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  1. It's not just the quotes. I don't know about any of you but this software really blows. I'll refresh a page or move to the next page and BAM! there are all the people I've blocked and their posts right there! It is next to impossible not to read something, and from that crew it is nearly always eye-rolling fodder at the very least. I've read the threads/comments where people have discussed the whys and wherefores of how making a forum 100% blocked is difficult if not impossible, but for crying out loud, at least it should block the actual posts 100% of the time, not 60%!
  2. I don't need your advice, tyvm. Also, "this" is not back on topic. Have you not read the OP either? The OP is about whether you are showing support for BLM in SL.
  3. I honestly do not know how this was a drastic ending of the convo with Han. But I will not press it further. And there are IMs.
  4. And you continue to be wrong. But thanks for all the cut and paste. The PC groupthink had zero to do with what you are accusing me of. It had to do with people in this thread allowing only one, narrow, Liberal White Guilt PC way of talking about something in a liberal context. I have explained this umpteen times before and since. And as far as bullying, *I* was feeling bullied and attacked because people were purposefully taking things out of the context I was trying very hard to make. Again, I refer to the post in which I discussed the noisy channel model of communication. THAT bullying (of me) is what I was referring to as PC groupthink, NOT that people are upset about the atrocities going on. I think you have to be really trying to get offended to still see it the way you are presenting it. The people who were peeved at me (people I like and who generally agree with me most of the time and were so not happy with me in this thread) were upset that DESPITE what else I was saying that I was using the trigger words of all lives matter, albeit supposedly making it clear that I was NOT using them in the ALM, racist, subversive manner. I understand (and again, have stated umpteen times) that those are trigger words. I have also stated (umpteen times) that I made an error in judgement in that first post about what Paul said regarding all lives matter. I meant what I said, and if anyone bothers to read it without trying to trigger themselves, my stance should be clear and it is nothing but supportive of bringing racism out into the light at this point in time where we have such an appalling example of it on video for the world to see. (Not to mention the videos of the protests, etc.) You didn't call me out for bullying. You told me I have nothing to say and to go eff myself. Back atcha.
  5. Did someone say something again? :::knocks on monitor Is this thing on??? Ohhhh... right. Blocked::: ETA: You know I'm kidding, right? Lately (and we are talking months) things are ify in the humor category, even among friends.
  6. @kiramanell you responded with (ETA what the stupid software messed up... you responded with a confused emoji) to my post to Han telling her to GFY. ^^^ This is why. On page 9 she told me point blank "that you have nothing to say." I have nothing to say. She's standing by that 100% She then said, in so many words to GFY. Also, standing by that 100%. All despite it being abundantly clear that she was taking my words and intent so far out of context that she could not have possibly have read what I wrote, that she stands behind it still, is more proof. So yeah... Lloyd's song is accurate and gosh, I stand behind that too. This response by Han has to be one of the nastiest I've received in the Forum for a while, and that is saying something. ETA 2: Not to mention she totally said that I was not allowing people to process the atrocitities, which was so totally out of left-field.
  7. Given that you've been told by several people in several ways that you misinterpreted and were wrong in the "why" and so your "what" was unbelievably out of line, that you stand by it 100% is rather ... telling. You blew off my question that you actually quote me for what you accused me of doing... also telling. NGL GFY, and the first part of Dennis Lloyd's video of the same title that I can't post here because it is NSFW... the lyrics nail it.
  8. Now that I have half of the forum blocked, I do wonder what I missed. Then I think. I imagine. A very few times I have peeked and was proven correct in my theorizing. So I'm guessing, shaking my head and after 10 years of never blocking anyone, have to admit that it is relatively blissful (or bliss-less as the case may be).
  9. Thanks for the link. Gah, he's sooooooooo adorable. Just look at that face! Beard and all! I kinda wish he'd have just done a mic drop after the 21 seconds though...
  10. I have a fantastic friend in RL that I met in SL. He's been figuratively by my side for something like nine years. I love that he totally doesn't sugar coat things, like today about something he told me I was right about something, really right, but also stupid. I'll own that and having someone you can rely on for that stuff in your life is rare and precious.
  11. Also, Moira told us waaaaay back on pg 1 (?) that Petite Mort (sorry not inworld so no LM) has a free group gift of a BLM crop that looks very nice, and there is also an appropriate tapestry available, all for FREE and you do NOT need to be a group member to get them.
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