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  1. I don't really think any of that is gonna fly in Second Life, but you might have some better luck commissioning them for VR Chat - even though the copyright infringement is still an issue, it just seems like people get away with it more easily in VR Chat. If you're expecting someone to see this list and just do all that work for free, then idk what to tell you lol. You could always learn Blender and put in the work yourself
  2. LOL! My partner and I have been doing the same. 🤣 Well, we haven't gone out shopping or anything, but if we've been watching Netflix or doing something together in SL we'll make jokes about it. If we get a 10-second Youtube ad for makeup playing before the video, he'll give a theatrical "oh gOD skip the AD I don't know how much longer I can reSIST the MALE URGE to CHEAT"
  3. You guys really aren't missing anything on VS. I heard about it when I came across a SL video on YouTube where people got together and read out some of the posts, so naturally I went there to check it out thinking it might be interesting. I think the funniest thing I've seen on there was a missing poster for men's foreheads, the rest is just screenshots of people's inworld profiles with insults written all over it because Tattoo'd Demon Man #29502105 cheated. Half the posts aren't even legible because of tiny, blurry blue fonts on pink backgrounds but it's mainly just "exposing" cheaters or SL families, or RP sim communities firing shots at each other. It's more sad than anything, to be honest.
  4. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him read the OP. 😩
  5. I've always thought of my asexuality as a superpower, it lets me see through all kinds of BS.
  6. I would highly recommend using SL for more than a couple days before trying to get a job, as most jobs will expect you to be comfortable with SL as an intermediate to advanced user. As a brand new user, there's really no need to even have a SL job. The fact that you say "cause no one really hiring" tells me you have very little knowledge of them because people are constantly posting threads here looking to hire people for various roles, and the posts here are only a fraction of what all is available in-world. I'd also recommend actually reading the initial posts in the employment section, since you've replied to a few of them even though they ask to be contacted in-world. Doesn't matter how hellbent you are on getting a job if you aren't even paying attention to what they're asking you to do. 😋
  7. Come on man I've already directed someone else to read the OP in this thread lol.
  8. It's happened to me a couple times if someone sends me a friend request while I'm offline. When I log in, I see the request and hit accept, but we still aren't on each other's friend lists. I think group invites do the same thing, I've received those while offline and will hit accept when I log in, but it just disappears and I'm still not in the group. 🤷‍♀️
  9. I agree 100%. I used to be the type who would send a message first to anyone I thought seemed cool, had something interesting in their bio/profile, etc etc (online in general, not just SL) and it's just genuinely because I like meeting new people and I get really enthusiastic when I meet someone who's into similar things I am. Even if it's just a username that's an obscure reference I recognize, my knee-jerk reaction is just to drop a friendly message to say "ayyyyyyy nice name! love the reference!". Sometimes these interactions have lead to amazing friendships, but they've also lead to really awkward and uncomfortable situations where they took it as an open invitation. I also had an extreme case of this happen in RL which probably caused the most damage, to be fair. An ex-coworker stalked me for a couple years because he was entirely convinced I was totally into him and "playing hard to get" because I was friendly with him at work and talked to him about D&D on our breaks. Luckily the online interactions are much easier to shut down, but that whole slightly traumatizing RL experience was kind of the nail in the coffin for me and now I'll really only approach guys first if we're in a group setting and I tend to make some sort of reference to my relationship. Something like "oh, you watch X! that's awesome, my bf and I just got into that recently!" and sometimes you can tell by their response if there's friendship potential or if it's dead in the water. It definitely sucks knowing that I've probably passed over a lot of potentially amazing friendships but it just gets old and I get emotionally tired from it. 😵
  10. It's so discouraging to realize that there are men out there with the mindset of "wow this woman is being friendly with me, she must be down for sex". I see that enough in RL, so I'm sure it's a bit more exaggerated in SL due to anonymity and being virtual. Maybe they're also extra forward because with virtual sex there is no risk (pregnancy, STDs, etc) so it's like a question of "why not?" for them? I dunno, it's annoying though and has made me wary of being too friendly with new male acquaintances, both in RL and online.
  11. Eloquent and thoughtful as always. Good talk.
  12. We might not really "follow" each other in the same way that we can follow each other on Instagram or Twitter, but we can basically follow brands/designers/communities by joining their groups. I would argue that the popular brands in SL could be considered "influencers" -- if one of the top popular designers came out with a unique style of clothing, it has the potential to be popular, perhaps inspiring other brands to make their own versions or put their own twist on it, thus becoming an inworld fashion trend. We also might need to define exactly what we mean by "influencer", if we're trying to discuss whether or not it's a status one could attain within SL (speaking purely in-world, disregarding SL bloggers and other SL-related content creators whose platforms are built outside of SL itself). People in general, no matter where they are, are always gonna congregate around someone and look to them for what's popular, trendy, etc. These trends don't have to include all of SL, they could just be smaller groups/communities as well; I'm sure the furry community has its own in-group of popular / well-known people who have more influence on the community than a random average user. They could be creators, group leaders, club owners, or anything really. If they're deemed popular by their community, and their opinions and style influence others, then is that enough to make them an "influencer"?
