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  1. Bumping it once more and hey @Patch Linden, is there any way that this thread can be stickied, since it's filled with tons of nummy information on how to get a home?
  2. I have been noticing that as well. With this latest round of trouble, I have to ask, did your friends mention by name, some of those options? I don't have a large flickr stream but I would rather move before working mine into a larger collection, like some people have, and then having to move it later.
  3. My personal favorite aircraft is my MD500 helicopter I have. It was really easy to learn to use it, easy to fly and I love it. It didn't take me too long to learn on it, with only a handful of crashes and accidently terrorizing my neighbours only once, due to a privacy screen. (In my defence, it was invisible on my side and it was only my second day learning.) I highly recommend it for beginners. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MD500E-VIP-Helicopter/6896467
  4. I agree. Mine looked like it was about to plow into campers, houses, forests, etc, on some of those turns. That's the reason I went with things like trolleys, trams, the handcart, etc. They won't look so out of place or show how those tight corners appear to dump you off the track, as badly.
  5. I went looking around for some vehicles that you could use, for the Belli tracks and there is quite a variety, from fun to nostalgic to simple trains. Here is a little list to check out. Tegatti Wickham Trolley 198L https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Tegatti-Wickham-Trolley/3414467 Tegatti DMU SLRR Train 495L https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Tegatti-DMU-SLRR-Train/3174862 Rail Moped 198L https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Rail-Moped-Schienenmoped/5779121 Rail Handcar 680L https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Rail-Handcar-SLRR-v118c/9491836 SLRR Tram Madgeburg Neisky 898L https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SLRR-Tram-Magdeburg-Niesky-tw-128/8524846 No 5 Trolley Antique Red 995L https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/H8-MOTORS-No5-Trolley-ANTIQUE-RED/1498246 Some of these are for 1-2 people and some can carry up to 8 people, depending on if you want to do a tour alone, with a friend or a bunch of friends. There are different prices points I found and I kept to the smaller vehicles, since the large trains do seem to struggle on the Belli tracks, from what i have seen and experienced. **Oh nutz! Now I'm looking at these and debating on which one I want to grab. There goes the wallet again. lol
  6. I love it! When they first announced the campers, I had wished that they could have allowed the witches/spiritualists/Pagans their own little area. I remember a few of us chatting about having herbs hanging from the ceilings, crystal balls and scrying bowls. Yes, I love the weird, the wild and the wonderful!
  7. Each plot, comes with the option of 4 different choices. (I believe the campers have more) That life saver that is hanging next to the houseboat is where you can click and you will have a drop down that gives you several choices. With the houseboat, there is 4 or 5 choices to choose from, in models. It's the same for the traditional and the Victorian homes, through the mailboxes that can be found by the curb.
  8. Instead of one av, with people logging on that one individual, would it not work with a small team, working together on their own avs? For example, a 4-5 person team, with one email or website for people to submit event forms to, for the event calendar? With Google, you can share documents, so you could create a google doc that would allow for 4-5 people to have access to it, in order keep it updated. Also, there is the option of maybe a small forum, for events and such, where you have a thread where people could submit their requests, when the request is done and put on calendar, it is shut down by one of the team members. We did that one for the GTFO hub requests.
  9. Yeah, I found this one fairly quickly, since that is where I have my home. It does appear that the rezz zones have been set down already, we just have to locate them around the new area.
  10. Thank you! I'm fully embracing the feel and atmosphere of the area and running with it. I have to say, it's not just me but the whole neighborhood feels like they have done it as well, since I see so many homes looking amazing!
  11. I was able to get a new Victorian home and figured I would share a photo. I still have more to do.
  12. Actually, I have noted more appreciation and actually more traffic on the mainland. People are moving in near me, that are actually having a care about what they put up and mine is not the only area that I have seen that in. The land prices appear to be fluctuating a little more than they did in the past, as well. You have more of a wider range of prices being asked, so there is more options available to the buyers. I have actually talked to some of the real estate buyers out there, who are willing to listen to reasonable offers for land they have to sell. People have wised up about the prices and if it is too high, there is always somewhere else or someone else, who is willing to negotiate now. I want to think that we are seeing a more educated consumer, one that does their research before they buy land and that is affecting the prices also.
  13. Actually, we do help people with finding and buying land, if they are interested. Yes, land sale prices are going down and if you know the ins and outs of how to get a good deal, there are deals to be found on the mainland. We have been opening more and more hubs in the last few weeks, more than ever before because the cost of the land is more in line with people's budgets. In fact, I just helped do a setup on 2 really nice parcels, one in Jeogeot and another in Satori, which turned out really beautifully. (Thank you Nomad for the sale AND the amazing work on your creations!) Bird song Brewery and Emile's Exotic Car Repair, both GTFO hubs.
  14. @Beth Macbain I still have the original home I got, when Bellisseria first opened up. The houseboat that I had I did release eventually, since I was hardly there and my partner had one. The traditional home though, that I am keeping. I love the location, I love how I have it now and it's comfy.
  15. Heterocera is another example. You will find roads that dead end suddenly and there are some cute areas but, it feels like it is still waiting to be finished over there.
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