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  1. Have you *been* to Second Life? It would probably double the traffic.
  2. Like several others have said, "What? They've turned off voice in some areas? Who knew?" I rarely voice, again for the reasons most state. When I do, I find using other ways (Skype, Discord) rather than the viewer to be more stable, unless I'm in some sort of group discussion on a given sim for a given reason and topic. Going to an area where everyone is yammering about anything? Gawd. No.
  3. "near" Toronto, the "Toronto area" covers a fair amount of territory. But you know that. ETA: I just read your reply to Scylla. I'd say if you have to travel for hours to get to Toronto, if you are in green areas, then... you're not in the Toronto area. That's like saying I'm in the Boston area when I'm in the CT river valley of NH/VT. But gosh, it makes your story sound better to say "Toronto" eh? I'm not *implying* anything. And, I believe the definition for "frenzy" is the same in Canadian English as it is American, and if so, you need to look it up. I haven't posted nearly as much as
  4. PS. Apparently my RL, Canadian bff was frustrated by the conversation I had regarding the mindset of certain people. He just sent me THIS article, which has to deal with the problem with thinking "Why do we have to do all this if the numbers aren't that bad right now" https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/ottawa-s-covid-19-success-really-unique-globally-1.5825390 Actually, I'm happy this discussion is about CANADA. Everyone wants to point to the USA as being the only ones with idiots.
  5. I was *just* talking to my bff, who is Canadian. He is incredibly smart and well read and keeping up on this. He understands scientific studies, and statistics... I mentioned the person who, on the SL Forum, claims to live "near" Toronto and sees very little COVID. He wanted to know if the person was crazy. Apparently Toronto, and its surrounds, are in one of THE HOTTEST areas for COVID in Canada. Not theory. Not speculation. Active cases. And some of the areas around Toronto are even worse. Toronto is in a gray zone, which means "anything left is zombies" level. ffs Gray zone = loc
  6. I see no indication that the OP really wants to change or fix things. Not on his end. He just wants to rant, tell the world "NO! All of YOU are wrong!" while trying to sweetly explain how wonderful his build is. Meh. "I haz a problem..." "Here's how you can fix it (37 ways)..." "No. I haz a problem..." "See above..." "No. I haz a problem..." See recent peeve post about after a while the care and consideration level plummets. "You're right. You haz a problem. It just isn't the one you think you have."
  7. Humans suck. Agreed. I'm gonna add a little caveat to your peeve though, or a rewrite, "People who never have consideration or empathy for others." Anyone who has read these forums, or my profile, or any other number of things, knows that "people" annoy the living heck out of me. I started Misanthropes Anon, where frankly, no one is all that anonymous but instead waves the "get away from me "flag proudly. That said, in defense of some misanthropes at least, or maybe just this one here who is typing, if you read carefully you may also find a lot of consideration and empathy for o
  8. Disclaimer: I have not read the whole thread, but I read some. I'm probably just repeating what others have said, and I am sure the OP got good, frank opinions based upon who I see posting (sincere not sarcasm.) What prompted me to reply is several things: I am one of the first to admit to a lot of clueless people being morons and rude in SL, and so I initially thought the OP had a valid point. I also know that "privacy" is a rarity in SL and can only be had in specific circumstances. Then I saw the description, that it is an entire area set to public, for people to roam and enj
  9. Hey there, Friggin. I see you're new to the forum, so letting you know to look out for the dates of the threads you are posting to. That can be easily missed although the new system does tell you that "you are now replying to an x-old thread" or some such message. The original post was made in 2017 and was answered then. Sometimes folks get a little grumpy about what is called necroposting, or bringing up old, dead threads. Especially like this one, where the question was answered. Your answers were great, thanks! But... no one was asking the question for three years. There's no sn
  10. Caring about what is going on beyond the tip of *my* nose is not hysterics. Nor am I hysterical in any other sense. I'm actually weathering covid rather well. If by "high strung media reporting" you mean factual reporting of statistics, trends, and scientific discoveries, then yeah, sorry, I think I will maintain my intelligent education. But you do you. Sadly, you also have the mindset to "do" (infect) others, but hey, not your worry, eh? You might want to consider who you are also getting your "likes" from on your comment above. Good company in any intelligent discussion (sarcasm font).
  11. Effing hell, this. It is 2 am where I am. I'm not tired, but I'm also not functioning as awake. The stupid loop. I'll wake up too late, and feel off all morning and afternoon. Repeat. Stupid bodies. Peeve: I had a bad, pretty darn bad, thing happen on Nov. 18th and it feels like FOREVER that I've been dealing with it, but I look at the calendar and it isn't even two WEEKS yet. ffs. Did I mention insomnia?
  12. I just wonder WHO it is! I'm a shallow, shallow person...' eta: zomg. It is my biped, isn't it? I've been known to snark about proportions. I mean it isn't the only drum I beat, but I've joined in on some of the drumming circles. oh crap oh crap, it is me...
  13. Part 2: Wait. Aren't you Canadian? I don't remember. If you are not then "never mind" this comment. If you are then: While Canada's government (at all levels) didn't/isn't handling covid perfectly, it sure as heck has been more adult, responsible and sane than the same in the United States. Could it be that you aren't seeing it where you live because a) Polar Bears b) The restrictions you have work better than no restrictions? c) That not letting us idiots from the USA into your country was THE smart thing too?
  14. That is, I'm sorry to say, one of the most dangerous, myopic, selfish, idiotic things I have read in a while. "Oh well. *I* don't see it, so... meh." People are dying. For realzies. To say otherwise is wrong and stupid. Just stupid. And dangerous. Thank god I don't come into contact with people like you (because I come into very little contact with people). With covid cases sky rocketing in the USA, months and months into this. How can anyone be this ... stupid? "Gosh, not in MY corner of the world." !!! That's like saying "racism doesn't exist! I don't see it where
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