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  1. I changed my name a while back.. But my forum name here still shows my old name.. Do they ever update here?
  2. I don't care for it... I can easily make a non-bom avatar and still look awesome!
  3. I recently filed a ticket, and results were made... Things were fine... Changed my name, and all that... Now I need to pull up my old ticket, as a new matter has arose, and need to point out to LL about something on it... But being my name is changed... I can't pull up my previous tickets, as I changed my name to this account and my old account doesn't exist anymore. (And my name isn't Samuel Meiyo when i login anymore... It's a whole different name.. Looks like it never updated here on the forum.) What do I do?
  4. I've heard from the grapevine that moles make quite a bit as it is. They are like Lindens tho. They do alot for the community.
  5. I wonder if a mole is behind this. They have been fixing up the new Linden homes... Must have hit a cable when routing the top speed for the internet.. Why didn't they hit a pipe, and flood the neighborhood instead?
  6. I will be honest.. Haven't heard anything about last names since the contest. Are they still coming? I thought they would be released by now.
  7. I own a business on SL. A dating agency per say. There has been a user the has been banned as well as estate banned and they keep coming back on alts. They keep targeting me as the business owner, as well as the customers spreading lies. They have admitted to be the same person time after time again and will not stop. This has been going on for months and I am getting sick and tired over it. Can anything be done?
  8. So, I am thinking of starting a business. A movie from 2000, that came from the UK. I know copyright/trademark laws are different from USA, to the UK, to different places throughout the world.. But does anyone know? Or where would i go to acquire such infomation?
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