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  1. Thank you for sharing this, Scylla. I saw the clip and had to watch the movie and I loved it. Joan Greenwood, that voice...love it. And then Edith Evans and my dear Margaret Rutherford, best Miss Marple ever, here as Miss Prism. Very fun!!!
  2. I think the years have been good to me.
  3. Fenimore Hapmouche


  4. You do not mention which one you found, I know of Mischief Managed, just like the others here. See http://mischiefmanagedsl.net/ for info.
  5. Thank you for that explanation Ansariel, I am happy to hear that. I wonder if these 'constant changes' were really just the - admittedly not super-smooth - transition from Yahoo to Smugmug.
  6. I like that function a lot, I just share snapshots primarily to capture memories for my own enjoyment and I'd hate to see it gone. It is convenient, quick and easy, not something that another method will likely give me. I use FS so am not (yet?) affected. Is the Flickr sharing from FS a transaction just between FS and Flickr or does it use the mentioned SL backend that is yet to be removed and will then cause the sharing from FS to break too?
  7. I wish you all the best for your health, @Derekmate. Take good care of yourself!
  8. Ah sorry, it seemed like an option that could possibly help. So I guess the solution, barring any better idea, is to launch SL before establishing the RDP session. Could perhaps be done with a scheduled task, psexec, powershell remoting, etc.
  9. Try if you can launch it in your RDP session if you use the --noprobe switch. See http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Client_parameters
  10. Get the bar of soap out, that'll learn 'em!
  11. The timeline is my favorite so far. I was reminded that I am older than windlight and voice chat. 😀
  12. Worst kind are those where you pay them and then they literally escort you, just follow you around everywhere you go for the agreed on time.
  13. @Grumpity Linden Why not? What is the taxation difference there?
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