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  1. Like Rowan mentioned, you can buy items off the marketplace with full permissions. You can search "full perm" or search for a specific item (like "hoodie") and on the lower left side be sure to check the boxes for copy, mod, and transfer. Then all results will be full perm, and there's tons of freebies and $1 items! 😃 This video actually goes through that whole process, where she buys full perm smartphones on the MP and then makes custom textures/designs for them! ^^
  2. While there are people on the internet who seem to cry "cultural appropriation" at everything (and thus turning it into a comical SJW thing that gets mocked), I think there is genuine merit to the concept itself. I believe at the root of the issue, it's about respect -- and respect should be given when using/borrowing from other cultures. Thanks to the internet, we all have more access and exposure to different cultures than ever before, and I think it's awesome to break down barriers and learn to appreciate each other, even incorporate each other's things into our own lives. But I believe its
  3. Ooh, I haven't heard about that but I'll check that out, too! I'm also trying to wedge my way into the rp community on here. I think what they were trying to say, is that most people like to write over-the-top / above average characters. Everyone wants to be the hero or the villain, but not many people play the average citizen. But, that's just mostly the issue of Mary Sue and Gary Stu. There's tons of online resources to help guide you towards writing a well-rounded character, as that's more of a general writing skill and not specific to roleplay. :3 As for the basic rules of rp,
  4. Same here! I've been looking for a good rp group to get started in, as I'm new and haven't roleplayed within SL yet. But every active group seems to be huge and has a lot of in-depth lore and rules, and I just wanna jump into some writing. @w@ Usually in rp communities there are some beginner-friendly or casual groups, I just haven't found any yet. xP
  5. Yeah I've definitely noticed, it's pretty much up to each person to figure out what their purpose is in-world. x) I think it's cool! Just a tad overwhelming at first lol. But no I definitely play late at night, I'm usually up until 5-6am EST, and I adore furries! My avatar currently is a furry, actually. x'D The Kemono body was just way too cute, and a lot cheaper than human mesh bodies so I'm a demon kitty for now. x) But I'd definitely love to find some active furry spaces! That's a really good idea! I looked up a few groups for hobbies of mine like writing and art, there were a
  6. That's fair. I might put US in my profile or something even if people don't read it. @_@ But I agree, unless the conversation leads to like a really close friendship or something, I just don't see the need to share personal information aside from general stuff like hobbies, likes/interests, etc. And yeah, I've seen a few places explicitly listing Kemono bodies as not welcome. I downloaded this torso mod to give her some decent sized boobs, so she looks a bit more mature than the default. Otherwise I'll just have to miss out on those places until I get a human mesh body like everyone else.
  7. Ironically enough, I just bought the Kemono body yesterday as my first mesh avatar, and the amount of IMs decreased drastically. x'D But the only downside is that I've seen a lot of popular areas dictate human avs only, so eventually I want to get a nice human mesh av, and I can only imagine the IMs will shoot back up again. @_@
  8. I've only been in SL for about a week or so, but any time I'm in a more populated area, I will get guys IMing me from across the map. Every single time, they just start with "hi" and if I respond or try to be friendly, they immediately ask me where I'm from, how old I am, etc. And they usually get really passive aggressive if I say I don't really want to share rl information to someone I don't know, lmao.
  9. That sounds annoying and... creepy/awkward lmao. But I'd recommend just blocking him so he can't IM you anymore or send TP offers.
  10. Hey hey! I'm Kiara, and I'm new to SL, I've only been around for about a week now - and I'm still struggling to really find people to socialize with, so I'd love to try and make some more friends! I've been wandering about, but I've noticed a lot of areas just seem empty or deserted, and I've lurked around here for a couple days to see that people seem to stick to big events or private lands? I also see night clubs seem to get high traffic but idk if I could deal with the lag or social anxiety, aHahAHah-- anyways! I figured I might as well try making a post here to see if I can find peopl
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