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  1. Thank you for the helpful links Selene. Now these are helpful and the Second Life Roleplaying blog has some fantastic information in it, besides just the one page.
  2. In my experience, too many rules tend to stifle or kill rp. The issue with all of the posters rules and regulations is, it's very controlling and you end up more worried about the rules and keeping track of all them, instead of enjoying your rp. That is not conducive to creativity and in fact, feels very cumbersome and overly regulated, after a while. Keeping the rules simple and easy to follow, makes rping much easier and more enjoyable for everyone, in my opinion.
  3. For the US, here is the link for the Suicide Prevention Lifeline https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/talk-to-someone-now/ For Canada, here is the list of contacts for Canadian Crisis Centers: https://thelifelinecanada.ca/help/crisis-centres/canadian-crisis-centres/ And here is the web directory for the International Association for Suicide Prevention: https://www.iasp.info/resources/index.php If you feel like you need to talk to someone, reach out, do talk to somebody. Let them know how you are feeling.
  4. I'm just catching up here, because it's a long thread but thank you for saying this @Jagix. Some people seem to need the reminder.
  5. No matter what I say, you have convinced yourself that there is a relation. I'm not going to go around and around this with you. Your facts are wrong but please, AR it and report it if you feel that you need to. The group never owned that little piece of land. End.of.story. But you knock yourself out there Pork because, to put it bluntly, I'm too busy to do this with you. I have too many things to do for setting up this info area and working on different projects, than dealing with the drama that your brain has imagined up and honestly, this thread has been seriously derailed more than enough with your dementia.
  6. 1. Whether you wish to admit to this or not, the board on the small one was not on your land, nor was it encroaching since I checked it to make sure it wasn't on my land when I originally seen it. So we both know you are lying there. Yes you can send things back like that, which I pointed out earlier, when I did it myself at one time, accidentally. 2. That edit, was to add that you were full of it. There is no hub there and I pointed that out. You went from a beef about what you thought was a hub, to billboards. As someone kindly pointed out, derezz is your friend. You want to claim ad farming but here is the thing, it's not. There are no links, no nc's or scripts in mine to advertise with. Heck, mine doesn't even have the GTFO logo on it and the build of it is actually really nice. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean that the creator who made it, didn't do a good job. In fact, she did a great job on creating that board and only 1 prim. That's impressive. 3. That smaller parcel was purchased AFTER the group one was bought. Check the dates of purchase. You are old enough on here to know how to do that. The dates are not the same at all. 4. You claim bad behavior but the only one who has been showing that has been you. You made a point of coming over to that area to try to cause drama. Your board walk was over the property line and I was not even going to make an issue of it because I didn't think it was worth bothering about. It's at the back of the building, so why split hairs on that. It was like that since the property was picked up for the group, which was a few days ago. You adjusted it while I was standing there earlier, so you could take a photo, to claim it wasn't encroaching. No one made a big deal about it. No one was harassing you but you have been trying to harass me. You have literally outlined how you are going to try to AR me at every turn, which is probably your attempt at trying to get me to abandon the land and you have claimed that you are going to AR me for bad behavior that I haven't even done. You have stated that you are going to do "mass petitions" to the Linden's so that they can enforce your view point on someone. Is this your form or type of advocation that you ascribe to? All of this over a simple billboard that you can very easily derezz?
  7. You may want to get your glasses. I said the small parcel can do what they wish, that is their land. As for the hub they have, their vendor is available to everyone. That hub you took a photo of, is appox. 12-13 regions away from where the group land and the small parcel is. As for the rest of your post, I'm not going to waste my time with it Prok. You do those posts just to either see yourself writing a ton of bland, boring stuff that is just not interesting enough to read or you are trying to impress yourself on how intelligent you believe you sound. As for my credit, I just state the facts, so my credit is fine and with your behavior earlier and your threats, I would say you need to tend to your own a little more closely. Anyone can take one of those boards from the company and use them. GTFO supplies them to the members, if they wish to get them. You can get them on MP or at the HQ Office. Honestly, you are just reaching now. I have a better idea, how about I ask a Linden on all of this? I'm going to have a chat regarding your little manifest filled with the details on how you intend to harass anyways, so I may as well ask about those as well.
  8. That's not true at all. I've done it accidently to one of my neighbors. Went to click on a tree of mine, hit their build directly behind it, which was fully on their land and accidently sent it back to them. They were not on my land at all but sure as heck, it returned the item, so you ARE lying here. As for the owner to that smaller parcel, here is the thing that might rub you wrong but it's a fact; if they want to put something on their land, they can, since they pay their bills. Also, we have over 1300+ members for GTFO and growing. That's a lot of people and because they are part of our member group, does not mean that they are directly related to the management. Oh and that reminds me, in order for it to be an "Ad farm" those boards need to be loaded with links and such. One board with no links in it, does not make it an ad farm. Since I do not own nor control the other one, I cannot speak for them but I don't believe they had any scripts in theirs, to my knowledge. I do know that mine did not have any scripts for handing out LM's or NC's or anything. Honestly, the root of this is basically you just wish to be salty as heck, make a ton of drama with false claims and be your usual overall not so delightful self. If you wanted control of that land, why did it stand there for 12 years, according to you, empty and abandoned? Right now, you appear to want to dictate what is done on land that you don't pay any money for. That vendor they have up on their hub, that is our affiliate vendor, which any of our members can get, free of charge. Many of the hub owners have them up. It doesn't mean that they are GTFO staff, it just means that they picked up the affiliate vendor that is available to anyone. As for your claims of this being a hub, it's not. The SLRR station in front of it is the hub. This is a GTFO information area, which means it doesn't have to be directly connected to the rail system, though it is very close to it, which is perfect for this. That is what that logo means, since I'm the person who came up with the community badge design. It's not about hubs, it's about community, Prok, something you appear to not be fully able to grasp. **Looked at the photo once more and the GTFO sign does NOT say hub on it. It's a much older design that is not used normally any longer. The word "hub" is not on it. As for mine, that sign is for Hill Valley neighborhood. It's a neighborhood that has homes for rent in it. It's quite quaint and nicely done. It's right off of Route 8, in the Bedos region. That sign says nothing about GTFO, though the neighborhood is GTFO enabled.
