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  1. I have a few people on my friends list, who, like myself, enjoy writing longer paragraphs of sexual content. Because it does take some time to think up creative responses, and we're not exactly glued to our screens, these are encounters that last... A while. So it's somewhat rare that both parties have ample time and motivation to engage in pixel naughties. On average, I do the deed once a week.
  2. Not looking like this anymore, but I wanted to share this outfit somewhere. Everything (except the hair and bikini) were from 50L Fridays/weekend offers or group gifts.
  3. ... You can have followers? TIL.
  4. Lol that person camming up my skirt didn't even bother me, and they had their camera crosshairs turned off. What annoyed me was them IMing me with 'lesbian?'. Not even a greeting, just that. And my avatar is pretty cute imo, and I invested quite a bit of money into her look, so I enjoy people camming her, gives me a little happy boost (as silly as that is). Exactly this! And they actually move and whatnot! Won't TP away!
  5. I made an alt, and she got some really nice Camper spots next to ponds and outlooks. I'm happy boing-ing her all around Bellisseria until the Chalets release, I'm curious as to what they'll be like. But I'm probablly not going to stick with Chalets, as in RL I see chalets fairly often. I'm more interested in the 'exotic' American suburbia feeling that the Trads and Vics provide.
  6. So after being asked if I was a lesbian by some random person that happened to be on a nearby parcel while I was hopping around Bellisseria, I might just start wearing BoM undies. They had cammed underneath my dress and saw my nether regions, which so far I've been too lazy to alpha if they're not clipping with what I'm wearing, and deducted that nether regions out = lesbian. The impeccable logic aside, I had not thought that people would actually take their time and position their cam, so they can ogle at exposed nether regions. Oh well, just another step in the SL learning process.
  7. I look at and write about old things.
  8. Wants to be a YouTuber but is too lazy to read ToS and Community Standards...
  9. Releasing the white OP at 9am SLT, there's a boat bar in the lower left part of the image, and a bench near the end of the pier on the right. The beachy theme just isn't my thing at all... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fluke/184/42/23 Released.
  10. That's a bad looking skirt slit, there's hemming around the edges.
  11. This is a screencap from a movie and you can't convince me otherwise. GORGEOUS ❤️
  12. You probably want breathing bento poses. There's a pose event going on here: https://posesionproduction.wixsite.com/posesion/posevent-gallery The bought poses have to be inserted into an AO HUD, there's several free ones, or depending on the AO brand they'll have a notecard with instructions on how to add animations.
  13. Hairs, decor items, gachas, skins, shoes. So, all in all pretty useless purchases because I don't have clothes and furniture to go with them. Also, you only need so many skins. Yet whenever I see a pretty skin with freckles my reptile brain activates, and I'm out of a few hundred/thousand Ls. Someone stop me...
  14. *Goliath, and good summary. The rich getting richer and doing whatever the ***** they want, because they are obviously above the law. A jester who thinks we left serfdom behind us.
  15. Finding this nice spot in my rental that runs out today for my first ever SL photo. Nothing fancy
  16. Spent *checks clock* 5 hours decorating and furniture hunting today, and let me tell you, it's next to impossible to find curtains that are scripted to open - close, and that don't look like they belong in a castle or boudoir, or in my grandma's kitchen. I finally settled on curtains by taikou, which work fabulously.
  17. This is my ultimate relaxing watch before bed, and the attention to detail here is amazing.
  18. https://digitalregeneration.com/the-newbie-hub/ https://virtualbloke.com/archives/category/noob-dude-a-style-101-for-the-male-avatar I joined a month ago and these websites helped the most. There are YouTube tutorials too, but I highly prefer reading things. The second one uses male mesh bodies as an example, but everything said can be applied pretty much 1:1 to female bodies.
  19. If I turn off the ridiculous tit physics and scale my height down to something that's not Amazonian, then there are some minor similarities between her (my avatar) and I. If you squint.
  20. I've realised that I reenact my hobby of visiting ruins and dig sites in the RL on SL. Visiting RP sims that look like they were popular and active in their heyday and are now abandoned (in the sense of empty and unvisited, not Land Abandoned) gives me the exact same fuzzy-sad feelings as when standing in some castle ruins. Could also just be due to my timezone, and I miss the usual active peak times, but still. At the moment I'm also looking for land to rent, so I've been hopping all over the place, looking for the perfect parcel. Checking out what other people have built and decorated is tremendous fun. And of course shopping. Just like in real life I have trouble focusing on and curating a single aesthetic, so this is an expensive, but oh so fun hobby. Am I a cute uwu girl? A sexy temptress? A flower demon? And don't get me started on furniture shopping, I want it all. I no longer visit gacha yard sales because they do ugly things to my wallet.
  21. Not that I'd qualify, but how many working hours are expected?
  22. What, you'd want pro-fascism and pro-Nazi groups? Just so their fweelings won't get hurty-wurties?
  23. The only Fantasy/Medieval I remember reading of the top of my head are Sousou no Frieren, that one where the guy is trying to resurrect his dead wife and carries her corpse around in a coffin, Goblin Slayer and Berserk. I do/did enjoy those immensely. Horror ain't my thing at all, though I read almost all works by Junji Ito. But I still much prefer Slice of Life, romance and historical themes.
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