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Found 14 results

  1. Is there any practical way to DJ using popular mainstream songs legally in SL anymore? By 'legally,' I mean paying the necessary royalties. By 'practically,' I mean affordably, which I admit is subjective, but let's say for a few hundred dollars per year. I realize that one can buy royalty-free music, and I have done so. I own a few-hundred-dollar collection of royalty-free music, and I carefully preserved the receipt and license that came with it. I have used that to create 24/7/365 background mood music at roleplay SIMs in the past. But people don’t DJ background music. They DJ popular songs for which one must pay royalties. Another particular case involves performers who compose, record and play their music or perform live. That’s not what I mean by DJ’ing either. I did much DJ’ing about ten years ago. I used Virtual DJ Pro, which I liked for many technical and artistic reasons (e.g., you could hand-scratch on a virtual turntable). Additionally, Virtual DJ Pro had an online song service that would let me pull up virtually any song to play if I happened to get a request outside of my extensive collection. The only exceptions were the Beatles, AC DC, and a few others with particular restrictions. I also used SAM because it was a lot more powerful if you wanted to go ‘hands-off’ and let the machine drive while making coffee. At about the same time, Virtual DJ Pro dropped their song service, and the SAM DJ’ing system began cross-marketing royalty engines to keep one legal, at least in part. I say ‘in part’ because the royalties were particularly tricky if one had listeners in smaller countries without the necessary trade treaties. The problem was the price of the licensing services. The licensing services had minimum fees that cost beyond what I considered hobby money, especially if one bought all the international options necessary for Second Life—and even so, one was still uncovered for some countries. Once I became aware of the evolving legal situation, I quit DJ’ing. Sure I got tips as a DJ, but they never covered my costs on streaming software and services, but hey, what’s a few hundred dollars a year for a hobby? Keeping up with the new legal regime would cost me several thousand dollars a year, which took it out of the hobby category. I have noticed that the rules and laws about online streaming kept tightening over the years. I think we are past the point where someone can claim ignorance of the royalty aspects of streaming without crossing over into willful blindness territory, which may be fun on forums but doesn’t absolve you in court. Maybe royalty services have gotten cheaper. If I could DJ legally for what I consider hobby money, I might start back. It was fun!
  2. Hey there folks, I'm pretty new to Second Life in general and am still getting used to things. I've been designing my little living space and I had a question regarding Second Life's policy on images from copyrighted sources. Not to sell or anything, just to display in my room. Specifically, there is some official video game art/posters I'd like to put on a canvas, or maybe a movie poster. Is that allowed by Second Life or completely prohibited? Thanks for your time!
  3. Hello to everyone! I have an important question for you. Is it free to use a well-known and famous game character in my designs? For example; Like using garfield in clothing design or tattoo design. (Garfield is just an example) Do you think this is legal? do i get a penalty? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  4. Can a creator report you for copyright infringement if you modify an item you purchased from them on the marketplace and rename it? The item would not be sold or distributed as a modified unit, but only used for business purposes. Thanks for your help in the matter.
  5. how copyright works for selling art and media not own on SL?
  6. Hello, is there any template that can be used for self-made creations? Where I can get a copy from? Second Life has its own policy which is probably protecting to some extent each creation, but I want to make it as safe and clear as possible to everyone who want to buy my creations. As a use case example can be seen in the sale of jewelry. Regards
  7. Nearly every website out there has an online DMCA form to make it easy for people to file takedown notices when they find their IP is infringed upon... except Linden Lab. No, we have to use a fax machine. I don't own a fax machine. Yes there are free fax services online but they are limited to maybe 3 pages and I usually have more than one item to report at a time, as the infringers tend to make more than one thing from my art. So, I've had to purchase an online fax service JUST for this purpose. I have no other reason to fax anyone anything. In June I had a bunch to report and requested that an email address be made available to me for future reports as I tend to have them often and it's really impractical for me to fax them. I was emailed from their IP team with a request for additional info, and even sent a few DMCA notices to that email address that were successfully dealt with so I assumed all was good and I wouldn't have to go back to stone age communication methods. Until now, as the one I filed late last week is apparently not going to be accepted via email and I will have to fax them instead. Even though the reported items and my original work will all need to be viewed on a computer, because all evidence is in the form of urls. Even though they are completely capable of accepting it through email and have for me within the last couple months, I'm now being told that was 'just as a courtesy' and DMCA reports must be faxed. Seriously, why? Does anyone know? Kinda seems like it's set up to make it harder for people to report.
  8. If you see something on the market, and it's not yours but you know its a copyrighted item, how do you report it? I looked under how to file a DMCA and there's nothing about reporting anything like this. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Full-Perm-Animated-Wave-Dancing-Baby-Groot-Mesh/16277049 I know back in the day LL would have been all over this.
