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  1. Oh, I agree Orwar, whatever is meant to be seen has to be mesh, be it my clothes, a bikini at the beach or even lingerie if that's what I want to be seen 'in'.
  2. Hiya Yuumo Ichibara. Thanks for your reply as I was thinking I should find some 'new' super realistic / textured BOM undies. These certainly meet that standard. I love the aqua set in the middle picture.
  3. One of the things I "rediscovered" in the absolute mess I call my inventory was a underwear set I bought about 8-9 years ago from Taste. Surprisingly it's still available on MP although their inworld store is long since gone. A bonus of adopting Baked On Mesh I've learned is being able to use some of the old system clothes, particularly underwear, I had before jumping on the Mesh body bandwagon years ago. But there's no way I'm going back to "glitch pants"! I'm curious, when you put together that perfect outfit, a casual top and jeans, or a special dress to dance the SL night away, do you
  4. Hi everyone. I need help finding this blouse. The picture is cropped from the Anne hairstyle at Kuni. I’ve looked on MP and Google with no luck finding. Hoping that one of you might know. Thanks...=^-^=
  5. Standing 10 feet back from a cliff and looking over something modelled very well indeed.
  6. Hi Drake. Thanks for the reply ☺️. I like the shape of the bikini and the sunshine yellow colour.
  7. Hey, has anyone seen a Maitreya mesh bikini like this in SL? I’ve looked on MP and have found, and bought 😉, a few micro bikinis but nothing like this. As skimpy as this is, I love the detail with the zig-zag stitching along the edges. Maybe someone has seen a bikini like this at an event or a store in world? I looked at FaMESHedX last night and there was a micro bikini from Lana Moon (I bought), but I still would love to find one like this.
  8. Love this pic Victoria. Where did you get the outfit?
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