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  1. Thanks for the article, animats! I'll try your suggestions today.
  2. I bought a motorcycle and a scooter and I've spent a little time riding on public roads and on railroad tracks, and I have a lot of trouble steering. It's hard to keep going straight, even on a flat, direct stretch of road. When I start to drift left or right, and I ever-so-lightly touch the opposite arrow to correct, it goes too far. Especially when going uphill, I tack back and forth like crazy, and sometimes go flying off the road. I've also tried stopping for a couple seconds when I need to straighten out, but my aim is still not accurate. Is there some trick to steering? Do I need to
  3. Thanks! That's exactly what I wanted to know. I'll check out your thread as well.
  4. I'm going to get a horse in SL and I wondered whether there are roads or paths that run through Second Life, where I can go for a long time and hopefully see unexpected sights. If those roads or paths exist, how can I find them? thanks.
  5. Thanks for that info! I just tried using Firefox, and everything worked as it should. I was able to immediately add a credit card and buy lindens. So I'm all set.
  6. I've also got this issue. I see exactly what was described: a black circle going around and around. I have let it run for more than a minute before killing it, but NOTHING downloads that slowly on my home computer. It happens when I try to add a credit card. I've tried it in two different browsers. I've tried it morning and evening for three days running. I'm in the US. I've tried add the credit card during attempts to buy lindens I've tried adding the credit card as a separate operation My internet connection is as powerful as steam engine I hadn'
  7. Right -- that makes sense. I looked through my inventory, and all the big-head shapes AREN'T demos, and they all have "catwa" or "genus" on them. I'll have to get a demo head and see how it squishes all that extra shape inside.
  8. Thank you all. I just went back and re-read all your answers, and I think I get it now.
  9. Okay, demos -- got it. But then I'd have to buy the real shape to see the right face.
  10. Thanks for that. But still, the heads must be huge, right? I haven't seen that many people in Second Life, but I haven't seen anyone with a head that size.
  11. I've been looking at skins and shapes, and I keep finding free or almost-free shapes that have nice bodies but great big heads. Why is that? Some shapes are normal, have normal-size heads and nice faces, but A LOT of them have enormous block-like heads with weird faces. Is this a style? Someone told me it was so you'd have to pay for the REAL shape (with a normal head). Is that true?
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