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  1. Wow, that's even more random than saying "hi" to someone and chatting about the virtual weather for a minute and getting hit with an ADD ME! Yeah, no.
  2. One thing I didn't see anyone mention is that on the torso slider of lovehandles, which thicken the waist, a small setting will make the hips look bigger, which isn't the same as butt, but it makes a difference when trying to make visual adjustments. A while back I posted about some asshat that thought my avatar looked too boyish. I thought Maitreya bodies were less curvy (so less butt?) than other bodies. ? I have to admit to not having compared, because I wanted the clothes options of Maitreya when I select it as my mesh body.
  3. Someone a few posts up mentioned that the "other" threads were started just so the originators could see their names. I have no doubt that is true for some, but for me, several months ago when I started a "raw" photo thread it had nothing to do with how I wanted to see my name plastered all over (yawn) but totally to do with how I wanted to post. I was sick and tired of the thread police (and not the actual LL monitors) clucking, tsking and being pains in the general butts if others posted in a such a way that the police didn't think appropriate, never mind the fact that said threads had ZERO
  4. mmhmm. Sadly it doesn't state that after the first person resurrects the darn thing. I know I'm not the only one who stumbles into these things...
  5. The way I find out if a thread is this old. I always forget to check the date. But as I scan the posts and see certain names, the brain will pause, confused, and wonder, "What? Oh crap. Are they back to posting? SIGH" and then I look at the date. Whew. Yay.
  6. When I'm not moping to the oldies, I'm trying to revamp my exercise music and have just added this. Plus now I have a new annoying term to call my bff, that'll make him barf (win-win) (Sugar Boo).
  7. I get "headline" update emails from the Washington Post. Right under the main one for today (the Israel/UAE/Bahrain deal signed at the White House) were these. Pick a head-to-desk topic:
  8. A slightly different video about the topic. How The Sims came up with their iconic music (with plenty of snips of the songs, and making me wistful for trapping a sim in a swimming pool).
  9. This is a feeling/belief shared by many atheists I know. They have put it various ways, "If the only reason you are behaving well is because you have a "fear of God", then what does that say about you as a person?" Amen. Why my jury is still out (reason 492): The whole concept of "fear" of God, or god fearing righteousness, etc. (And while I've only heard atheists say this, I don't see why this can't also be held by those who believe in some variation of god(s).)
  10. @Madelaine McMasters I had to Google Pascal's Wager (cuz I isn't no collidge gradjeate). I found a few things: The serious (still reading this one) https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/pascal-wager/ The succinct: I love Calvin and Hobbes
  11. This is perhaps the only type of map that would show the area in which I live as "normal."
  12. Nope, not randomness, twas totally where I was going.
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