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  1. Let’s see... in my tenure in SL I have seen satanic animal sacrifice, Catholic stations of the cross, two chibi furries having Slex on playground equipment, a snuffle dungeon with appliances, Mormon temples, vegan only meditation zones, alien tentacle rap, national socialist rp areas, hippie tie-dye trailer parks, and a resident (before zindra) who lived in a 15M Dindong house with requisite glowing particle fountain. SL has been a beacon of tolerance in a world hell-bent on stifling “other” people’s “wrong” views. 1. Why would I want this to change? 2. Who gets to decide what is ha
  2. There are those who rubberneck an accident, and then there are those who create accidents to rubberneck. Some people just gotta watch the world burn. Don’t be surprised if he shows up later on, and gaslight the whole experience, draws you in, then does the same thing again.
  3. In my crystal ball I see... A mutation of the 'Rona that sends everyone back into extreme isolation again which drives an invading horde of former SL critics seeking any kind of social interaction regardless of how embarrassing it might be. Concurrency rates will explode. Residents who have left will return and continually ask those around them what the hell is bento and does it come with duck sauce? In an effort to cater to its older (RL age) demographic an SL version of Jeopardy (SLeparty) and Wheel of Fortune (Disk of SLuck) will become a popular hosted event with mesh recliners replacing d
  4. Blender is frustrating for me sometimes (most of the time actually.) I really enjoy it but ARGH, sometimes it feels like I'm beating my head against a wall. I'm self taught, and have been using it for years, which means I have a lot of vertical knowledge in some areas and embarrassing gaps in others. I know that in blender there is sometimes multiple ways to accomplish the same thing. But I can't help but wonder sometimes if the root of my problems and frustrations are because my workflow is ignorant. Texturing is one of those areas. I use Eevee for most of the building part, then switch
  5. When I first explored SL(2005) I was a college instructor, and would mentor students through the beginnings of virtual world/game development (CG side). That was fun. If you've been in SL longer than a week, you can help day-old n000bs through the initial frustrations. It's a service job, it doesn't pay well (at all) but it is rife with benefits. The best way to learn is to teach. I learned to cobble prims (build) pretty early on. Somebody told me that female avatars sell more (hindsight--not true) so I set up a female business avatar and opened a store. I built nothing astonishing but t
  6. Highest peak in SL. Loved exploring the caves!
  7. Thank you. This is me testing... yeah it worked! Once again Ive learned to ignore the button and just copy and paste.
  8. I'm positive Im missing something simple and this has been covered before on the forums but I can't find it. I have a flicker page. I have photos on this page. When I post to the forum I can manage a text link, but how do I get my photo to actually show up in the forum posts? Ive tried copy paste of flicker URL link but when I ask it to post it flashes red (pink) and doesn't complete. Thanks in advance.
  9. There are issues. There have always been issues. These issues get fixed, others rear their heads. There used to be a day (Wed?) that SL shut down for hours for weekly updates, fixes, and changes. Then they moved to rolling sim shut downs and power ups. Imagine sitting on a pose ball, typing out your most emotive masterpiece, tied to pole, while your sexy bits whisper, "avatar A is getting distracted," and then... a sim wide message appears saying: "Prepare for sim shutdown in three minutes." Talk about a mood killer! You learn to roll with it. For what used to be magic behind a curtain,
  10. I think ChibiDragon007 was saying that she wanted an adult sim without the blatant sexuality for adult (grown-up)) conversations that are not too sensitive for children (in the home?) to hear. (I could be wrong?)) My wife of 35 years is on the spectrum and so are two of my sons, They tend to speak very literally with verbal shortcuts. Also the absolute statement followed by "Furthermore" and "hard to grasp" seem a bit harsh to me. Every experience on SL is subjective to the person experiencing it. Condensation and absolutes are a hard place from which to find common ground and understandi
  11. In RL I spent a period of time living in Las Vegas. A friend I went to school with asked what it was like to live in a modern-day Sodom & Gomorrah? I told him that Vegas is a giant neon-framed mirror. It reflects what you seek out. There is another Las Vegas that has nothing to do with Gambling, sex and baccanal revelry. I have found Second Life to be the same. It would be naive (ok... scratch that... ignorant) to say that sex doesn't exist or play a major part in SL. However, there are a lot of areas (some of which are covered in other responses) that are more focused on conversation, lea
  12. I've been in SL for 15 years. Ouch! That really hurts. Finding friends in SL has its challenges. Here are my rules of engagement: Join an interest group (not just a sales group or an invite from a generic bot greeter.) When the iPhone first came out Apple had an ad campaign that said, "there's an app for that!" In SL the saying should be, "there's a group for that!" Unpack a latent interest and search for them. These groups will have mixer events. Attend a mixer. Lurk and listen. When you have gathered your courage, say something! Riff on something someone else has said, ask
  13. Thank you to you both. That worked like a charm and I even understand what I did to create the problem. You saved me a lot of heartache both present and future!
  14. I use Builder's Brewery almost exclusively. VERY stable. Lots of space. Expertly managed by volunteers who know what they are doing. I've used a lot of sandboxes over the years, and BB is the best. How good, you might ask? So much so that that I actually regularly donate money for the sim. I don't have too, but these kind of places are the life blood for builders. Oh did I mention they have well taught classes in everything from basic prim work to Blender mesh work? Damn. Im getting excited just talking about it.
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