  13. Better stop taking my bf with me to Walmart, he might see one of those models on a lingerie ad and lose all control of his body to go aggressively have sex with the first female he sees. 😳 But, in all seriousness, like countless others in here have said -- if you cannot trust your partner not to cheat on you simply because he sees women around him, it's probably not the healthiest of relationships to begin with. In both SL and RL, marketing loves to use conventionally attractive people to sell their products. If it was really that hard for people to contain themselves, shopping at stores would probably be a very different experience... 🤣 but luckily, I think even the horndoggiest of folks can control themselves. And like many others also said, if the dude is the type to cheat, then going shopping with him won't make a lick of difference. If you go shopping without him, he could just go to some escort club or meet up with someone while you're gone. But I do think it's a bit gross to assume men are all like that, or even all women or all people in general. I have full trust in my partner, both online and in RL, whether he's right at my side or we're off doing our own things separately. If I didn't, that would be something we'd need to work on together, or perhaps an insecurity I'd need to work on myself about.
  14. Well, in the spirit of him wanting to take "candid" photos, asking first kinda defeats the whole purpose. 😋 I agree! Even if I was in a goofy pose off in the background or something, I'd still love to see or have those candid group shots!
  15. You should also keep in mind we're currently going through a pandemic. Many people don't have the disposable income they did a few years ago, and lots of people were stuck at home and perhaps decided to take up some new skills to learn things like Blender. Maitreya was only L$1500 on Black Friday, and quality mesh heads are occasionally given out for free, or on sale, at events/promotions. A patient penny pincher could definitely put together a full mesh avatar for pretty cheap. SL isn't meant to cash out the equivalent of a RL job's income. It's easy to blame the customers for being lazy, cheap, entitled, etc but please remember they might also be struggling right now and not have as much spending money as they used to, and just trying to escape into SL for a bit. I have noticed though, that more niche communities within SL haven't suffered the effects of market oversaturation and are still reasonably priced. Maybe try to find a more targeted audience for your creations? There's tons of fashion types that are criminally underrepresented in the SL market if you're a clothes designer. There's tons of furniture/decor aesthetics that go ignored, if you're into making that. The furry community and MLP community are super active and thriving and hungry for new quality items because most creators wanna focus on the overcrowded mainstream. If I ever got around to learning Blender and Z Brush, I'd totally go for the alternative communities that need more of a selection, where there is a high demand and low supply.
  16. That's hilarious lmao. You never asked for the photo, he voluntarily took it AND sent it to you, therefore it was a gift and you owe him nothing. 😆 That's so weird though, he could have at least IM'd you first before just sending you things and demanding money lmao.
  17. Huh... then I'm at a loss. The only thing I could think of would be to submit a support ticket, maybe see if someone can look into your listing for you? Maybe they'll be able to see which words/phrases are triggering the system. I do wish they'd just tell you though.
  18. You could always snap photos and then IM them afterwards to ask for permission to post them! I'm sure most people won't mind if you're polite and respectful enough to ask, and the photos aren't intended to shame or ridicule. 😊
  19. today I learned: A couple years ago, Microsoft tried a 4-day workweek in Japan and gave everyone Fridays off. They also said meetings should be no more than 30 minutes long, and the amount of meetings in general should be reduced by using online messenger apps. Productivity jumped 40% compared to the same period the previous year. https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/04/tech/microsoft-japan-workweek-productivity
  20. In the email, they said participants who were chosen for the in-world interviews would receive a $75 gift card. I don't think it's a scam, if it's coming directly from Linden Labs. That's a decent amount of money for 30 minutes, so if you were chosen & you're comfortable with doing it, then I say go for it!
  21. I like looking around at events, but I feel like there's always events going on-- kinda defeats the purpose of "event", I think. I wouldn't mind it so much though, if there was a bit more diversity, but it seems like 90% of the events feature all the same stuff. Same stores, same designers, same styles... it feels like the only time there's really any diversity is in the special/infrequent events, or when they have themes (like the 90s kid event this month! that was cool!). Aside from those, it just feels like the same brands trying to peddle the same products to the same customer base, so I think those get a bit superfluous.
  22. I don't exactly put my avatar to bed or anything, but I do have the habit of teleporting back to my apartment before logging out. Not that it really matters since it's my home point and I could log in at that spot automatically, but I still seem to do it anyways. I guess it just seems like the proper thing to do, like how we return home in RL after going out for the day.
  23. Today I became a pony and explored some of the really cute My Little Pony sims! 😊 EDIT: went and found some custom hair and a bit of eyeshadow~ it seems more fitting now!
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