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  1. Keep an eye out for the bellisseria bears and llama
  2. The never totally solved the fire issue on Sims games, so they got rid of it, don't think the alarms and response will work right on SL either. I think it's a conspiracy of Skynet. Or the Matrix .
  3. It's https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ambition/120/32/0 You can Join the group: Bellisseria Buddhist Center. Website is http://www.bellisseria.center
  4. only 10 on my sim for house boats. The parcel is the Buddhist center and open to public but rarely more then 4 others on the sim aroudn me. Feels lonely except when we have meditation get togethers. I'm on the outer back edge of the pickle so its a bit isolated.
  5. One thing Linden labs doesn't do is fraud members. The company didn't need to make the new continent , but did. They doubled prim, and are actively working hard to bring a new generation of linden homes and a more fluid community which is their goal. In the early days, Linden labs has spent alot of money on new servers. To give you a hint the original server house hit just over 30,000 servers. Add in the costs to maintain the servers houses, the cooling systems for the blade systems and rooms. The backbone cost, massive electric bill, the employees and further development of their pride project. It took a lot to keep it a float. Then the shifted to new classes of servers costing more again but cutting back on how many are required. Now the cloud shift that will require a lot of cloud units but cut out the electric bill on the on demand homesteads. They work hard, struggled for awhile to keep ends met. Expanded to give options to people, including disabled people who SL changed there ability to survive in life. They are working on the homes, the continent is planned to be massive and amazing, so be patient, your new home in a massive amazing community is coming. THey want you to feel at home, so give them time to make it right.
  6. Join Bellisseria Buddhist center. 2 main instructors, including a professor in Buddhist Studies and neuroscience. General Community discussion as well as formal buddhist practice. The link to center in Bellisseria is in group or goto the Virtual part of the centers website at www.bellisseria.center.
  7. I'd say no. That's why I made a Buddhist center. Im paying a small fee and opened it to the public. MAde it for community support and education. Since we are non profit in RL, there is no sense of having tips in a virtual world since We receive RL donations and in our way of thinking we are supposed to do something for the community out of pure compassion. Including a place to stay while waiting for a home. If theer are peopel runnign pubs or cafe's, tip privately if they are working hard at providing an experience.
  8. Hints of the Upgrade were aimed at a smaller version of a private homestead but at a higher price level. So you are probably leaning towards a 15.00 or 30 something per month price tag.
  9. Most of Bellisseria looks wonderful. External decorations add to it. SMall group transformed into cafe's, meditation spots open to ublic (once again keeping with the flow and decor of the area) adds to it. What has already happened is people creating claimed authority groups that have harassed residents by telling them what they can and can not have (trust me, Lindens check, I had a religious fanatic harass me because of the Buddhist center, and they appeared and said they loved how it looks and warned the other person). Being compassionate in talk helps the community learn from each other and make it grow. Arrogance will create divide and isolate you. The other incident was with a person from one of the claimed Police groups. They harassed people on the roads and Im's, and as a result have been banned. Rping nicely is one thing, trying to gain any authority will result in complaints and removal. We had a pride parade yesterday that was nice. Had our float in it. However next time it would be better to plan the route along a large square 4 sim route as to many were in one sim to even allow the floats to enter. each sim is set to 59 avi's.
  10. Bellisseria Buddhist Center CLICK HERE FOR MAP NEW WEBSITE BLOG HERE Open to public for Talks on Dharma, Well being, and Community Compassion. A place to stay while others wait on homes, or to meet the community.
  11. You naughty little foxy you. LMAO They are single PG beds. And the Buddha is starring right at people like a parent. lol.
  12. If you or anyone doesn't currently have a new home, you can use a bed at the Bellisseria Buddhist Center located here - MAP TO BELLISSERIA BUDDHIST CENTER They are working on to major releases. Please be patient. Get involved with the community now. I hope you have a wonderful day.
  13. INews; You can save money by switching to Geico. (says the little lizard)
  14. The point of everything is community. Having variety is a good thing. Originally we just used the boat house to rez the yachet. THen I thought, I rather extend my RL abilities (outside being a former charity DJ nationally) to something for the community to use. I converted the parcel into a neatly decorated park and Buddhist Meditation center. Wither people want to just gather nicely to talk, or relax, listen to the bell and center their breathes. Providing material that is helpful in common day stresses and how to reflect positively to all people. There are pubs, eateries ect that are also nice expanding the community. Large giant group events can often be annoying if in areas with homes, unless in a parcel that is soley community spots (like 30 people events are fine in the pool areas / public sim spots. . People adding on to the appearance of the regions in nice ways is very welcoming.
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