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  1. Avatar looks are transient, the person behind them are longer lasting People who judge on the appearance of a particular avatar on a particular day won't last very long in SL. SL is ALL about change and experimenting. So my advice is to ignore the haters and be your best unique you. Feel free to IM me in-world I love to "just hang."
  2. I did it! I hope you collect enough data. I used to work at The University of Idaho sims six years ago. I also taught college for ten years. Each Year, when I was teaching, I brought a group of students in-world to learn basic 3D skills and modeling. I still run into students from time to time. One they got over the initial learning curve of SL, it proved to be a great teaching platform. But, yeah... that initial learning curve is high.
  3. I have a female alt (Lucy Rust). While it’s not exactly a state secret, I don’t walk around and advertise (in-world) that Lucy is actually a guy. As a rule I don’t have SLex with anybody, which makes things less complicated, but still I have more than a few friends with whom I (Lucy) flirt or enjoy a little non-SLexual BDSM. (Kneeling, RP, appliance hopping?) most of these friends know that I am a guy in RL and enjoy the fantasy. A couple of my long term friends seem to dodge the conversation when I bring it up. It’s like they suspect, but don’t want to know. I respect that as well. As for mys
  4. This may seem old school, but whenever I get an “out of left field” friend request, I offer my calling card. I politely say, “I don’t friend on first meetings, but I would love to talk with you again. If I’m in-world, IM me and we’ll make a date.” I’ve never had any blowback from this transparent approach. I had a very dear friend used this approach on me about 12 years ago, when we first met at a club and sparked up a conversation. I have used it ever since. It’s friendly, accommodating, without the intimacy of immediate “friendship.” It allows the seed of organic friendship take root so tha
  5. I’ve taken a couple breaks from SL. My last one was medical. I was out 18 months in recovery from surgery. And another year or so getting used to my new normal. When I came back to SL it seemed like the whole world had changed. Mesh bodies? Separate heads? BOM, EEP? I’m sure it is confusing and overwhelming for you. It was for me. But I got my SL legs back and found a couple of (new) communities where I felt comfortable. (My old ones where gone 😢) I like to imagine SL As huge ocean where we are all adrift in tiny life boats. We can teleport freely from lifeboat to lifeboat, but we are all uni
  6. Going off the deep end in the forums? I can’t imagine it. ‘oh... yeah, It is kind of an age test isn’t it? Next time I’ll riff on CardiB
  7. Sorry... but I read the OP query and was caught up in a creative homage: I was tired of my girl friend, I guess we’d been together too long. Like a worn out recording of a favorite song. So while she lay there sleeping, I played SL instead. And in a dank darkened dungeon, there was a notecard that read: If you like bruised shiny bottoms, and spanking subs in the rain. If you’re not into torture, but can give me some pain. I like moaning deep in sub space on a cold metal chair, then you’re the Domme that I look for, emote to me with some flair. I didn't think about my girl friend
  8. This is somewhat explained on my forum profile but here it is: My first default avatar was created to investigate applications for (university) instruction within SL (2005). He is dead now. I then set up my own account (2006) to use with students whom I brought in-world to explain textures, 3D space and basic prim building. SL was/is a great tool to explain and demo Photoshop for composite textures, tiling, alpha channels and more. He is still around but I don’t use him much. I created another avatar for me to use outside of teaching, because SL is the kind of place where ther
  9. I drew this about a year and a half ago as an ad for Frolic Open Mic. It has since faded into SL history (sadness). Which leaves me with the question, what makes a good karaoke hangout, and where are the best karaoke establishments in SL?
  10. I’ve been using Photoshop since version 1.0. Like most people there are parts of it I love and parts I hate. I pay my monthly ransom for the full Adobe suite, but I’m not above using other tools. One of PS biggest faults is it’s bloat, and though I will be the first to say that with skills you can do anything in the program, sometimes I feel like i’m steering the Queen Mary when all I need is sail boat. To that end I will often use affinity on both my iPad and desktop. Gimp is also a good tool. It’s got it’s own fair share of bloat, but you can’t beat the power for the price ratio.
  11. I return her smile with an awkward wink, and raise my lager. “My, that’s a mischievous grin.” I mutter discreetly to the steaming bowl of mutton stew sitting before me. The smell of alcohol, sweat-smeared travelers, and rancid tobacco laced the room like an atmospheric curse circling Satan’s outhouse. From across the room a man yells, “Two stagers of gold for a room? You would think your sheets are from m’lord’s cupboard instead of upholstering this gilded latrine! The inn owner reached under the counter in an apparent attempt to leverage axe-handle diplomacy. “You should invite he
  12. Dude!. After reading this, all I gotta say is, I wanna date you!
  13. I would say: “Thank you. SL sometimes dresses me like a blind valet with passive aggressive fashion sense.” Or... ”Thank you. I’m beta-testing a new viewer that only allows avatars with grace and intelligence to see me correctly. It seems to be working perfectly.” or, if I was in my Lucy avatar: “Thank you dear. When I first res in-world I like a full body massage with body powder. When I dress, I like passive seductive outfits that say “you bet I will, but not with you.” And when I leave for my virtual office I like my perfume to be applied by a submissive servant using butterfly ki
  14. Caged excellence is a BDSM sim and group with active friendly members and lots of events. Mad Peas is a buyers group, but they also have and active group centered around mad peas games and hunts. Flikr has an active SL photography group Builders Brewery has a sandbox group, community and sim that is extremely helpful with learning how to build stuff. They also have events. a lot of these groups have discord connections that span SL and RL. there are countless art groups and galleries that exhibit creativity in many forms. SL in-world search is a mess but with a lit
  15. I added a little weight to Lucy and bought a new skin (sessions) and head (lelutka) that allows her tummy, hip, and booty do the talking. Looking much more cuddly.
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