  9. Hi there, new to the forum. My name's Hier0nimus ig. I've been a second life and blender enthousiast for years already. But now I want to start combining these two interests. I usually make scenes in blender with meshes I download/buy other places. The meshes I buy I play with and modify at will. I would like to know how this works within the second life community , because I noticed a lot of meshes are 'forbidden' to modify or transfer. But it's still unclear to me what these things mean in this context. 1) If I buy a mesh from the marketplace. do I get the .dae file on to my computer? Or just in second life? most vendors say 'This item will be delivered directly to you or a friend in Second Life' Does that mean I ONLY get the thing ingame ? 2) If the mesh is non transferable, what does that mean? 3) What I really want to do is buy some meshes, load them into my blender and make new scenes with them and modify them at will. What do I need to pay attention to to achieve this? Just so I'm not buying useless stuff on the market .... ( I don't have land in SL and am not interested in making scenes ingame) Many thanks to this awesome community
  10. In RL I wrote a song. I then recorded it to my computer in my own voice. I uploaded it to SL to use for myself. I am now thinking about putting it in market for others to buy (copy, no mod, no trans). My question is, should I have a copyright put on it before putting it in the market or was that done when I uploaded it to SL?
  11. Some of you are aware that Strawberry Singh, a popular blogger/vlogger in SL for 10+/- years, received a Copyright infringement notice. The Lab thumped YouTube and YouTube thumped Strawberry. Her side of the story is here: https://strawberrysingh.com/2017/12/13/trademark-complaint-received-linden-lab/ I agree with her undrstanding of the Trademark Guidelines. The problem is she showed the SL sign up page with the Linden logo in a video tutorial on to how to sign up for SL. Now there are copyright and trademark infringements and then there are copyright and trademark INFRINGEMENTS. Generally use of a copyright that does not pretend to be the owner of it or pretend to offer a product made by or endorsed by the copyright/trademark holder is considered permissible. Some more enlightened companies appreciate the free advertising and promotion. Coca-Cola allows broad use of their copyrights and trademarks. They also make sure everyone know who owns them. So, you see © ™ symbols in videos with a credit in the 'credits' and sometimes even in audio files (podcasts) and certainly on printed material. I personally think that the Lab's take down notice was way too heavy handed. Their idea to 'take out the signup screen...' from a tutorial about signing up for SL is/was dumb. Telling Strawberry she has to acknowledge the Lab's ownership in the credits or on the YouTube page seems much more practical and reasonable. We have seen this behavior from SL staff before. Do something dumb and then fight it and stonewall. I expect the same this time. This is also one of those cases where little things pile up that eat away at the membership. It is nothing that will show up in accounting or user stats. So, management will have no clue what is happening. Of course, we cannot provide hard numbers as to how many users will never sign up because they didn't see Strawberry's tutorial. So, in many ways this is a battle of opinions with no facts to point to. But intuitively, we know it is a problem. Strawberry's solution is simple. Stop making those videos. Obviously this will be to the detriment of the Lab's SL. Want to say something to the Lab? Jump on Twitter and tweet @ebbealtberg using hashtag #berryCopyright. Polite tweets only, please.
  12. I've seen some marketplace stores that have an R or T with a circle around it at the end of their store titles. I'd be starting a new brand in SL (marketplace and inworld) and want to trademark my SL brand name. So if you could please give me advice on how I could explain to my TM lawyer what I want (Might not know about Second Life's marketplace), that'd be a blessing! Would I need to show him anything like my mesh models?' Also I'm wondering if I need to copyright my mesh models and how that works (like how many of them, how similar). Any help is appreciated! Thank you so much. <3
  13. Hello Amazing People, So I've started my Flickr very recently, I love to walk around Second life and take snapshots of people who look really inspiring to me. Compare it to a journalist walking around with his camera in public. But i understand that the virtual world is a web of copyrights So the question is, Can we upload the pictures of people's Avatar from SL in Flickr without consent? Obviously taking the picture, post processing and mastering the image into a form of Art if my work. I would like to know if this falls under the copyright claims. OR if there a licence like creative commons which could be utilized for uploading the pictures without inviting claims. Thank you in advance for looking into my query .
  14. Okay so I'm having to go through IP Intellectual Rights because I want to upload a mesh and while I'm not uploading anything to do with a celebrity it's just home decor I noticed some stuff that I'm wondering how people are selling things to do with images of likeness to celebrities. I mean I'm seeing actual dresses with Elvis on and a stool with a storm trooper helmet on and these are well known creators yet they're not getting into trouble. I'm confused because I read this - Meshes or other content that replicates or closely imitates the appearance of a celebrity or famous person is a violation of Linden Lab's policies and may violate intellectual property laws. So things with these celebrity images shouldn't be allowed right? Neither should furniture with Star Wars themes or Even dolls that resemble star wars characters? I want to be sure I know what's acceptable and seeing these things around and not being taken down is making me question what is or isn't allowed. Anyone care to help me out?
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