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  1. Couldn't resist. 😅
  2. It may very well be the term "Red Bull" since a few other trademarked beverage names are banned. "Coca Cola" is also banned, so that would be my best guess... You might just have to take a page from the Chinese bootleggers and use a term like Crimson Cow. 😆 But the easiest way to see if that's the banned word is to remove it entirely from the listing (name, tags, and description) and see if it stays up.
  3. I'm not afraid of the future, for the same reasons I'm not afraid of eating raw cookie dough. It's Future Me's problem, and if I die then I die.
  4. Made my account a little over a year ago, near the end-ish of 2020 I think? I was in elementary thru middle school when Second Life first came out and was actually being advertised and talked about, but it sounded incredibly boring and I used other sites for socializing that also had games, like Neopets and Gaia Online. Fast forward to 2020 when I was stuck in pandemic lockdown and getting a little burned out on the online game I'd been playing. Came across a video mentioning Second Life on YouTube and was like "holyyyy, is that even still around?!" and after consulting Google, I saw that yes it was. 🤣 So I joined out of morbid curiosity and stayed because I like texturing & selling things (I was already doing that with another program for fun) and I make just enough change to fund my occasional shopping trips! 😄 I still struggle to find fun social things to do since lewd/sexual activity is so prevalent, so I'm mainly on my own either wandering around to explore what feels like a forgotten world sometimes, or just chilling by myself in my apartment to color on things. I agree. As silly as it might seem to suddenly bump a 4 year old thread, as long as the post is on-topic it should be considered a legitimate revival, and it lets more people chime in with their own answers and start new conversations without having to make a new thread! 🙂
  5. "Stop chasing the snake oil salesmen out of town! I want to buy his magic potion but he always runs away before I can!" Jokes aside, if you honestly don't have the critical thinking skills to look at OP's idea, realize the glaring issues, and see that everyone was just seeking clarification to those glaring issues, then idk what to tell you... except maybe if a Nigerian prince emails you asking for money, please don't send it to him. If people call your phone claiming to be from Microsoft, please don't go buy $500 in iTunes gift cards.
  6. Gonna make this a +3 🤣 I have no interest in sugar daddies, unless maybe it's a purely platonic arrangement and he's willing to provide some glucose for my partner as well. 😏 I mean hey, you never know! But the popular DJ thing...? Do DJs become renowned in SL? I don't think I've ever remembered a particular DJ, I mean sure some are better than others but like, idk that seems like a very odd concept to me and I can't really see how ladies would just melt at their feet purely from their DJ status, but maybe that's just me. 😆 Honestly I'd think being like some hot-shot creator or the owner of a popular store/brand would carry more weight. But yeah, point is, don't assume all women / femme presenting avatars are in SL for the same thing. Don't blame the alpha chads for stealing all the women and say that's why they don't talk to you.
  7. These are... definitely pretty bad. 🤣 I never had the pleasure of experiencing Sansar.
  8. That's a bit vague, but if it's something "illegal" I assume it's something you'd be able to submit an AR for? I get if you don't want to come out and say whatever it was, but maybe a general idea could help us give more specific advice. Some of the categories for ARs are a bit broad, and sometimes we just have to pick our best guess even if it doesn't fit exactly -- that's why they allow for a written account of what's going on, so you should be able to explain what you saw and provide a screenshot of it through there. You could also try contacting the owner of wherever it happened, whether that's the owner of the place it happened, or the owner of the sim/parcel/land maybe?
