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  1. Actually, the Ville de Coeur sims have an automated trolley system, a horse and buggy ride and a walking tour that you can go on, and it's not jerky or anything. It's a wonderful way of exploring their sims. I find it very smooth and fun. Maybe if they have a system like that, it would be a great addition to Bellisseria. If you have not seen it, you should drop by and check it out. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aquitaine Coeur Nord/43/75/25
  2. I love the streetcar idea. I think it would lend character and a little added fun to the continent. It would be a fantastic way to sightsee, explore, and just spend a nice time looking around. Heterocera has the rail system, which is quite developed and Bellissaria could be similar but also different with the streetcars.
  3. Very true. When I seen this, I did think that it was perfect for small vehicles like paddle boats, canoes, and the smaller motor boats, like the BOSS one. Those would fit there. Yes, for the smaller rivers, size does matter. I've seen someone try to do a freighter also. It didn't end well.
  4. @moirakathleen, very well said and you make some great points. The amount of premium members before the release of the new homes vs. the amount of premium members after the first release, has increased. The Lindens and Moles have all said that the level of positive response to the new homes really surprised them and I don't believe they envisioned the residents going this crazy over those homes/houseboats. They knew that they were going to be a hit but not this big of a hit, basically. You are right, the numbers have changed on that demand, so no matter how they did this, I think we still would have had a shortage, regardless if they had held the new homes for a longer period of time and had more to release later. On the first release, the houseboats went like hotcakes and the demand for them was through the roof. The homes were not far behind on that demand. At least now, the Linden's and Mole's do have a better idea on how much their work is being received and it does allow them to make adjustments for the long-term planning.
  5. So I'm not the only one who keeps thinking they look like Monopoly houses. I think they look totally adorable when they are at this stage and I keep wanting to roll the dice! lol
  6. I've seen you in more than a couple. You don't like waiting, we get it. You don't like the small batches, we understand that. LL owns the grid and system though and they have decided to release the new homes in this method. It's their choice and no amount of whining is going to change them. As for the cap on the refreshing, it was probably either do that, or have the website continually crashing, which would have lead to quite a few threads of people yelling about that. They put a cap to help preserve the integrity of their website and I can understand that, as do many others. They have said they are going to be replacing all of those LL homes, but it's going to take time. Eventually, they will have more than enough homes to fulfill the demand but we have to be patient for that. Once again, it's their rodeo and it's their call on how they do it.
  7. Your point is pointless, since you have gone through a few homes already..2-3 from what I have seen you mentioning and it's not LL's fault that you didn't hold onto them. Complaining though about the fact that you don't have a home now, after releasing the previous ones, is pointless as well. By the time you released that last one, it must have been obvious that they were really popular. I have seen you complain in different threads now and it's the same thing over and over. Maybe learn some patience and accept the fact that you are going to have to wait now for another home to come around.
  8. While out sailing with my partner today, we were able to enjoy the newest waterway that is now in, which connects the Bays on the Bellesseria continent, closer to the bottom areas. That allowed us to go through the newer sections that are being constructed right now. I have to say, I think the Moles are getting even more creative, because those new areas are just outstanding. We basically started at the top of the continent, worked our way down along the coast, went around the horn and shot across the bay and down into the new canal. The first bridge was more than high enough to allow my Bandit Sweetpea to go through with ease and from what I'm seeing of the future bridges, they will also be high enough as well, when they are fully constructed. We went down through the rivers after we exited the canal and came out at the bottom of the continent, turning to round the bottom horn and made our way up to the airfield on the West side of the Bellisseria continent. Amazing afternoon spent on the water with alot to see. While sailing, I had noticed in one of the new areas, a housing formation that looked interesting, so I went back to that later and I am in love with the way the Moles put this one region together, with some of the houses backed against a lake. It looks really beautiful and very natural.
  9. Yes I would and have, when I knew the demand was totally insane. Instead of whining about not having a home, I simply made the best of it, working on the home and had it set up so that I was satisfied with it. The location may not have been totally ideal, but I made the best of the situation and turned it around into a place I enjoy. When the demand is as high as it is, being picky is not really an option. Being that picky gets you one thing, homeless.
  10. Except in your case, they fulfilled it twice and you kept giving it up. LL did keep up their side of the deal and since the older LL homes are also available, they do have homes available for you. If you cannot or will not keep the home you had, then the fault lays in your lap, not their lap.
  11. Instead of starting another new thread on the same thing, maybe go into the thread that fits this exact subject the best:
  12. *Le gasps!* There is?! I need to investigate this!
  13. I second Zoya's observation, that is a flamingo and it looks like your approach may resemble the mating dance of the pelican. Maybe flap your arms a little more to come closer to the flamingo. 😋
  14. I'm personally loving the exploring aspect of Bellisseria. I have a house and my partner has a houseboat, so I have the best of both worlds basically. I even bought a cute little bike from Dust Bunny/Consignment, for exploring around the continent at a nice leisure pace. What the Moles and Lindens have done on this continent is simply amazing and gorgeous. I have not seen an area yet that I didn't like. You can tell that a lot of thought, time and work went into every inch of the region, that I have seen so far.
  15. How about you point out exactly where I said that, especially since I'm only 9 years old, @point Coage
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