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  1. No. MINE! I’ll be back. And then rage quit AGAIN when LL can’t keep up. Rinse and repeat. You know how it is. 🤷🏻‍♂️ 🤣
  2. It’s never too late. Code isn’t written in stone. It comes down to whether or not Linden Lab wants Second Life to stay relevant, modern and accessible. Judging by their recent actions, they do... and we all want them to. So, I’m just sharing my input in regards to what might help with that. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Valid point but at least an ugly plug-in would then have its uglyness and massy code limited to a single button/window/section/function (Like a HUD) rather than making the entire viewer look like trash.
  4. Another thing: Rather than all these dodgy, ugly, and poorly coded 3rd-party viewers; allow other developers to create plugins/mods for the default viewer that can extend its functionality, adding new buttons and functions. This could also be an opportunity for devs to monetize said plugins. Make a marketplace section for viewer plugins and have the default viewer automatically download and activate these plugins in the viewer once a plugin is purchased from the marketplace. Create another section in the viewer preferences for plugins that list all the purchased plugins (think steam DLC/w
  5. The new graphics API's aren't just a "new thing to play with" - Modern Operating systems are deprecating support for OpenGL. I wouldn't call it "dependable". For Windows and Linux, Vulkan is the way to go. For macOS, Metal is the new standard, and has been for a while now. If Linden Lab wants long term stability and dependability, they should drop OpenGL and make the switch to Vulkan and Metal. Unless they expect their user-base to keep using outdated operating systems for the sole purpose of being able to play Second Life in years to come. With the resources WASTED on Sansar,
  6. @Keira LindenThis is great news! If you need users to test this on iOS and provide honest feedback during the development process, I have TestFlight ready. Drop me an invite code. 🤩
  7. What you call "stalwart negativity" is actually just blunt honesty. Sorry for not sugar coating or @$$ kissing. I have no reason to. Glad to hear that several of the points are being worked on. So there's hope yet. As for "Besides although Vulkan is largely bug-free Metal most assuredly is NOT." - It's actually the OTHER way around, FYI. But that's not the point of this discussion. And call it "impractical" all you like, but these are the new norms and if Linden Lab wants to keep SL going for years to come, they need to adapt to the new API's sooner rather than later. OpenGL will eve
  8. I took a break from Second Life quite a while ago due to Linden Lab's illogical choice to throw resources at Sansar while ignoring longstanding BASIC Issues on Second Life. Now that the failed disaster and waste of resources that was Sansar is out of the picture, can Linden lab PLEASE fix the following: Linden Lab, if you're reading this, pay attention to the following if you wish to remain relevant: 1. Two factor authentication. Why is this still not a thing? It's really not that difficult to implement. You actually run a payment processing service and you don't even have 2FA for th
  9. Hello. I'm a RL Electronic Music Producer from South Africa looking to get into the DJ scene in Second Life. The gear, software and music library I'm using is licensed for public performance (I don't stream illegally ripped youtube videos or torrented mp3's like the majority of the other DJ's I come across on here) I speak on mic (although I'm more of a club DJ than a radio DJ so I don't talk a lot: just the occasional interaction with the crowd, sometimes greeting people, thanking patrons for tips, etc.) I do live-mixing, on the fly in a variety of Electronic Music Genres: Dance, Deep Ho
  10. LOL, you guys crack me up. As for your idea Max (can I call you Max?): Helping others in business would be a very generous thing to do, but where do you draw the line of how much you're willing to give? Some residents may try to take advantage of such offer to get some land to mess around on for a couple of days and then they'll simply vanish and won't really care if they lose the land while you've already paid the tier fees. If you are going to help someone I suggest you be very careful and perhaps get to know them first, both in the real world and in Second Life™. Also keep in mind that you
  11. I have traveled to Bay City various times and absolutely love the general layout, scenery and vibe. My dream is to one day have my own store and perhaps even a little apartment home in the Bay City area but at the moment I simply cannot afford the high "Buy Land" fees. But who knows, maybe some day? :manhappy: Truth be told, I would rather live my Second Life™ in Bay City than on a private estate owned by someone else. Bay City is a true example of how the entire mainland grid should be managed and maintained.
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