  9. The one land there, the smaller one, was NOT encroaching on yours or mine but you returned their sign for them. I'm betting it wasn't locked down and that is how you were able to do it, which shows you want to harass now. Want to try lying one more time there? As for you, I actually watched you slide your boardwalk off of the group parcel, you took the photo after you altered the boardwalk. You moved it so you can claim that you were not encroaching. I'm not sure what you did but I also know that NO PRIMS were on your land and all of my things were fully locked down because you started this yesterday. The sign had been moved back and it was on my area completely. The trees were even returned and the owner of them came on and put it back but it shows that it wasn't on your land, it was in fact on that small parcel, and your photo is proof that it wasn't on your land. So you are lying again there. As for that other photo, that is a hub that is in a totally different region that isn't even close to where the group parcel is, so there is another lie. You seem to be racking up the lies here Prok.
  10. I had a lovely chat with my other neighbor. That building is the GTFO information area. It's not an actual hub. It's a compliment to the train and travellers. The boardwalk you are talking about, I just watched you move it, so you are lying. It WAS encroaching and you moved it so you could try to claim that it wasn't encroaching. The person who owns that small piece, is someone else. It was never the groups land. As for getting out of the land, pop over to the train station which is just a few feet away. Prok, you are not important enough in my book or anyone else's to go to the trouble you are describing. Maybe you get fixated like that and stalk people to that level but that's just too much trouble for me. If you don't believe me, that's fin, I don't really care.
  11. So what you are saying is, this is your manifest for harassing, stalking, and hounding someone who you figure, deserves it or that you have decided to try to force them to leave. You know, I have a policy that I adhere to quite closely, "don't assume anything because you tend to look like an a** when you do that." You just gave a great example of why I have that personal policy. 1. The land was actually requested and bought by a friend, who donated her land allowance to my group. She figured it was a great spot to put up a GTFO information depot, one that covers a little more than the railroad does. 2. I found out who the neighbor was AFTER the land was bought. Sorry, I hadn't thought about you in the last couple of weeks and this literally had nothing to do with you. 3. The small area you are talking about, that is right next to the group land was never owned by the group. Someone else bought it. It was never mine, the groups or my friends land. 4. You really are not important enough to harass but you seem to feel that I'm important enough for you to attempt to harass me and my group. The building and a bit of landscaping is done tastefully and not gaudy and does not encroach on anyone's area, unlike your boardwalk, which is how I found out you owned the land next to the group land. Your boardwalk is on the group land but since the prims are not on it directly, I just shrugged and figured it wasn't worth the headache. The fact that you have literally outlined your manner of harassment here, with repeated false ARs and attempts of intimidation does tell me that I should start keeping record, so your manifest has been screen grabbed. As for the billboard, it was placed in a way so that it's not overly done. It is just over the building and it's not close to the rental property that is on the other side of the group property. You're welcome.
  12. That is a mere 5 and of those 5, one is a Leeward CC area primarily. That is what they are set up for mainly. Unlike you though, I will respect their right to set up their land the way they wish. As I said, between 35-40% of them are warehouses and we have 500+ hubs. I could also take you through Satori, Jeogoet, Sansara, Heterocera, Fruit Islands, Bellisseria, Corsica, and Nautilus, to name some of them, and show you a ton more that are all really well put together and varied in style. I'm sorry Prof, but you have your view point and it is erroneous. I just wanted to correct it but I won't waste more time on someone who just feels like arguing.
  13. Actually, I'm not here to "flog" GTFO as you say but to correct you with your erroneous statements. You want to claim that they are predominantly warehouses, when that is not the case. As I said, there is some but they are no longer the predominant style like they use to be. You don't appear to really be open to correction though and it does seem that you wish to argue with someone who not only has the stats but has visited every one of those hubs, all 500+ of them. As for our Logo, you would have to take that matter up with the original owner on why they wished to have it like that but there is no brand confusion at all, regarding it. Everyone knows what it stands for, including you. Just to clarify, that logo is very small on the map and is used by the players to help assist them in locating the hubs, especially for our airbourne and water vehicles, though the road drivers do find it very handy as well. Compared to large signs and logos that I have seen, that cover entire regions, it's miniscule compared to those behemoths. As for your point regarding the players earning cash, we don't want to be a pyramid scheme, like some games have turned into, so that is not really a flaw but more of a bonus, because you know we are not there to rip you off in extra charges. As for those hub owners who decide to retain their larger builds and older styled warehouses, that is their choice and I respect that because it is also their land. Our company is inclusive, friendly and non-judgemental. We won't force anyone to do something they don't wish to do.
  14. Correct me if I misunderstand but you are talking about 1 warehouse that is in your area?
  15. The reason I commented is because you are working with outdated information. GTFO "Get the Freight Out", has been, in the last year, undergoing quite a few changes. There is some areas that still hold onto the warehouse models and that is their choice to do so, which I respect but to say that is mostly what GTFO is now, is incorrect. Cinn is the new owner from the previous one and she has been working diligently with our Server Elves in expanding and creating a system that will go beyond what GTFO was originally. I think you will understand though if I keep some of the surprises to come, quiet at this time but let's say that the system is going to be more than just freight, in the future.
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