to about 18.6M. If it is just the main app though, yeah, that's not right.
  5. In both of my motorcycles I was also able to adjust the steering sensitivity and that helped a lot with this problem I did face just like you now.
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ605l0sk_m/ Examples of valid claims: "... items sold with no demos ... " That'll be a lot of claims. 🤣
  7. Oh yes, Cold Ash! I just recently took advantage of their Black Friday sale and am very happy with the pants and shirt (Alessio & Raphael) I got.
  8. Wow, I thought this was supposed to be hard, the posted links work like a charm, click, collect, in and out in maybe 5 seconds each with main and alt. Thanks! Location 3 and the hint given above of the second set of vendors in your back when you land.
  9. Should have put a demo up at the price of the regular head and see people really flip out
  10. Woohoo, I made one and it worked and it was not hard! I am a maker now, heureka! After all these years I finally progressed past plywood boxes. 🤣 Now, I just have to become an artist next. this will be harder.
  11. Oh I have always been wondering about the same question. Everything I see show essentially the whole body covered. I was afraid the answers given here would be what it comes down to. I will spend some time seeing how they are made, perhaps I can just make one or two for myself. Probably beyond me though, we'll see.
  12. I am assuming the Catwa heads all use the same HUD, if not, its probably close enough.
  13. I always enjoy Ry Anne and Max Kleene, oh and Gabriel Da Silva too - and Nina Bing/Setner, I can never remember which it is, or is it both
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