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  1. Well I definitely would not suggest having premium or even trying to get a SL job until you're a bit more familiar with SL itself. Whether you try for a job as a dancer, host, dj, escort, mesh creator, etc -- you're gonna have to have basic to intermediate (and sometimes more advanced) knowledge of how SL works. I'd highly recommend just using SL casually and exploring, going around, chatting, getting freebies to get familiar with inventory / wearing & attaching items, etc until you're more comfortable with it. If you think it's confusing now, trying to get a job where you're probably expected to know how to handle everything might not be the best route lol. Since you already got the premium membership, it does give you a weekly (I think?) allowance of L$ so even if you don't use it for anything else, at least it'll provide you with some starter money. My other recommendation would be to look up videos on YouTube about getting started, there are several SL-based channels that make a ton of tutorials, videos, and streams aimed at helping new users get on their feet. But for future reference, when you're ready, you can find active job postings here: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/312-inworld-employment/
  2. While there are some really gorgeous realistic-style avatars out there, I honestly prefer ones that are a bit more stylized. Not sure if it's the uncanny valley effect, or the fact that SL seems to have developed its own beauty standards that leads 80% of everyone to look exactly the same, or simply because I enjoy anime already. 😛 But to me it seems much easier (and cheaper!) to get a more unique, customized look with a stylized anime or furry avatar. That said, as far as SL photography goes, the people who can make their realistic avatars super pretty and take nice shots? Those are really nice to look at, and I appreciate the amount of work and L$ that must have gone into that.
  3. All of the birds died in 1986 due to Reagan killing them, and replacing them with spies that are now watching us. The birds work for the Bourgeoisie.
  4. @bouveirexbelmont and I finally watched Encanto on Disney+ ! I really liked it, even if I thought the ending was kind of rushed and weak, writing-wise. The song Surface Pressure in particular hit me like a punch to the gut, as the eldest sibling and a burned out "gifted" kid lmao. It's criminally relatable :') and also stuck in my head now lmao.
  5. Man, I'm from the South where tons of people use them often, but I still hate hate haaaaate when people use sweetie/sweetheart, honey, darling, etc etc in a condescending way. 😐 (and yes the reporting of posts for no justified reason is also a rather cowardly move.)
  6. I agree with Nick, the easiest and immediate solution is just to ignore the guy. If everyone just mutes him, he loses his power -- but you can absolutely contact the land owner to complain about him. If everyone also messaged the land owner, I'm sure they'd rather ban the guy from their sim instead of letting him chase everyone away. Given the context, I'm pretty sure they mean "it's been happening for a long time".
  7. The biologists really started trolling when they revealed that whales have skeletal remnants of hind legs that are canid in form, suggesting whales descended from large land mammals that share a common ancestor with wolves. 🤣
  8. If it were really up to me, I'd prefer not to crash at all. Otherwise, I don't care I just want the viewer to close so I can pull it back up and relog. I don't really have the surreal, dream-like existential crisis when it happens... just a quick "damn, it crashed" and perhaps a slightly frustrated sip of soda while waiting to get back online.
  9. That. . . all sounds horrible lmao -- but very interesting to hear about, nonetheless! Gotta appreciate an odd but scientifically sound solution! I had no idea there was an issue with tart/runny marinara... I also strongly dislike marinara and tomatoes so that's probably why. 🤣 I love spicy and/or fruity salsa though, as long as there's enough flavor to make me forget that I'm eating tomatoes.
  10. Holyyyyyyy that is one GORGEOUS picture.
  11. Exaaaactly. They're both undead, eat humans, and repopulate via infection through biting. 😤
  12. I think it looks great! 😄❤️ Just like you mastered gpose, you'll get the hang of this, too.~
  13. I find the old system avatars to be... well, not aesthetically pleasing to look at, to put it nicely. 😅 I definitely prefer the newer style of mesh bodies/heads, even if a lot of them don't really appeal to me either. It just seems like there's a lot more customization and options you can have, and some people have made really beautiful and amazing avatars by piecing everything together with patience and care. System avatars all kind of look the same to me. Even in video games, if there's an aspect of character customization I have to like how my character looks or else I lose all interest in playing it. That's just my personal preference, though.
  14. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ I just saw this post on a similar thread, figured I'd share it here for the handy links.
  15. Are the items you bought showing up in your order history? Have you tried getting them redelivered? If they don't show up but your L$ was still taken, check your L$ transactions page on your account to see if it's recorded there. If the books don't match up, maybe submit a ticket? If it does have your MP purchases there, but on Marketplace it's not showing that you bought them, I'd try contacting the store owner(s) to let them know your situation and ask if they received the order & payment. If it shows up on their end, they should be able to do a redelivery for you! If not... well, back to submitting a ticket if they say they didn't receive anything. That's all I can really think to do, hope you guys get your items!
  16. Yeah I looked at their post history after this and noticed that lmao. My man needs to take off the tinfoil hat. 💀 Unless maybe they're onto something... Brenden does rhyme with Linden... C o i n c i d e n c e ?
  17. Wait, so someone stole your account 10 years ago? Or did you mean it was created 10 years ago? Either way, it shouldn't matter where you access your account from so I'm not sure what that has to do with anything, unless you signed up with that neighbor's email address as well.
  18. I think you just raised more questions than you answered. 🤣 Also... ???
  19. ALWAYS. Taking away lil Pluto's planet status was a cheap dirty trick and I refuse to humor it. Homie ain't gettin' kicked out of the club like that. 😤
  20. Vampires are just sophisticated, intelligent zombies and poptarts are dessert ravioli.
  21. Cat-person supremacy! 💯 But for real, it's a cute pic and the ears look so FLUFFY ❤️ just keep taking pictures, you'll get the hang of it!
  22. I mean this thread was posted about a week ago, it's reasonable to think she might have found a job by now. Not everyone comes back to the forum to update their threads, both "looking for" and "now hiring", which is why it's always best to contact everyone in-world to make sure they're still looking, or the position is still open. No need to come and be rude about it on here. 😅 Looks like she hasn't even logged in here since she posted this.
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