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  1. Maybe not the worst, but the most memorable - someone spamming so many dick pics that it crashed the sim .. those were the days !
  2. This is something I think I would actually enjoy - back in the day I used to train people from many countries on the use of particular software. However I really don't think I can go back to the LL viewer, it isn't just a matter of a different menu structure to me, but I won't derail the topic. 🙂
  3. 123 entries - that includes some objects & groups .. most of them would have been from way back when I did a lot of hosting at a gaming sim. I've only blocked 1 person in the past 2 years.
  4. In which case, he could try going as "show friends only" & see if he crashes.
  5. Block / derender works fine for me, I can't see them or read their chat & they can't send me anything, so in effect they don't exist to me - however, they can still tip me via a tip jar, lol. SL seems very tame to me these days, not like the wild west it was back in the day when it was just expected that some griefing incident was gonna take place daily !
  6. That band is P*ss* Riot so I was kind of staying with the kitty theme. 🙂 A few years ago someone put some knitted arms & hands around trees in a park in London, like hugs .. very sweet yarn bombing ! (that p word for kitty they blanked - lol)
  7. ... and got some excellent help from folks here, hope you do too. As mentioned by Nalates, none of it is all that complicated - but I will add the word "eventually". Here is what I found really helpful - every step while I was building my avi I saved it as an "outfit" & used a naming convention to easily let me know where I was, that way I could easily see what was happening & go back to different "versions" if needed (using FireStorm viewer, I dunno if the LL viewer has an outfit function like that). Good luck !
  8. Dumb question time: What is an "RC region" ? Should I know this ?
  9. Just gonna have to wait until they sort their excrement out.
  10. This is very irritating when you want to conference IM for a set inworld & your friends list is almost all offline. A relog, or five, sometimes fixes that. I never noticed with the web page.
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