  9. We can't? Do you mean on the forums here, or anywhere? That sounds extremely anti-consumer. 😵
  10. Aside from the amateur fisherman here... I do think that items such as clothes should be mod-allowed. As long as it's copyable and there's a redelivery system in place, creators shouldn't need to be bothered for a new copy if the item gets messed up. In RL we can buy jeans from the store and paint on them or rip them up, so I don't think it should be that big of a deal to allow mod permissions. If they don't allow mod, I think creators/vendors should be more proactive in making the permissions clear in the ad or description, and like Rowan said, put all available colors/patterns/options in the demo so buyers know exactly what they're getting. I don't think LL themselves would necessarily do anything about that, but creators could do better to help these issues. Make the product's permissions clear and visible, give out accurate demos so customers can be sure they're making informed decisions, etc. Maybe even be more vigilant in making sure colors are more accurate on product ads (such as lipsticks/makeup where specific shades are important to know). And on the other side of that same coin, customers could stop giving their business to brands that don't display their permissions or make them difficult to find, have incomplete demos, inaccurate vendor ads, etc. As long as those creators are still making sales and doing well, they may not really care to change their ways.
  11. Maitreya would definitely be the way to go if you're looking for a single body that can do both human and furry avatars! Maitimo beat me to the Maitreya link, but here are a few other stores I know off the top of my head that might give you some starting points! Apricot Paws -- https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/39364 -- has a ton of furry feet/paw mods as well as clothes. Cerberus + BB//MM -- https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/105063 -- lots of modded parts and various furry bento heads (and a lot of full bento avatars as well) [Murder of Ravens] -- https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/115622 -- has some of the best animated bento ears and tails imo, that work with any body Happy Paw -- https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/175788 -- also has tons of furry bento heads, as well as ear + tail add ons I'd also recommend searching up furry shopping malls! There's quite a few of them and they'll be chock full of vendors specializing in furry mods, avatars, clothes, add-ons, etc. There are a few furry clubs like GYC and The Ark that also have a section of their sim for vendors, and you can find all kinds of more niche things there!
  12. Hmm, where can I find these people? I need a new kitchen table. 😩
  13. The OP posted a link for the application, I'm sure there are further instructions within it.
  14. They might not check back on the forums regularly for replies here, try contacting them in-world with an IM or a notecard.
  15. Oh, for sure! I know it can pop up with "Away" over your head if you AFK for long enough, but it would be nice if it changed your profile's online status to "away" as well. I also wish there was an option to appear offline, or appear AFK/busy. I feel like that wouldn't be too hard to add in, and it would be a lot more useful than just hiding online status from specific friends.
  16. If I'm actively talking to someone, whether it's in SL or on Discord, I'll hit 'em with a "brb" or say I've gotta afk for a bit, run and do some things, etc etc and that I'll be on later. I don't necessarily believe it's the "right" thing to do or that not doing it is "wrong", but I just personally feel like it would be rude of me to suddenly vanish from an active conversation where we were both present and responding to each other immediately. If the other person suddenly poofs though, I don't mind at all and just figure they're busy... but I also have a lot of good friends that will leave me on read for days sometimes, then come back like "oh crap! took the trash out and forgot to reply, then got distracted with other things! whoops!" 😆 And I've done that myself, so no hard feelings! Sometimes that ADHD squirrel brain is hard to overcome. Overall I do agree with this! But I think there are some differences in sending an IM on SL and sending a text to someone's phone, that may affect those expectations. We might be AFKing around in SL but there is an online indicator, whereas when you text someone's phone there's no indication if that person is asleep, at work, watching TV, grocery shopping, etc so it's probably more commonly acknowledged as a message you send over to someone for them to see and respond whenever they're available. That said, there definitely are people who act the same way through text messages. 🤣 There was a guy back in college that asked me out for lunch one time, and a few days before the lunch date I was in class and had my phone on airplane mode so it wouldn't buzz with constant group chat notifications. Class got out and I turned off airplane mode to see what all I missed, and suddenly it blew up with over 500 text messages from that guy and it was absolutely one of the most unhinged things I've ever experienced lmao. Some people will just always feel entitled to your immediate time and attention, no matter what the platform, and to me that's a huge red flag. I enjoy being social and I do my best, but I'm also an introvert and can't stand pushy people who think I need to worship their feet just because they decided to message me. I feel like a sensible, mature individual would know that I might not be right at my keyboard (or phone!) to reply instantly, and be okay with that. But at the end of the day, we don't owe anyone our personal time or attention and I certainly lose all interest in interacting with people when they act like I do.
