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  1. I know weird question but would like to know if there is a way to prevent a person from sending me lindens if i do not wish it? I know how the block feature works and even while blocked lindens still pass from one account to another. I just want to know if there is a way to stop just the lindens?
  2. update... we did the love bridge, joined the downloaded lovense connect, not the remote... and boom the lovebridge part just worked!!! was hilarious to hear the toy suddenly come alive and run across my friends desk as she screamed in surprise... Down to the furniture... We got it we connected it, but it does not work correctly... It would randomly and intermittenly just buzz one or 2 times to the animations and not all animations worked. So it would seem that using the love bridge and granting access to guest and lover remotes to your play partner is the way to go... wait a tad bit longer for no touch furniture
  3. Having some issues as well. My adventure started when i had told a friend about the ruckus shower moving body parts, she said try the strawberry rug, so i got it and discovered lovense... then i contacted my closest friend and asked her just to see if we could make a toy bounce across the desk (i know she owns one) trial and error and here is what we have Can not get the qr codes to work at all... they all say not a lovense qr code. I have the remote app says same thing. Bought the love bridge huds for her. she went through it and got to the point where she got the remote... But could not seem to pass it over or let me take control of it. At both of our homes, (she owns a bed i own the rug) and we kept getting a script error saying Unable to give inventory: 'No permission to transfer So my questions are growing. if anyone has some answers to what we need to figure it out please do. We are on this funny little adventure with it so not upset just not quite understanding what all is going on yet
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