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  1. I was told that they were sold out in 27 minutes. In the Bellissaria group, it was mentioned that this was a "small" launch and that the next one they do will be larger with more houses and I think, it will be a different theme.
  2. That was seriously petty of them to do that.
  3. The Lindens were there when everyone was looking around and meeting up at the Pickle cafe/lounge. In one of the Bellissaria groups, it was mentioned by one of them that this was a small launch, so there is more coming in the future. On when that will happen, I don't know but at least there is hope for more. There has been mention of a different theme in the future, so that must be the larger launch possibly.
  4. That fast? I just made it then, just under the wire!
  5. Refresh and keep trying. I got the error message and the sold out message quite a few times before I finally got a boat.
  6. I can't wait for it but I also don't know where to look for the announcement, other than where Patch mentioned that they will be released soon. Am I looking at the right thread for the announcement? I also need to dump the LL home I did get because I really would love to get one of the houseboats instead.
  7. That does help and yes, I was thinking along the lines of the old way of flying, with 150-200 being the normal for some pilots. As for my speed, I don't go super fast but I'm not slow either. I keep it fairly steady between 60-75mph, so I cross a 1024sqm lot at a nice pace that falls under the 15 seconds allotted.
  8. Since we are talking about this, I do have a question regarding the orbs and flying. I was flying my helicopter yesterday, at 150m and was hit with 2 different orb warnings as I was flying over. One had a 15 second warning and the other had a 5 second warning. Was I flying too low and should go to 200m or is that still too low?
  9. Since the sudden shock of the banlines going down, it does appear to have calmed down quite a bit. I also noticed that there does not appear to be the intrusion of griefers and intruders doing a sudden onslaught, to those who swore, that was about to occur when the banlines were removed. I have the little bike from Consignment, which I love to use when I explore and it's nice. The houses are gorgeous, the neighborhoods are quiet but still full of people enjoying everything and, I admit, seeing no banlines really does look great.
  10. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Abnor! These are so appreciated!
  11. It would be pretty, to see the seasons changing a little but I doubt it would happen, since the amount of manpower it would require would be huge. You have to imagine, the Moles would have to come in and switch everything around, over the continent, which is a lot of regions to be changing.
  12. Really great advice! I agree, this is LL's baby and you know they are going to be watching it closely. As for that last part, the targeted harassment, banlines, security orbs, and everything else you can think of, won't deter someone who reaches this level and is fully committed to stalk and harass someone. Rerolling a new home is really the best option at that point.
  13. Holy smokes, you have been doing some serious exploring! Thank you for all the links. I know who to go to now if I have a question about Bellisseria.
  14. Majority of the furniture out there now have the option of setting permissions for owner, group or open. If you set it up with owner or group access only, it will prohibit people from sitting on your furniture. It's usually somewhere in the menu, marked "Access" in most furniture. That does help add some more security to your home as well, when it's set up for access for only certain people.
  15. I agree, the insta-tp-home is rude and can result in crashes when it's done. The 60 sec. time is a bit long, but I like when someone gives me at least 20 secs to turn around and get out of their area. It gives plenty of time to remove yourself from that area and if someone is newer to flying, boating, or driving a car, they may need that 20 seconds to maneuver themselves properly. The one option you missed on your list of things to do is that you can choose to click the privacy button in About land, so people off of the land cannot see you at all. There is nothing to look at, if you have that activated. They can see the house and décor but they will not be able to see you anywhere on the land.
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