  17. Damn, can I be in the secret club? I'll bring refreshments to the meetings, and I'm decent at taking notes. 👀 But as for the topic, I also have the same mentality that while pure privacy isn't really guaranteed in a virtual world like SL, it's still social etiquette to behave as if it was. In RL, you'd get the police called on you for going into a store's fitting rooms and being a peeping tom. In SL if you cam'd over to watch someone's avatar getting undressed behind a fitting room curtain, there's really not much anyone could do about it -- but it's still seen as socially unacceptable to do, because you're generally expected to give people their privacy out of respect. But I guess as long as you don't send creepy IMs to the person and just oggle them for your own personal reasons, no one will ever know (unless LookAts are-- nvm, not even getting into that again LOL). Laws in RL regarding invading people's privacy don't really carry over into SL or other virtual/online worlds, but our social behaviors (for the most part) do. Personally I just rent a cheap little L$50/week skybox apartment because all I really need out of it is a place to rez, texture clothes, take pictures, and have a somewhat "private" place to myself for adjusting my avatar, trying on new clothes/heads/bodies, etc, as well as a peaceful place to AFK so I'm not in anyone's way. But this means the landmark right into my living room is publicly available at the renter's office should anyone happen to click on the dot for my particular skybox, so I understand there's always the possibility someone could pop in at any time. 🤷‍♀️ But, I really don't care about it that much to justify spending more L$ on a more private home. While I'm only a year old in SL, I'm certainly not new to online communities and the one I was a part of for over a decade was an extremely toxic environment where private messages were never kept private. Everyone knew everyone else's dirty laundry because everyone enjoyed the gossip way too much, and I learned very quickly to never say anything in "private" that I wouldn't ever want to be made public -- because it often would be as soon as you had the slightest form of disagreement with that person. I'd been in that community since I was about 14 years old, so I guess that mentality really shaped how I feel about the expectation of online/virtual social privacy - that it's all a delicate illusion that we keep up out of respect, and could just as easily tear it down anytime we feel like it.
  18. I get why someone wouldn't want to enter a SL (or especially RL) relationship with an alt account, but aside from that situation I'm really not sure why alts would be looked down upon... especially since I'm pretty sure 90% of SL users have at least one alt.
  19. I kinda like that this thread is called "griefer-ish" and I'm pretty sure everyone who's posted their past hijinks has understood that the OP was referring to non-harassing, good ol fun and silliness. Perhaps some of "trolling" or "griefing" behavior that's reported today is really just well-meaning people trying to have fun or experiment with things and unintentionally bother other people in the process. I'm guessing these things were a bit more socially acceptable back then, which is a shame, since it can be good to step back and laugh sometimes. Sometimes to me it feels like people in SL tend to take it way too seriously and turn their nose up at nonsense, whether its actual intentional harassment or just someone trying to goof off and have fun. This thread has been a lot of fun to read through, since it directly contradicts that perception! And I think it's a good thing to think back on those times and remember how fun it was, and more importantly that it was done in the spirit of having fun and not to ruin someone's day or otherwise be malevolent.
  20. Same. I tend to check the profile of anyone unknown who IMs me, since it can usually give me a clue or two about who they are and what they're after. If a guy IMs me asking to dance, with a profile bio bragging about being a super alpha chad who loves sex with women he meets at clubs, multiple daddy dom related groups, and picks full of sexual conquests... then, sure I'll take the risk of seeming a bit judgmental when I decline or ignore his IM entirely. Thank god once I went for an anime avatar, the creepy IMs slowed down tremendously. 😵 I personally don't really pay much attention to whether they have payment info or not, but I definitely see how/why that could be considered a red flag in certain scenarios.
  21. The Second Life Marketplace is an enigmatic beast, like how bees defy all known laws of aviation. But in all seriousness, I'm glad you were able to get it resolved! For now, at least! It's definitely odd that it gives you the same issue sometimes on multiple PCs and browsers, but at least you've won this round. 😄
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