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Found 11 results

  1. currently i own the oh deer avatar by durpbut, but its heavily under supported clothes and skin wise. I think ill pass on UTILIZATOR's kemono and furry heads. i already own avatar 2.0, normie head, mars/venus heads by UTILIZATOR and i'm not really happy with those. i avoid bodies that really on solely on appliers, i prefer bom ready bodies, i find it simpler. maybe i just don't understand omega systems that well, who knows XD. (also i tend to reuse heads/bodies for different avatars that all look completely different and omegas/appliers make it more complicated). Though i feel for furries i'll be more ok with using appliers if needed, oh deer uses them. what i'm leaning towards is feline or dog like heads/skins. i have the slink male, and Maitreya body already (plus several cheap mesh bodies that are bom and work with the popular body sizes) not sure if those can work in conjunction with furry heads.
  2. Hi. Newbie here. Since there’s not a lot of Secondlife/VRchat avatars (and Gmod/SFM models) of canon Waifus from Furry Pop Culture, here’s my little idea for a Secondlife avatar pack, a Talespin Ladies Avatar Pack (with Gmod/SFM ports included): A list of Models that will be in the Avatar Pack (Also, please make sure to make them Show-Accrate): * Rebecca Cunningham (With moveable hair, eyelids, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and tongue. And removable sweater and pants): Rebecca Cunningham/Gallery | Disney Wiki | Fandom * Clementine Clevenger (With moveable hair, eyelids, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and tongue. And removable hat, scarf, jacket, gloves, shirt, skirt and boots): Clementine Clevenger | Disney Wiki | Fandom * Harmond (With moveable hair, eyelids, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tongue and tail. And removable tie, shirt and skirt): Talespin - Harmond * Katie Dodd (With moveable hair, eyelids, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tongue and tail. And removable hat, gloves, shirt, belt, pants, and boots): Katie Dodd/Gallery | Disney Wiki | Fandom * Kitten Kaboodle (With moveable hair, eyelids, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and tongue. And removable dress): Kitten Kaboodle | Disney Wiki | Fandom * Muffy Vanderschmere (With moveable hair, eyelids, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tongue and tail. And removable hat, necklace, shirt, belt and skirt): Buffy and Muffy Vanderschmere | Disney Wiki | Fandom * Myra Foxworthy (With moveable hair, eyelids, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tongue and tail. And removable hat, glasses, shirt, belt and pants): Talespin - Myra Foxworthy * Lotta L’amour (With moveable hair, eyelids, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tongue and tail. And removable hat, scarf, sweater and dress): Lotta Lamour | Disney Wiki | Fandom * Lillian Ravenwood (Comic Book-only character) (With moveable hair, eyelids, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and tongue. And removable sweater and pants): Flight of the Sky-Raker - Part One * Femme Appeal (Not actually a character from “Talespin”, but let’s just add her in as a Bonus) (With moveable hair, eyelids, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tongue and tail. And removable Jumpsuit, gloves, belt and boots): Femme Appeal Comic Panels - Album on Imgur (Sigh) So many Waifus from Furry Pop Culture, yet they hardly have any Secondlife/VRchat avatars or Gmod/SFM models. We truly are living in the darkest timeline are We?
