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  1. Here's another alternative: Embrace (as it were) the weird and hilarious borkeness of trying to hug in SL. Trying to hug, kiss, pounce hug, etc. other people and vice versa has resulted in some of the deepest, longest... LAUGHING (you pervs, laughing!) in my 11+ years in SL. It ain't never gonna work well, at least as I think you're wanting it to, because of all of the reasons mentioned above. Enjoy the madness.
  2. I suppose the above post/gif was for Seicher (she really should bother to write her own posts, like how hard is it to log in?). This would be ME at Fauve's inventory party.
  3. We're up to four. I believe this is the "Let's get snockered and watch Fauve attempt to organize her inventory" party. Hijinks and shenanigans!
  4. Well, gosh, it ain't hard when the bar is set so low. I mean mew. ETA: See thread in "lifestyle & relationship" subforum "misunderstandings" about how humor can backfire...
  5. /me facepalms and realizes that there were posts some months ago that had I known this largess I would have typed as the kitteh and not Seicher
  6. If I typed how I think said person is posting and behaving, Scylla would be after me for feeding into misogynistic stereotypes. So I won't.
  7. Don't make me break out the cats in latex again... (On topic) because I know those really peeved you.
  8. /me nods sadly I'm really devastated. Oh, it is a "him"? Didn't know that. Now I'm even more devastated.
  9. Peeve: Peeve thread being moved off of page one? That is a bridge too far! Peeve: Not that I thought there was to be more said in a certain thread, but it got closed for going off topic and after five pages with granted a TAD of off topic, it was one of the more consistently on topic threads I've seen for a while. Weird. Not a peeve but a LOL: Apparently I picked up a peeved up little noob, who is now following me around, visiting my profile page and hitting the confused reaction on my posts. Yeah, that'll show me. I've never had anything so mean ever done to me in the forums before
  10. So interesting you mention gift giving, too. If I had the funds I would probably do the same. I do give things, but not nearly as often as I joke. I have been made uncomfortable by gifts at times. Not often, but it does happen. Usually my spidey sense picks up there are strings attached and I usually find out that was true. 95% of the time getting gifts is fun. I guess if someone was giving me something ALL of the time, then I would feel uncomfortable. I got a few very generous ANONYMOUS gifts of L$ earlier this year, which made me happy... until the giver decided to out themselves
  11. Yeah, if you know your fall-back is humor and that it often gets missed, you have to also develop a good mode of simple apology. (I find so many people cannot make a sincere, simple apology about anything, and have written about that in a few places, including "pet peeves.") If the person is in your normal sphere of friends/acquaintances then learn from the oopses and learn your audience. Hopefully they will also bother to learn YOU and not get bent out of shape with each joke. (Meanwhile I seem to have picked up a little "confused" gnat who is following me. Isn't that cute? Let's see how
  12. Oh geez. You mean you weren't sincere when you said all those nice things to me?
  13. Not just to you. I'm a native English speaker, and misunderstandings happen ALL of the time. Jokes and humor are wonderful. Anyone who has followed my posting (as the cat or as Seicher) knows that I joke a LOT. Sometimes people "get it" and other times they do not. I suspect some of them *choose* not to get it just to cause problems. I use sarcastic humor a lot and have been routinely putting [sarcasm font] or something similar after a bunch of those comments. Humor between cultures is really, really hard. My worst was fairly recently, when I made an oh-so-funny joke, one that would
  14. If you need further proof that people suck: For the full article https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2020/10/28/pandemic-lies-family-friends/
  15. Overlooking the inappropriate placing of this ad, I truly hope you just didn't read carefully. The OP is wanting to make $L500K per week (500,000), not $L500. If you are telling someone with a straight face that they can make MORE than $L500,000/wk being a DJ, host or dancer, then either shame on you or ffs, sign me up. I could use the $L500K.
  16. mmhmm And what Rowan said. I'm all for helping new people. I can and I do. Often. Here and elsewhere. But anyone who has been around the forums (any forums) long enough also gets a little fed up with new folks showing up, asking a question, and then arguing with the info they get. Or being trolls. Or getting help and never bothering to return to the thread they start. Or... I find that people tend to get what they give. Not always, but often. And as you say, Fauve, everyone will do as they do. Some people think it is great to encourage everyone to do everything, regard
  17. Sorry punkin, but you posted in a public area and you don't get to say who does or doesn't post, nor how they do it. I'm being realistic and factual, and if you want to read that as being negative to your delusions, then I have zero effs to give on that. Also, I have been nothing but encouraging for you to go ahead, follow your "dream" prove us all wrong and show us that with $250 and working as a pole dancer that you too can make 6-figures in 2 years.
  18. And Anshe was 14 years ago (when she hit millionaire status, not when she started). Alwin, I miss your socks. Just sayin'
  19. You seem to be easily confused (reactions) I'm not the one seeking information on how to make six-figures in SL. I'm not the one claiming it can be done, or is likely to be done. Do your own damned research, instead of posting ANCIENT articles about "see! see! It CAN be done." Your push back is treating people like they are stupid. You don't actually have to SAY someone is stupid to make an inferred claim. Duh.
  20. Uh huh. Well gosh Anshe was in 2006. The video you state is 10 years old. (I didn't watch it because you are bordering into troll region.) Gosh, nothing in the Internet, technology or more importantly, Second Life has changed in all those years. Not a darn thing. What worked in 2006 will certainly work now. Do your homework. Zero people here said no one has ever made money in SL. Zero. Pretty sure those that did make money didn't rely upon info from a forum thread (and then push against what they have been told). Again: Go for it. Ignore what you've read here. Show u
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