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  1. Random, small annoyance lately is when the same employer will post a brand new "now hiring" thread every other day instead of just posting once and bumping it once a week or so. There's no need for a place to have multiple duplicates of the same thread on a single page, it's a bit much lol. 😝
  2. I was able to log out and log back in the next day I think and it worked for me again. 😅 If you're still having issues, did you ever submit a ticket? Did they ever get back to you about it?
  3. Why on earth does its EARS have shading but evERYTHING ELSE IS SOLID COLOR LMAO This is nightmare fuel.
  4. Wannabe trolls aside, this is really pretty! I love the texture it has, it looks like a traditional painting, so kudos for achieving that look digitally! What program do you use for making them, photoshop or something else?
  5. Absolutely. If in RL you're getting up to leave a restaurant after you paid, and the waiter/waitress comes over to announce to the whole room how much you tipped, I'd feel so damn awkward lmao. It feels like another way to pressure other club guests into tipping if they're seeing other people tip (and how much they tip). Also people may feel pressured to tip otherwise everyone will know they didn't. In a way, it's a fairly good group psychology tactic? But... not at all how it should be done. 😬
  6. What we need is a "Bar Rescue" series, but for clubs in Second Life. I'd watch the hell out of that, tbh.
  7. While I've only been around SL for a few months, and popped in and out of clubs every so often, I've definitely noticed the constant reminders for tips. I don't think it's ever driven me away from a club personally, but I also get bored of clubs after a few songs unless they all happen to be my absolute favorites and then I'll just AFK and listen to the music while I'm tabbed out and browsing Twitter or whatever -- even then, the break in between every 3 songs to tell everyone to tip the wonderful host/hostess and help keep the lights on does get a bit annoying and superfluous... like, I'm pretty sure you're talking to the same group of people that was here 5-10 minutes ago? 😅 So, I definitely get it. Maybe tip reminders from the DJ should be like a "top of the hour" kind of thing, in addition to either the host or item script putting a text reminder in chat once every 1-2 hours. I feel like that would be a lot less spammy and beggy, and like you said the people who will tip, will tip anyways. I also agree that having both a DJ and a host seems a bit unnecessary. It's nice to have both, especially if it's a really entertaining host that knows how to keep conversation and interaction going (and not just spam *~*TUNEEZZZ*~* chat gestures every 2 minutes) but if a club is struggling to make profits, they could definitely just go for a DJ who can greet people and interact in chat. Tips and donations are great, but no business or employee should ever actively ask or beg for them and I feel like the best way to solicit tips from guests is to provide value. Be a charismatic, outgoing host who can make jokes and banter with everyone, and I'm sure the tips come in -- but unfortunately most of the hosts I've come across just spam "welcome" gestures and add the person's name onto the end of it, then spam tip reminders and vote reminders, then spam schedules or ads for upcoming events, then cycle back to tips and votes. There's only a handful of clubs I've gone to where the local chat is active and friendly, and those are the ones I'd rather tip, tbh.
  8. Indeed, it's more extortion (or coercive monopoly for less dramatic flair) than theft. They can charge that much because it's the only option for people who feel the need to change their name without making a new account -- other platforms usually charge around $10-15 for a name change, such as PlayStation Network (not sure how expensive it is for Xbox), Blizzard, FFXIV, etc. Compared to everywhere else, SL's cost is ridiculously high and I'd wager most SL users willing to pay that amount aren't exactly big gamers so they may not realize how ridiculous of a price it really is. $50 for a single name change?? Straight up extortion, lmao.
  9. To be fair, I tend to AFK in my apartment for hours at a time while doing other things and maybe he was AFK but heard the chime of an IM? I like replying to people as soon as I get their message because otherwise I forget, or reply in my head and then forget to actually reply -- I also just like letting people know what's going on so they don't interpret it as me ignoring them. I might not personally get up from watching a movie to go respond, but I can understand why someone would. 😅
  10. If you really wanted to submit multiple images, maybe something like imgur would help? You don't even need an account, just click "new post" at the top left corner and you can start choosing files to upload -- as many as you want -- and it puts them all together in an album, which you could link to in the report. You can even submit video through here but there's a limit I believe... only up to 1 or 2 minutes I think, and under a certain file size. You could always try it and it'll tell you if it doesn't meet the video upload requirements. As long as you have a YouTube account (even just a google account) you could always upload the video as Unlisted, meaning it doesn't show up publicly and the only way to find it is through a direct link, which you could post in your report. That's the easiest method I could think of, if you want to submit everything you've collected. Sorry to hear you've been having so much trouble!
  11. Like others have mentioned already, I think the best things you can do are fill out your profile and actually go to clubs you like, to talk to girls already there and dancing. Your pool of applicants on here is very small compared to the people you'll actually find out in the wild, so to speak. And if you look for girls at clubs you like, you already know you both share at least some taste in music~ 🙂 Don't forget to be friendly in local chat as well, maybe establish yourself as a regular at a few venues and it'll be even easier to make friends and meet people who are also regularly online.
  12. Employers typically don't come back to check the forums after posting a thread here. Contact her in-world or try searching "Aethro Estates"
  13. Maaaan y'all made me wanna go visit Freebie Galaxy to see how it's holding up and I almost immediately crashed after dropping into this. 🤣 Edit: you know what, now that I'm here I kinda think this place should be preserved as some kind of museum... otherwise I'd never believe SL users ever looked like this.
  14. 1. Photoshop (or any photo editing software) is absolutely not necessary. 2. The photos I've seen you post are absolutely phenomenal??? So it's EXTRA unnecessary. 3. Did they say something rude or nasty to you??? I'll kick their shins, tf. You should be able to feel comfortable posting your pictures if you want, just like everyone else, and it's not cool if someone has made you feel uncomfortable in doing so. 😡
  15. LMAO. Man I remember when I first started last year and every "getting started in SL" article / youtube video told me to go to Freebie Galaxy, and that was the craziest 15-story chaotic space-themed dumpster fire I'd ever tried navigating. 🤣 After the terrible lag and probably 15-20 IMs from guys asking for sex and gushing at how "hot" I was (literally as the default avatar of the chick with a dog in her purse) I left that place and never returned. Long story short, do you need an arson buddy?
  16. @bouveirexbelmont and I just discovered the bathtub in our apartment has a bubbles animation and I thought it was cute. 🥰
  17. The smell of it makes my stomach churn violently, so I feel this (never heard that about cats and coffee, though). I'd much rather drink a nice warm chai latte or hot cocoa if I want a hot drink, otherwise I drink GFUEL for the caffeine kick. They have a strawberry shortcake flavor that you put into milk and it tastes like a milkshake from the heavens so that's my morning go-to. 😊
  18. Happy New Years, everyone! 😄❤️ Bou and I were invited to a friend's party, so we've been vibin'. I took the first two screenshots, I can't take credit for the perfect shot in the last! x)
  19. Do it! It has made things so much more peaceful and less spammy. Then you can peek into them at your own leisure. 😩👌
  20. Pineapple is one of -- if not THE -- best topping on a pizza. Hawaiian BBQ pizzas are amazing, and I absolutely love chicken + pineapple with buffalo sauce. 😩👌 Heavenly.
  21. Try looking up some groups and visit places that are relevant to your interests, strike up conversations with people, go to shopping events and clubs, etc! If you find places you really like and vibe with, try visiting it often and getting familiar with other regulars. They might be just one-off casual chats in local, or they could lead into acquaintanceship. With a bit of luck, good timing, and effort, you might make a couple friends and get introduced into a little community!
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