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  1. Ebbe Altberg PDG de Linden Lab depuis 2014 et de Second Life, est décédé hier dans la nuit c'est avec beaucoup de tristesse qu'il a quitté ce monde, celui de Second Life et de Linden Lab, Second Life l'annonce aujourd'hui le 04.06.2021 Voici l'article qui est rédigé par Patch Linden traduit en FR destiné à toute la communauté et nous résidents de Second Life: Bonjour, communauté de Second Life (vous) Second Life à fait face à de nouveaux sommets en 2020, entre la crise de pandémie mondiale qui s'est accrochée à un changement de présidence difficile, et pendant des changements d
  2. Mute et bloque cet avatar si c'est toujours le même ça lui empêchera toute interaction avec ton avatar, c'est horrible de faire ça mute le directement
  3. Tiens vidéo pour faire un avatar femme complètement gratuit
  4. Je ne sais pas pour le site web mais essaie dans Firestorm ou le viewver que tu as ça fonctionne bien
  5. Tu dois voir quelle marque de partie G tu as premièrement et faire une notecard à la marque ils pourront te répondre, normalement tout produit acheté vient avec une notice d'utilisation tu dois en avoir une pour savoir comment ça fonctionne
  6. It's interesting to know this is that's what makes the highest level of a language, when I made the history of Second Life video it was supposed to be in French only my main language, I decided to make it available in English, because all the informations I gathered were originally in English, I spoke slowly the entire script so that people who learned English who are non native would understand clearly and its the case. If you have hearing issues my French tone would be a nightmare for you I totally understand, the CC are available and you can also select the speed of the video if its too slo
  7. Yes Oz has contributed a LOT to the Historical Museum of Second Life, collecting a lot of informations, 100's is an expression but there's a LOT of them haven't count all of them
  8. Hello Secondlifers I thought to share with you my recent documentary about the History of Second Life from 1999 to 2021. It's the story of how Second Life is born until today modern days. It's a great history to tell, especially when you investigate from inside Second Life unlike external medias who tend to tarnish Second Life image and belittle its history. I travelled one week in the Grid, visited the historical places of Second Life that holds its 17 years of existence, the historical museum with the hundreds notecards from Oz Linden. I investigated the Second Life wiki, the Second Lif
  9. For the one and only reason that it pushes the players to compete in an agressive way, does Facebook address its concurrents the same way to market themselves no its irresponsible Thank you for your reaction
  10. What are you thoughts about this Second Lifers, Lately IMVU has this entire page dedicated to " IMVU vs Second Life" where IMVU describe themselves as "Award winning virtual world in graphics, and to be somehow better than Second Life" its on IMVU official website made by IMVU, its a direct agressive marketing. Right below https://about.imvu.com/imvu-vs-second-life#:~:text=Like many virtual worlds%2C Second,in the whole wide world!&text=Looks like at IMVU more is…a LOT more.
  11. Lumya I have definately tried it back in time, with a pretty powerful samsung at that time I took with all mighty all the 4G internet speed to render just one avatar I would have to wait a good ten minutes, when my i7 and RTX loads in less than a minute with just 11MB internet not even on cable but WIFI. It's a joke really how Lumya would even render my house I remember everything was grey moving was a pain changing just a top was excessively long 10minutes for a top, what about the rest. Why because its just not optimized and let's not forget the heat of my android smartphone. Maybe you
  12. Thank you so its still very close to what has been announced in the Lab Gab episode before they even started this project, very good to know hopefully the new version will pass the Apple review. I'm on Android I dont mind waiting, once the official Second Life app is there its there its not moving anywhere. Yet I do not understand how avatars can even fantasize to see their avatars fully 3d rendered in a phone, do they know that our bento bodies and bento heads and accessories all type of mesh contet DEFIES the law of polys and optimization and could litterally make our phone ex
  13. Linden Lab has announced in late 2020 they are currently working on an IOS official Second Life App once they monitor IOS they can do Android, it will NOT have the virtual 3d interface, but users can manage their group, their ims, inbox, secondlife marketplace, listings they are working on it please watch Lab Gab episodes on Second Life official Youtube channel to know more about what Linden Lab is actually doing !
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