  3. Furzona is a community-based, cyberpunk themed hangout owned by Game Wylder and Todd Squall and run by a team of dedicated staff. This multilevel furry-friendly venue provides ample opportunities for recreation and entertainment. Squall, one of Furzona’s DJs and a longtime supporter, is also the writer and producer of the music featured in today’s video. Describing the essence of this region, he says, “I've never thought of Furzona as a building with walls and a ceiling... I've always viewed Furzona as a vibe, an atmosphere, a feeling perhaps. At the end of it all. What you see now is the result of hard work, dedication, and a massive love for music. All in hopes of creating a place that feels like home to anyone and everyone that finds their way to us.” Originally created in 2010, Furzona’s first incarnation was retired in 2015 when its management team could no longer dedicate enough time to keep it running. Wylder resurrected its spirit in January 2020 with a new team and an updated look that Squall describes as “a mixture of old homages and modern taste.” Furzona is an expertly designed region that is large enough to emulate the tone of a dance club, a futuristic lounge, and an arcade bar in its various sections. Specializing in livestream video displays and laser shows, the calendar of themed events can be found on announcement boards within the region and their official website. Furzona takes the inworld experience of DJs and party hosts to the next level by utilizing the many capabilities of Second Life’s engine with finesse. The attention to detail is remarkable, with a sleek black and grey palette accented by chic seating options like a spherical chair/aquarium and bars of neon light embedded into surfaces throughout. The Furzona region contains two sandboxes in which you can build and experiment with SL’s scripting. They are open to everyone, as long as they play by the community rules displayed nearby. Don’t miss the skybox known as The Mainframe, with holo-deck like simulations available to relax in, or the photo setup in front of a colorful Furzona sign. One corner even has a marketplace in case you’d like to pick up some new skins, gestures, or accessories. Inspiration for the sound design was informed by Squall's and Wylder’s experiences playing in real life venues like The Belasco Theater in Downtown Los Angeles, and The Franklin Music Hall in Philadelphia. He describes the acoustic goal as “just the right amount of bass, mids and highs to feel every sound as it's played, and yet, you're still able to hold a conversation”: a balance that speaks to the universally welcoming ethos of the Anthro community. Visit Furzona soon to see, hear, and feel it for yourself! Furzona Furzona is a community based, cyberpunk-themed hangout with multiple areas to explore, including a Cyberpunk themed skybox known as The Mainframe, with holo-deck like simulations available to relax in. With Live DJ's and Hosts, Furzona specializes in live video displays and laser shows, showing off the capabilities of Second Life's engine. Visit in Second Life
  4. Anthropomorphism, the attribution of human traits, emotions, and cognitive abilities to non-human entities, has appeared in art and storytelling in various cultures throughout history. As a vehicle for the expression of self in three-dimensional form, it comes as no surprise that Second Life has established itself as the most diverse universe for Anthropomorphic Residents to congregate and celebrate their diversity. Luskwood, a popular treehouse-themed region founded by Eltee Statosky, was one of the first places to become an Anthro hotspot and has inspired many others, as well as the Anthro avatar design company of the same name. Lincesa Pawpad and her friend Craftish created Sudden Stop Furry Sandbox to provide a friendly place for discussion and recreation, and the low lag makes this a great place to create and share builds. A peaceful environment is maintained by strict rules against griefing and harassment (moderators are on call to step in should a conflict arise) so that Anthropomorphic Residents from all backgrounds can hang out as authentic extensions of themselves. Don’t worry if you have trouble entering this region: Sudden Stop is a homestead, meaning it can only hold 25 people at once, 5 of which must be premium. However, it is definitely worth a potential wait. Lincesa Pawpad says of Sudden Stop: “I consider and treat Sudden stop like it’s my home, but it is open to the public for people to use and hang out at.” Also called Furries as an umbrella term for this diverse community, Anthro personas can appear as real life animals, extant or extinct, or take a cue from mythology or imagination. Just like human avatars, their personal style can adopt themes from other role-playing communities, like Goth or Fantasy. Ritzu Clawtooth aptly calls them “walking art,” and Sudden Stop is proud to bring people together in the liberated form of non-traditional representations. Check out the awesome Anthro Avatars available today if you’d like to visit a Furry friendly region, although everyone is welcome.
  5. Hello! I'm looking to hire an artist to create a custom skin/texture for a furry character. The mod will include the Maitreya body and various Happy Paw/Apricot Paw parts. Please email me (erendeb@gmail.com) or contact me in-world if you're interested with your prices and past examples.
  6. Does anyone happen to know of a quadrupedal canine avatar whose rear size is adjustable or already round and big? And no, this isn't for purposes that violate the ToS.
  7. I just started SL and already made a few decent outfits.I don't really know how to get linden other than spending money on it. I thought I'd ask here.if anyone is willing to hire me so I can make linden let me know.
  8. Hello! Thank you for taking the time to click and view my forum post! So the title pretty much says it all, but here's some back story to me. I recently came back to second life, after being away for a while, and am getting back into the swing of things and am looking for a part-time job; I'm a furry player, meaning most of my avatars are furry characters instead of a human. Back when I was active I was a hostess for my friends club, and I was an on-call model for a private client, but since I've been away I no longer have either of those positions (both people knew I was leaving for a while due to some issues in real life), so I thought I would make a post seeing if anyone would be interested in hiring, or if there were positions open in fur friendly communities, or clubs! If so, please message me, or if you have any questions of course!
  9. Title says it all! But nein serious.. Thinking about getting the Viss Bunny avatar, but unsure about the clothing choice. Would be making my own clothing if could but dont got the dummy thing that helps out with the body Just wondering if the Viss Bunny has the same body as Hourglass or Maitreya so dont need to get the Viss Bunny then save up for the Hourglass body or the other ones that exist. Meaning the female body too or the female avatar.
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