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  1. THat isn't exactly normal, even our third pc ith a ryzen 6 core and 5500 sereis get's higher. But Secondlife is CPU not GPU dependent. Still should be gettign 40-70 fps with dcent draw water reflections, advanced on, shadows off (CPU throttling should be turned OFF and no AMD cool n Q. on or it will lower frames) On my I9 all except shadows (advanced on) (water reflections on) at 360-400m m draw LOD 4 (really doesn't hit most systems that hard) a setting of 2 is rediculous low, its fine if you want things fadign in detail at a distance and beign a mess. On a I% and higher 3.0 is fine (i9
  2. I notice some big improvements, however FPS will have alot to do with the browser used, and graphical settings. On a I9 system with draw at 512m LOD 4.0 advanced lights on, but shadows off I get around n120 FPS with about 16 avatars near. WIth shadows on and water reflection to trees etc I get 50 to 60 fps. IF I raise shadow detail manually up to very high and smooth it will plummet (firestorm), I get better performance with alchemy if sacrificing some features in interface isn't a big issue, but for video I raise the texture memory use higher which helps a lot (remember if multi viewers
  3. DOn't expect those services to migrte yet. Until all sims are, and they only have moved partial others over so they are cross communicating. Expect a fix but around april.
  4. I've seen to many sick and struggle with it, and pray no more contract it and have a severe case. Even a friend, healthy, jogger, and never would suspect him, who also wore his masks, but went to one gathering, then got sick about 7 days later, and was hospitalized and after 22 days or so passed away, and family was barely contacted throughout it nor could visit. I don't want any more to have to suffer on either part of it.
  5. I haz 2 kitties. THose are differnt, you can have zoobies, Kittykatz etc. tis massive heavy scripted things that cause issues, luckily many time they are recripted when makers learn to offset thigns to servers.
  6. I know Lord of the Rings Roleplay allows children among the allied races (not Sauron's side) but children can not be in any combat RP. It is also a moderate sims with not sexual conduct (only romatic). The kids there are often hobbits, elves or humans living n those areas. RP wise they are encouraged in activities such as studying healing magic with the elves, or scholarship and history in the scholars library in the one human area. Once the child reaches the character age of 16, they can begin combat training, but not engage in combat against enemies until I think 17 in character
  7. I was asked by other to look at it and AR it . IT seems the building for these pets is massive i nscript CPU time. 1 is equal to 4 of my horses. There are 6 building thingies and 6 pets out. I try to limit scripts. We build the buddha center in a new location but not much is scripted other then sits and the gatherign food table but its well scripted and low. We did the horse ranch so people can mount and ride the animesh water horses out onto all the sims (public accessed version) with Help we made a rezzer to tep rez the mountable ones so if they are not mounted i n1 minute
  8. soem pets and newer scripted horses ect are fine. Some are not. I have a neighbor with Krafty battle pets lagging all of us. a neighbor pointed it out and 2 others and they are annoyed that anytiem they log in and pop them out in mass we can't even move objects on our parcels and sim goes red. IT really depends on the object, scripting, and number. example horses while riden that are animesh have a 200mb memory use and upto .005 tiem dialation. A kraty pet uses 500mb+ and 0.05 to 0.09 each. a bunch hits well over 1.5
  9. Not al ltemp rez are free rez items. For the Bellisseria Horse Farm, the ones the community can rez as temps, so they will disappear if not used or if dismounted anywhere. However once rezzed even as a temp it will count against the parcel until lit disappears. But disappears after 1 minute. it's set that way so horses disappear and clean up the parcel. But once mounted they can be ridden off parcel across all the sims, until you dismount.
  10. limiting excessive scripts helps alot. All was fine for me an neighbors ridign aroudn on horses until this neighbor logged on with a friend and popped out a parcel max full of Kraty battle pets. The script time on them are rediculous, 1 is equal to 3-4 horses animesh ones. HE has out 12 or more and we suddenly lagged so bad we couldn't move a single object or change clothes. its a NO!
  11. even tho this is old. I nthe new homes, prim is not the only thign to concider. Certain pets are fine, even newer type horses with better scripting. Old things, battle pets, ect that run 400mb or more each in scripting with 0.05 or higher each CPU time is a no! Krafty is one of the NO! havign a bunch out will lag the local sim causing issues for others. I got notified by 5 others neighbors they are mad at oen person with 5-12 out at full prim limit causings a 1.9 to 3.5 laggy time dialation on the sim. ITs gotta go. We cant even move objects.
  12. Updating information Bellisseria Buddhist Center: Buddhist Center MAP General Meditation, Buddhist studies, Health and wellness education. Teachers will lead talks. Students and memebrs can pick a topic to research and give a talk on. (Teachers who join to educate members must have credentials to teach Buddhist Principles, or Health and Wellness talks) Bellisseria Horse Farm: Horse Farm MAP Enjoy the ranch and mount up on any horse or rez one if not available, and go riding across Bellisseria. *Features Waterhorse Animesh horses).
  13. updates the centers new location is http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Charity Ridge/85/104/58
  14. yes please, n a Dine Navajo lanscape and navajo mountain like area.
  15. seems confusing. If they are spamming in IM while on a parcel asking or checking property owner names and asking just block them. Id message back saying, I'll abandon my house in Texas before my house in SL. Then block
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